People Share The Best 'Yo Mama' Jokes They Know

Who doesn't love a good joke?

And one needn't be a professional comedian to always have a joke in their back pocket to make people laugh.

Particularly as there are certain types of jokes which are almost always guaranteed to elicit at least a tiny chuckle.

They could be knock-knock jokes, "little johnny" jokes, and of course the "yo mamma" jokes.

Though always teetering on the boundaries of good taste, the possibilities of jokingly insulting the mother of a friend, or foe, are endless, and more often than not, hilarious.

Redditor nobody-and-68-others was eager to hear the funniest "you mamma" jokes people have ever heard, leading them to ask:

"What are the best “Yo mama” jokes you got?"

Yo mamma's so fat...

"yo mamma so fat she wakes up in sections."- LolCoca

"Yo mama so fat when I had a threesome with her I never met the other guy."- 1nzlocky

"Your mama so fat, her memory foam mattress wish it could forget."- cuirboy

Fat GIFGiphy

...How fat Is she?

"Yo mama's so fat she outweighs the needs of the many."- BenefitsCustardbatch·

"Yo mama’s so fat that every time she turns around, it’s her birthday."- Amphibutter·

Yo mamma's so ugly...

'Yo mama so ugly, criminals break into her house just to close the curtains."- Cap_the_pro

"Yo mama so ugly your dad wakes up with morning wouldn't."- lukeedbnash

"Yo mama so ugly, her portraits hang themselves."- SolHalcyon

the emperors new groove hangover GIFGiphy

This could have so many meanings...

"The earth was flat until they buried yo mama."- jaymo54

Fat AND Ugly?

"Yo mama so fat, when she goes on a diet, the stock market drops."

"Yo mama so ugly, she threw a boomerang and it refused to come back."- SophisticatedOtaku

Needless to say, not all jokes are to everyone's taste.

Something to keep in mind when sharing these jokes with others.

Particularly with, "yo mamma", or anyone else's...

Some things are deceptively simple.

Oh, skydiving? That's easy.

Love yourself? Simple.

Who can't open a can of pickles?

ME! ME! That's who. I can't do any of the above simply.

It's all hard. And you know it too.

It's just designed to" look" easy only to bamboozle us.

Approach everything as a burden and live by a motto...

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