Spritzing the leaves of houseplants is a common way to keep their roots and stems strong.

Spritzing the mouth of your pet dog, however, has no proven benefits. But what the heck, it still warrants viewing.

u/abhsinchau shared a video on Reddit under the category of "Things that make you go AWW! Like puppies, bunnies, babies, and so on... A place for really cute pictures and videos!"

The video is also featured on Viral Hog's YouTube channel. The description reads, "My German Shepherd, Archer, just loves water! Whenever I water my indoor plants, I can always count on him to come running and wait for his turn to be misted!"

The setup is perfect.

Viewers get an inside glimpse of the caregiver with a green thumb tending to her house plants, armed a spray bottle filled with water. She proceeds down the assembly line of potted plants and expertly mists them with the right amount of water to ensure they enjoy the appropriate humidity levels.

But the next species to be spritzed down the line is not a plant. It's the mouth of a patient canine waiting its turn to finally open up to say "Ahh."

Meanwhile, the video made thousands of viewers say, "Aww."

Redditors couldn't help but admire the adorable German Sherpherd's preference for being hydrated like a plant.

"I saw Gorillas in the Mist, now I can add Doggo in the Mist to the mist list." - RojoCinco
"Completely legal for recreational use." - DesertHoboObiWan
"You need to turn the nozzle to the dog setting. Sometimes it says "stream" on it. You are using the "mist" setting. Thats why he isn't getting most of it. I know it's not spelled "missed" but the dogs can't read anyway, so it's no wonder they get confused." - cwleveck
"Dog is the new plant." - the-redditman

One user commented on the dog's healthy looking set of gnashers.

"This dog has nicer teeth than 90% of the people I know." - snoozy00
"I was about to comment something along the lines of how much this person takes care of their dog because he looks amazing." - jojo8902

Readers can discover some trivia about canine teeth within the thread.

"But apparently dog and cat teeth are spread out unlike human teeth, so they dont need to floss or brush their teeth like we do." - sweetcentipede
"in almost all cases dental chews will get the job done. its pretty rare for a dog to need to get their teeth brushed." - I_ate_a_milkshake


The actual dog owner chimed in to talk about her dog's pristine teeth condition.

"Hi! This is actually my video of my dog Archer. While he is still only young, his teeth are kept clean by eating a raw diet and having lots of chews and goat horns to gnaw on. Occasionally I'll brush his teeth but he very rarely has any plaque build up for me to bother. :)" - level 3EatYourTartOut

This might get us to reconsider our unhealthy eating habits.

"My dogs teeth are this pearly white. I think it's because she is young and we feed her healthy food. Human teeth get cavities and stuff because we eat lots of sugar and other junk. My dog has a more healthy and natural diet than that."
"She is also a chocolate brown color, so the contrast of her dark fur with her white teeth makes them look more white like the dog in the gif." - Rogersgirl75


The spotted plant, identified as an angel wing begonia, also received honorable mention in the thread when a budding plant enthusiast inquired about taking care of them.

"Hey OP! Do you know the name of the second plant? I have one of those and don't know what it is. Might have to post it in r/whatsthisplant xD" - Lari-Fari
"It's really pretty! Do you recommend it for someone who isn't the best in the world with plants?" - cherrysodacake
"definitely! I don't have the best track record with keeping plants alive but I bought one around a year ago and it's doing great! I've repotted it once and water it when it looks like it needs watering and it's huge now. the video doesn't really do it justice, the spots are silver and sparkly irl and they grow quite big - around 5 feet I believe." - uchihas_


It seems we've identified the third plant.

"Some people see dogweed as a pest, but I dunno, I kinda like it." - Arnumor

With over 75 thousand followers, Archer's Instagram page features another video of him quenching his thirst.

Here is Archer with his bestie.

We love this!

H/T - Instagram, YouTube, Reddit

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