Lyndsey Scott is an incredibly accomplished coder. She's ranked as a top iOS responder on Stack Overlow, has recorded coding tutorials for, and is a member of the "prestigious iOS tutorial team at" She also happens to be a Victoria's Secret model. Because insecure men can't seem to comprehend that a person (especially a woman) can be both beautiful and smart, Scott receives more than her fair share of internet hatred, which has been conveniently collected in the Reddit thread "Apparently, it's impossible for women to be smart and beautiful at the same time."

Reading what random strangers have been saying about her based entirely on her appearance, Scott had the perfect response.

For reference, here's what Scott looks like:


She is an extremely advanced coder, with a wide-ranging skill set and lots of experience.

Many men on Instagram seemed unable to accept this.






Scott had an important message for these misguided men:


Though Scott has grown used to staying above the fray, she also thinks it's important for her to speak up for other women in her industry.


On Reddit, users shared their similar experiences. AnxietyDepressedFun commented:

Went to an interview once & was told "You just don't look like you'd understand our SQL database." I've been coding and programming for 10 years, I'm very well versed in SQL. I'm not usually confrontational but I lost my cool & said "Is it the blonde hair or the C cup?" The guy ended the interview & said I wouldn't fit into their current culture.
I wasn't aware understanding SQL changed your appearance but clearly my aesthetic is not programmer appropriate.

WhatACunningHam made an astute observation:

Beauty comes and goes, but she's got those skills for life and is way ahead of many.

Onuitspreekbaar had some doubts about Scott's haters.

99% chance that none of the people responding are actually IT professionals, but followed a couple of lessons on Codecademy and started profiling themselves as advanced programmers.

houman_o is glad there are people like Scott in the world:

Seeing people like Lyndsey is incredibly uplifting but reading the comments makes me realize we as a society still has a real long way to go before we reach true gender equality.

After reading her story, many on Twitter were also behind Scott 100%.

It's time all men start taking smart women seriously.


Lyndsey Scott won't let haters stop her from doing what she loves!

H/T - Reddit, Bored Panda

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