People Explain Which Villain They Just Can't Bring Themselves To Hate

There is nothing better than a great villain.

They are what makes a great story.

What would be the point of Batman without The Joker or Catwoman?

Who is Luke without Vader?

As an actor, I've always had the best time being the villain.

They're just more in tune with life. Even when they're bats**t crazy.

That's why we never forget them.

Redditor Rito_Harem_King wanted to discuss the bad "guys" we just can't shake. They asked...

"What villain can you just not hate?"

The villain is always just misunderstood. My ultimate has always been Dracula. Love you...

Good Tom

Hungry Tom And Jerry GIF by HBO Max Giphy

"Tom from Tom and Jerry. I’ve always rooted for him."


It's the Chemistry

"Yzma. For one, she’s just so crazy that it’s hard to be afraid of her and you end up just liking her. She and Kronk have such great chemistry too."


"I love Eartha Kitt and she absolutely killed it in this role. Hard to see a villain as a villain when I'm grinning ear to ear every time she's on screen!"


"I read this thread last night and forgot how much I loved this movie when it first came out. Today was a shi**y day and I get to watch it with my kid. Thanks for the reminder."



"GLaDOS. She is just so crazy and hilarious you forget she enjoys gassing innocents."


“I have another surprise for you, and not a fake surprise like before. A real surprise, with tragic consequences. And REAL confetti this time! The good stuff! Our last bag!”



"Lego Joker."


"Bruh lego Joker is in the top two best portrayals of the joker imo. I'm a sucker for the goofier silver age villains (why be edgy when you're up against what is often the biggest edgelord in the city?) and he portrays those campy origins of the dc characters so well. I'm obsessed with the dynamic he has with the lego version of Batman."


So Cold

sad adventure time GIF Giphy

"The Ice King. It's just a tragic backstory. He's just lonely and desperate for friends."


I'm getting old. I have to look up a few of these. What I see I like though.

J & J

Pokémon Giphy

"Jessie and James. Pokemon would not be the same without them."



"Magneto. Was he wrong, in knowing that humans hate and would inevitably attack mutants? According to Days of Future Past, no. Humans have proven that you don't have to be non-human for people to turn on you and kill you."


"A great villain has a realistic motivation to believe they are morally justified, and that's why I love like magneto. His actions are out of revenge and self preservation. He's not evil for the sake of profit or power, he could be portrayed as a hero in the right story."


The best...

"Wiley Coyote. I'm rooting for him to blow the Road Runner up."


"But you know what? He never stays down. He always gets back up and tries something new. Granted, it’s almost always something sold by Acme, but he’s a coyote - it’s a miracle he can even read the catalogue. That’s why if I ever get a tat it’ll be of Wile E Coyote."


Don't choose hate!

"Who can hate Tai Lung? He's such a well developed character and I feel like he's more of a tragic character than a villain. There's so many questions left unanswered. What if Oogway gave him the scroll? Would he still lay waste to the valley? Because he didn't understand the scroll's lesson when he got it from Po?

"What if Shifu did defend Tai Lung? Would Tai Lung feel ashamed that he wasn't good enough for his master? Would it cause him to give up Kung Fu? What if Shifu did teach him Humilty and not fill his head with the idea he was MET to be the dragon warrior?"

"Like UGH, He needs to come back and be redeemed if there's ever a fourth KFP movie. He had his opportunity when he fought against Shifu. But he knew it was too late for an apology."


You're a mean one...

The Grinch Smiling GIF by The Good Films Giphy

"The Grinch."


"He wouldn't be so grumpy if there wasn't a dude singing songs, every 5 minutes, about what a piece of sh*t he is."


I love them all. Long live the bad guy.


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