Vindicated People Talk About Someone They Hated That Everyone Else Loved

You know that person who gives you the WORST vibes, but you can't figure out why?

Reddit user DeadVince has and was aching to know if other Reddit users have ever been right about their uneasy feelings:

Have you ever (correctly) had a gut-feeling to dislike someone who, on the surface, was a cool person that everybody else liked? What's that story?

Here are the answers he got back.


City council hired another medic. Older dude with long hair, not that that matters. He was new to the scene recently completing the course.

Guy why awesome to hang out with. Went to the bar with the younger emts, played video games, etc.

At first I thought he was cool but as I observed his work (I was his superior and did his probationary eval) I noticed something was off.

At the private council meeting I spoke openly about this in his 30 day review. I stated something was off. He didn't seem like a people person and generally the type that would do this job.

They said that I had no grounds to state that he wasn't suited and that he did his job as described.

I countered with the fact that when caring for people being a people person is an unwritten rule and that doing your job without caring leads to mistakes, and in our job field a mistake means death.

They weren't having it so I finally said "look in this job field you need to learn to read people and in telling you that something isn't right here"

City council told me that basically I was jealous because he got along with the emts. Honestly I could careless, I'm not in this job for them.

Fast forward a month and I get a call from an er about an hour from us. They said that their report said the patient was administered 80mg of drug x. The patient denied receiving it and since they couldn't figure out wtf the medic would have even given it they ran a tox panel on him which showed that he did not receive it.

The doc told me normally he'd let it slide as an error and ask me to speak to him about accuracy, but he felt something was off.

I thanked him and after hanging up pulled the trip sheets. Right in the run report it has the drug, the amount given, and the time.

I pulled up the narcotics log. It showed drug given and replenished along with the tag numbers.

Next I called a friend of mine who is a local cop and was off duty at the time. He came over and I opened the other medics narc box. Sure enough it had been opened and replaced.

We then went through his logs for the past 2 months he had been working and located at least 12 times drugs had been given when probably not needed.

I called the er doc back and explained to him and his exact quote "here's my personal phone number and our lawyers number. I'll fax you over a written statement along with the test results. I'll see if we have anything on other patients he brought in"

My buddy then called dispatch to tell the council members there was an emergency at the station and they need to come in.

When they got there we showed them all the evidence and what we suspected. Within 15 minutes we not only had the da approval but also a judge sign an arrest warrant.

Turns out the dude admitted to having a 20 year pain killer addiction that he ran out of sources so he figured being a medic would give him easy access. He even told the judge he was worried that he would have killed someone just for the meds.

At the trial I was asked for what resolution I wanted. I told the judge being a paramedic I've seen how drugs change a person and that I don't hold him fully responsible. On my recommendation he got 3 months in a locked drug rehab facility followed by 6 months of house arrest.

4 years later the dude is clean and runs a fund raiser to help raise money for the end to provide anonymous narcan services and drug awareness programs.

Today this guy would be an honored member of my crew. Addiction literally changes people.

The end result is I now am solely responsible for hiring the medics, reviewing, and dismissal. I no longer need to justify to council why someone was dismissed. This job is one where a gut feeling decides someone's fate. Mywifefoundmymain

Not Always Right

Sometimes our gut instincts are only sort of right.

When I was in seventh grade, there was this girl who was really quiet and sort of creepy. And she smelled. (like sh*t--literally.) She wore these odd dresses that looked like pioneer dresses (homemade). And she was just, well, creepy. No one talked to her. People tried to avoid sitting next to her. We all gossiped about her as being the epitome of creepiness.

Then one day she was gone. Didn't come to class.

The next day, it was all over the news: the police had arrested these horrifically abusive parents, who were neglecting and abusing their daughter, and who had kept their younger son locked in a cage his entire life. And never fed him. The younger boy was kept alive by--you guessed it-- his older sister. The police were led to the house by neighbors' complaints about the stench.

So this poor, smelly girl was suffering abuse from her parents, and all the while sneaking food and water to her little brother--who was literally locked in a cage for years upon years... keeping him alive-- and then coming to school, where she would be avoided and mocked behind her back and sometimes humiliated.

She was a weirdo, and our "guts" all told us there was something wrong there.

But she was a f***ing hero.

(never heard what happened to her after the parents were arrested. hope she recovered.) DerProfessor


Breaking Bad

I never trusted my ex bf's uncle. I just knew he was trouble and had issues with him visiting or my ex visiting him.

He was arrested in Florida last year for production and selling meth and hosting a prostitution ring out of his home. Later learned the ex partook in all the activities at his uncle's home. Apparently my gut was right about the uncle, but not about my ex. polaroid2271

Snake Intentions

My snake did.

I had the sweetest, chillest ball python who never nipped or hissed or reared up or anything. She'd just curl up with you and hang out. One day a friend brought over some of his friends and all of a sudden my snake went nuts - standing straight up in her tank and hissing at one of the guys. A couple of weeks later, that dude robbed my house while I was out of town.

RIP Guinevere. A good snake. addlepated


Rule One: Don't Steal

Interviewing a guy for a job. Something doesn't feel right but my interviewing partner really seemed to like him. We get to his portfolio of work and I see my side project that I worked on alone as one of his websites. So I start asking him questions about it. What challenges he had, how the client was, etc.

I let him go on and on then I say, "I have to level with you. This is my work. You are showing me my own work. Look at the source near the footer. It has my website in the comments.

He went ghost white and I just sat there.

After that I coached him a little on how not to suck and he left. We called the contract agency that sent him and let them know. _____FRESH_____

Sometimes You Just Know

My older mother got this "boyfriend." Mom was in her 60s and the boyfriend was probably mid-sixties also. One day she brought him over to my house, where I was a single mom to a 3 year old boy. I'm usually friendly, or at the least polite, but I looked at that guy and said "no, don't come in my house." My mom was SHOCKED.

She said "[name], this is Blah Blah, my boyfriend!" I told her I was sorry. [deleted]

Fool Me Once

My sister's first husband. I was 5 when they got married, and I only actually met him a few times in person because they lived on the other side of the country. My family really loved him--he was charming, athletic, smart, handsome, financially secure, and seemed like a great dad when they had kids. Plus, he was never anything but nice to me. But I always sensed something shady about the guy. When I was in the 5th grade, I remember getting in huge trouble for a class assignment--an essay describing our families--in which I described him as a bad person--pretty much word for word, "there's something I just don't like about him." It was one of the only times I got spanked as a child.

Well, fast forward a couple years, and my parents discovered that he'd been abusive to my sister and the kids almost the whole time. They ended up divorcing, and he has proven to be a complete sociopath ever since. He hadn't paid a dime in child support, despite being well off enough to buy a new luxury sports car every few years, and uses their two kids (who are now teenagers who know he's full of sh*t) to play mind games with my sister--bringing her to court for full custody, knowing he won't win due to his past, just to cause her inconvenience and rack up legal fees for her, just as an example. He also has refused to let the kids fly out to visit our side of the family a few times for no reason whatsoever. He's an ***hole, a narcissist, a complete f***ing sociopath and somehow 10-year old me was able to sense it before anyone else in my family. kittyface93


No Country For Dog Thieves

My mom brought her new boyfriend over the house one time for me to meet him. He weirded me out. I can't tell you why but I didn't like him. Maybe it's because he was a 35 year old man who wore visors. Friendly and funny guy who my family liked. A year into their relationship he beat the hell out of my mom and stole her dog. Probably the closest I've come to an assassination attempt. RanxShaw

Varsity Blues

When I played highschool football we had an equipment manager who had been doing the job for decades and was absolutely adored by the community. Guy was in his 70s-80s.

One day, I'm ready for a game early, so I head out to the bus that's taking us. I see him loading stuff up, so I offer to help him load a few things.

Once we're all loaded on the bus, he walks to me in the back (cuz I was a cool kid) and hands me a Hostess cupcake in front of everyone as a thank you.

He handed me the cupcake, looked me in the eye, and this sense of dread just falls on me. I have no idea why, and everyone's looking at me so I act normal.

I eat the cupcake (because I was, and still am a fat ass and will eat any cupcake you hand me) and just kinda write off the feeling.

That summer he was arrested for sexually assaulting some 15 year old girl. I'm pretty sure they thought he did more, but couldn't prove it or something. ThatGuyWhoEngineers


Awful Day In The Neighborhood

While in the Army we moved into a new house in upstate New York. We were being neighborly and talked to a guy across the street. He had 5 kids. No wife. He also had multiple neighborhood kids playing in the yard. He told us We can always send ours over. He gave us both this horrible feeling so we smiled and gtfo. About a year later my wife told me (i was in Kandahar) that his kids were taken from him. He had been molesting them at least ever since his wife died. i-need-burittos

To Catch A Predator

About 15 years ago I worked in a small office, mostly men, all who I really liked. A new guy started one day, and instantly I had a bad feeling about him. I don't even know exactly why I felt that way, and all the other people seemed fine with him, so I did my best to be polite, and find things to talk to him about. I was in my mid-30's, he was about the same or a little older, and we both had young sons, so I was able to find some common ground. Apparently he and his wife didn't live together, she might have been back in his home country. But I could never shake that bad feeling.

A year or so later, I had left the company to have my second son, and a friend who had taken my place there called me one morning, and said "Did you read the paper today??" That man had been arrested in another state, apparently having been set up by an FBI sting online, where he had been chatting with who he thought was a 13-year-old girl, and was meeting up with "her." In the trunk of his car, they found a video camera and rope. Daisy_W


Mind Games

Yes, but I suppressed it so quickly and fast, because I felt like it was horribly ungracious since she was being so friendly. Over the next couple years, she became my closest friend in the new town I had moved to. Then the following couple years it vacillated between being close, but just feeling like she really didn't want me around or was messing with me a little bit. Turns out she was having an affair with my husband and was literally intentionally driving me crazy. AllysWorld

Dial M for Misguided

It was a coworker of mine, call her "M". M was friendly, and everyone liked her. Something was up with her though, and I had a bad vibe. She was always complaining about money issues, but then would go out for meals or come into work with new clothes that were not indicative of someone with severe money problems. She allegedly complained of such severe financial problems that she was telling people she was having trouble putting food on the table for her kids. It was that level of desperation. Everyone really liked her, I didn't. I had a really odd feeling about her, like she was being constantly deceptive.

People would always help her out, either by giving her gift-cards to Target, extra clothes or canned food.

She also complained of car issues for a period of several months. This wonderfully kind lady at work - "C" - let M borrow her car during the workday. This was so that M could use whatever money she said she had to go to the store and buy food for her family. Additionally, she used C's car to take a nap from time to time. She claimed to work another evening job and she was often very tired.

Every year, our company sponsored a local family that needed a lot of help. We were a small business at the time (<50 employees) and we'd all donate something to the family at Christmas. It was usually toys, clothes, gift cards and so forth. This year, we decided as a group to my silent opposition that M would be our "family" this particular year. We amassed close to $1,100 worth of food, toys and clothes and presented it to M before Christmas that year. She cried, and said thank you.

Three months later, C's car was stolen right out of the employee parking lot. Coincidentally, M didn't report back to work that day after lunch. Long story short, M had made a copy of C's car key at some point and stole the car and drove out of state with the intent to flee and not return. We had come to learn that M had a long history of criminal charges, and M was eventually arrested in a traffic stop after C reported the car stolen.

As it turned out, M was a financial criminal, specializing in identity theft. She had swindled many people, and had a long criminal history including multiple felonies.

Right from the beginning, I knew something was up with her that I didn't like, but I couldn't put a real finger on it. I don't know why I saw it and no one else did. I actually began to question my morals, asking myself "Why do I dislike M when everyone else does not?" I wrestled with it personally for some time, but in a weird way felt vindicated when the truth revealed itself. TheySayImZack


Ski Slope Blues

The girlfriend and I used to work at the same ski hill, and the place was pretty much full of seasonal employees. Revolving door status. Anyways she got this new dude in her department that everyone thought was a super nice guy. I did not trust him. There was just something about the way he talked to female employees that just seemed...weird. he was trying to gain their trust way too quick. I made my sentiments known to my girlfriend and other friends and they thought I was just being jealous or something. I worked part time out of town at the time, and he'd aways ask me what days I was gone, it was weird. He also didnt have a car, so sometimes my girlfriend would give him a ride home and he'd ask her to hang out at our place when i was out of town. She declined. So at the end of the season, a female friend of ours and this kid decide to rent a place together (they weren't dating) and as they're in the final steps, Federal Marshalls show up and arrest him. Turns out he had been on the run for over a year for kidnapping and raping a girl in a different part of the country. His family had been helping him, and he took the name of his brother while on the run. Filling out the housing application somehow tipped off the marshalls. Trust your instincts. hyphen8892

Babysitters Repellant

My mom was a single mom and did the best she could. However, she thought it might be better to leave me with the neighbor than at home alone. From the age of 6, I pleaded with my mom to let me stay home alone until she got home from work, that I would be ok. My intuition was right. The neighbor was convicted of multiple murders of single mom one and two towns over when DNA evidence came into being. He only liked to date and kill nonobese women. Fortunately my mother was fat. seagullhunter


Foster Foul Play

Some girl started talking to me on the bus ride home. I thought there was something off about her but my parents, who are inherently optimists, told me to be nice and hang out with her. They even invited her over for dinner a few times. She lived about a 4 minute walk away from me so it was hard to come up with excuses not to hangout.

We eventually hung out a few times and I found out that she was a foster kid and had gotten bounced around a lot. She was also on a lot of medication for bad joints, bipolar disease and a few other things (she was almost 18). Well anyway turns out she was having an affair with the father and they plotted together to kill the mom so that they could be together. They made sure to plan it during a time when the dad was out of town. The girl ends up stabbing her foster mother to death and the families biological daughter is the one to call 911. They put the 911 tape up online and it was the worst thing I've ever listened to. rndomusername


My former handball coach: Everybody liked him, but I had a weird feel about him; After training he would come into our showers and give out shower caps for us to use, or in the winter, he would bring us snow to play. A few years later, he got arrested for sexual assault, when he went to a training camp with younger girls. Apparently he got into their tents and "played" with them.aphelii0n

Listen To Your Friends

My best friend in high school was a girl who didn't have the best taste in guys. She started dating a new guy, who was 20 when we were 16. The dude was a classic douche. He went by a mononym, didn't have his license, and just sponged off of everyone around him. I immediately had a bad feeling about him, and voiced my opinion to her. Well she got very angry, and said a lot of very shitty things about how I was just jealous, and pretty much burned a ten year friendship down in one fell swoop.

About a week after that happened, she found out she was pregnant, and he didn't take it well. He beat her, and threw her down a flight of stairs, and then left her at the bottom to die. However I decided I didn't want the friendship to end over something stupid so I went to try and find her to talk. After a while found her at his house in a crumpled heap. I drove her a few towns over to the nearest hospital, and sat in the waiting room all night with her family. She lived, but was so badly beaten that I couldn't even recognize her at first.

The boyfriend was found 3 days later at a relative's house. I think he gets out of prison soon though. TruthinessVonDee

Bad News Reel

A few years ago, when I was still in college, I took a summer job at a movie theater. I met a lot of really cool people there, including my SO. But there was this one guy who always gave me the creeps. We'll call him Drew. He was friends with almost everyone, including my SO, and had been for years. We'd attend the same parties and he'd do all these little things that would feel like red flags to be, but apparently not to anyone else.

Fast forward about a year. I no longer work there, my SO and I have been together for maybe a year, and he has been promoted to manager. Drew has also been promoted to supervisor. It should be noted that there were a lot of teenagers employed at this theater. One day, two of the younger girls come into the office (if they were 18, they were only just) to talk to my SO. They tell him they're sorry, because they know my SO is friends with Drew, but they have to tell him something. The younger one tells him that a few weeks prior, she was sitting alone in the break room, eating her lunch. Drew walks in and says to her "Do you touch yourself?" She doesn't answer. He says "Because if not, you should." I think he said more, but my SO eas so furious when he told me that story that he was having trouble telling it.

My SO fills out the report for the poor girl and passes it onto the GM, who then informs him that Drew had five counts of sexual harrassment on his file already. But corporate loved him. So they could never fire him.

My SO never spoke to Drew again. Last I heard, he was fired removed from his job at a brewery by security for sexual harrassment. Many of our other friends are still very close with him. I don't understand it, but I'm just thrilled to have that creep out of my life. KitchenSwillForPigs


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