People Break Down Which Villains Were Terrifying Because They Were Totally Right
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Even though we always root for the hero in film, television and books, it's often the villain which lingers in our memory.

From Captain Hook to Regina George, it's hard not to admire their calculating, duplicitous ways, not to mention their often snazzy attire.

Interestingly, the villains who often terrify us the most are those that we find ourselves relating to in some capacity.

If it doesn't necessarily justify their actions, in the end, being aware of what led them to become what they are makes us all the more fascinated, and even more terrified of them.

Sometimes, we might even find ourselves flat out rooting for them... Is Miranda Priestley really the Devil in The Devil Wears Prada?

Redditor Chadderbug123 was curious to hear people's favorite villains who, deep down, may have been right, leading them to ask:
"What villain was terrifying because they were right?"

Deep Down, His Mission Was Noble

"Magneto is my favorite villain of all time."

"Every time his motives are brought to light I get that 'yeah, I kinda get it' moment."- IdentifiesAsATroll


"The holocaust survivor, not wanting his species genocided."- Chasingtheimprobable

Progress? How Awful!

"None of you said the most terrifying one."

"Mojo Jojo from the Powerpuff girls."

"He wanted to bring free energy and advanced technology to the people."

"And in one episode he actually did."

"He made the world an amazing place."

"And then the Powerpuff girls ruined it all."- TheMustardisBad

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Can A Hero Really Be A "Menace"?

"Mr. Wilson from 'Dennis the Menace'."- Monsterenergyboi

Sharing?!?! How Awful!

"Stevie from Wizards of Waverly Place."

"Her entire goal was to stop families from giving up their magic to just one person in the family."

"Like…we’re really supposed to be rooting against her?"

"It just seemed super out of character for Alex to go against that plan."- LunarRabbit18

A Lapse In The Force...

"Count Dooku just straight up told Obi-Wan that the Sith control the Senate."- dmatred501

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Even More Ironic Today...

"Red Queen 'Resident Evil'."

"I have locked down this facility to prevent a world ending virus, please could you 'good guys' pay attention and not blow holes in the doors."- Not_invented-Here

Bees Have A Way Of Riling People Up!

"Ken from 'The Bee Movie'."

"I too would go absolutely berserk if a talking bee stole my girlfriend and gaslit me into thinking I was crazy."- _shes_a_jar

Villain, Or Just Responsible Parents?

"Aria’s parents on 'Pretty Little Liars'."

"They’re villanized for not letting their high school daughter date her teacher?"- clarabelle220

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Seriously, She Broke Into Their House And Damaged Their Property!

"The bears from goldilocks and the three bears."- throwaway_0x90

Sometimes the best part of rewatching your favorite movies, particularly after a significant lapse of time, is noticing things you didn't notice before.

Such as the fact that Ferris Bueller''s Ed Rooney might have only been making sure that a mischievous socio-path didn't get away with constantly feigning illness.

Or that The Parent Trap's Meredith Blake's anger might have come from the fact that she was nearly drowned by a pair of 11-year-olds.

Making one question, who is the real villain here?