People Break Down The All-Time Best Villains From Movies And TV

If one were to really think about it, the villains might be the true hero of any story.

Of course, their actions remain indefensible and their behavior appalling, nor should we ever be rooting for them to succeed.

However, without the villains, where would any story go?

It's the villains who create conflict in our favorite books, films, and television series, and ultimately draw us into the story and keep our attention.

Even if we don't find ourselves sympathizing with villains portrayed by certain actors, it's hard not to find ourselves fascinated by them!

Sometimes, it's hard to even take our eyes off them.

Redditor doktaAce was curious to hear everyone's favorite villains from film and television, leading them to ask:

What Keeps Everyone "Watch"ing...

“'You don’t think I’d explain my plan if there was the slightest chance you could stop me do you? I did it 35 minutes ago'.”

"Purely based on that, Ozymandias from Watchmen."- Reddit

What keeps everyone going down the "Portal"...


"'We both said a lot of things you're going to regret'."- nitol91509

Beware the "Chicken Man"

"Gus Fring."- ulyssesss91

Breaking Bad GIF by MauditGiphy

The Nurse No One Wants On Call...

"Nurse Ratched, just because of how implicitly she tortured the inmates."- soladi6766

You Never Know What You'll Get From Him...

"Gul dukat."

"He goes from evil Hitler type to loving father on the run from his government to crazy possessed madman in a single series."- soladi6766

His Smile Makes You Quake In Your Boots

"Christoph Waltz in 'Inglorious Bastards' is the first that came to mind."- jwps28

inglourious basterds eating GIF by The Good FilmsGiphy

Definitely Not One Of The Boys

"Homelander is definitely one of them."- PrettyMuchDeceased

Perhaps The Greatest Of All

"Hans Gruber."

"Alan Rickman portrays him so well."- rirop27057

Even If His Behavior Is Anything But Justified

"Boyd Crowder (played by Walton Goggins) in 'Justified'."

"He's not particularly strong in season 1, but by season 2, you just want him to keep getting away to have more."

"The fact that he's Raylan's frenemy, and not just a generic evil guy was such a nice touch."- dvoecks

Timothy Olyphant GIFGiphy


"Shooter McGavin."

"Do I need to even describe why?"- xacayeg163

Effortlessly Creepy

"V.M. Varga in Fargo Season 3."

"I think he gets forgotten a bit because most thought the third season as a whole was a step down from the first and second seasons (and everybody loves Billy Bob in Season 1), but every time Varga was on screen was incredible."

"The teeth, the bizarre yet intimidating manner of speaking, the general weirdness and obscurity of who exactly he is and his background was so well done."

"Thewlis is amazing."- TJTrapJesus

Tragic And Horrifying


"There are times when you are able to sympathize with him and his actions almost seem justified."

"Most likable villain in my opinion."- rirop27057

x-men apocalypse GIF by 20th Century FoxGiphy


"Yzma from 'The Emperor’s New Groove'."- phantom_avenger

That Quill Though!

"Dolores Umbridge."- soladi6766

In His Defense, He Was Defending His Home...

'Al Swearengen from 'Deadwood' played by Ian McShane."

'It’s the story of a villain defending his village."- fallonyourswordkaren

ian mcshane deadwood GIFGiphy

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