Some artists capture landscapes with photography, others make paintings, but Vera Shimunia of St. Petersberg, Russia, has gained international attention on Instagram for her beautiful embroidery.

Vera first began embroidering when a boy she liked told her she had a talent for the art:

"He wrote [to] me: 'You did this? So cool.' And I decided to continue."

Vera says she was inspired to embroider landscapes by her family's subscription to National Geographic:

"Since then nature has fascinated me. Always paid attention to the sky."

Vera has gained over 200,00 followers with her diligent work, which involves a fair amount of trial and error:

"Sometimes the picture in my head does not coincide with what I made; then I cut off threads and try again."

At the end of the day, Vera is grateful to everyone who's supported her through her journey:

"A lot of good people with beautiful souls believe in me, and thanks to their support I become a better artist every day."

Twitter was stunned by how beautiful Shimunia's designs are!

The art made other's want to pick up a needle and get to work.

Other Twitter users just wanted to know how they could get a Shimunia original in their home.

Congratulations on your continued success, Vera—your talent is truly unique!