People Break Down The Unwritten Rules They Wish Everyone Followed
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Our upbringings are different, and as such, our behavior towards others varies wildly.

For example, how we treat our fellow humans is indicative of what rules we follow.

What do we consider to be polite? What do we consider to be an unwritten rule that we must follow?

These questions dicate how we act and what we consider the most important.

So it can seriously dig under our skin when someone doesn't follow those unwritten rules.

Reddit user, HAXposed, wanted to know what they wished everyone already knew when they asked:

"What's an unspoken rule that annoys you when people don't know about it?"

We've had smart phones as a common piece of day to day living for a while now, right?

That means we should all know the following rules when you decide to use your phone in public or when you see someone using their phone.

Last Thing You Want To Do Is Say Something Embarrassing

"Let people know when you have them on speakerphone!"

"Especially when your husband/wife/partner/friend/any other human is within earshot."


Wait, People Actually Do This?

"When someone hands you their phone to use, don't f-cking go through it. It's rude."


"100% this."

"Years ago, I left my tablet at a friends for like half hour and when I got back, his room mate was laughing going through my photos."

"They accused me of overreacting when I went f-cking apesh-t."

"Had a bit of petty revenge when the same dude traded in my friends games and my friend got pissy. I smugly told him he was overreacting."


Notice The Things In My Ears Blocking The Sound?

"If you see me taking off my headphones to listen and answer your question, then [immediately] put them on again... 5 TIMES... it clearly means that I'm just being polite, not that I'm interested in talking to you, so STOP ASKING ME QUESTIONS."


There Are Other People Around You

"Don’t play music out loud from your mobile phones on public transportation. I get that you’re going to have a boring ride but don’t ruin everyone else’s."


"Or kids games. Turn the volume off in the train or waiting room. Or restaurant."


Here's something that might shock some people.

When you're at the grocery store, or in a deli, or literally anywhere where other people need to buy products, you are surrounded by other people.

At Least Stand Off To The Side? Bare Minimum, People

"Standing in f-cking doorways, go in or out, but get the f-ck out of the way."


"To add on to this, having a full f-cking conversation right in front of the door or in a small hallway then getting offended when your expected to f-cking move."


Damn It, Sharon!

"Move your cart to the side of the aisle when looking for groceries, don't hog up the middle. 'Oh, of course I'll wait for you to pick out a flavor of beans, Sharon, take your time!'"


"Also, if they ask who's next at the deli and you haven't decided yet - don't say you're next and have a five minute discussion about what you may or may not want."


And then there's these rules to follow to make you a more respectable member of today's society.

Just pay people back.

It's that simple.

Don't hold money from people who rightfully deserve it.

What Does It Mean?

"Respect people's right to say no. It's okay to ask someone for something, or to do something, or whatever - but if they say no, don't pester them or guilt trip them. People who pressure their friends are kind of garbage friends."


"One thing that annoys me is when somebody asks for something, I say no, then they say please. I didn't say no because you were rude enough to not use your manners. I said no because I didn't want to."


Pay. Your. Artists.

"Don’t ask people to do their job for free, even if you’re friends or family."


"As a semi-pro photographer I get "invited" to a lot of events/parties/gatherings from too many "friends"/acquaintances."

"You're going to bring your camera right?"

"Yeah, for $100 p/h..."


Get Them Back Sooner Rather Than later

"If someone pays for something for you (I'm not talking about as a gift, I just mean 'We can't split the bill here so I'll pay and you can pay me your half later', 'I'll buy both of our concert tickets now and you can revolut me for it later', etc) you really shouldn't make them ask you to pay them back. Ideally not even once, but especially not two or three times."

"If I owe someone money like that I make sure to pay them back as soon as I can and let them know once I've done it. I have a friend who I know is not short on money, but I stopped offering to pay for things for him in situations like the above because he just forgets and makes you ask him two or even three times before he does it. I really think that's not fair to people. You're putting them in an uncomfortable position."


Hopefully This WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC Will Change A Few Minds

"Warn people that you/your kid is sick before turning up at their house/interacting with them. Chicken pox, flu, hand foot and mouth, stomach bug all caught by my toddler in the last 12months and could have been avoided."


"My 11mo got covid and a stomach bug in the last 3 months. Both could also be avoided because people already had symptoms before seeing us."

"I am mad now so I am not sure when we gonna see the in-laws again..."


Cashier Courtesy

"Taking your headphones off when talking to a cashier. Like, yes they are working there and they might have less money than you, Karen, but they still deserve to be able to tell you how much the diapers you want to buy cost."

- TheAngelVoice

"Cashier POV. When people put the money down on the counter instead of placing it in your hands."

"It makes me feel so disrespected when I have to basically scrape the money together and their just watching."

- killaahk8175

Turn It Off

"When people leave their blinker on when driving down the highway… let me explain."

"Especially in busy city areas that have multiple lanes in the highways I see people all the time leaving their blinker on when driving straight. This gives me so much panic because I have been in multiple car accidents from people changing lanes without looking or leaving their left blinker on and switching to the opposite right lane etc."

"If you are not switching lanes or turning PLEASE turn your blinker off. I have no idea what you are going to do and it confuses other drivers."

- aylaswrld

Stop Slamming!

"Close your f*cking doors gently, and silently too, for that matter!"

"I cannot tell you how many people I’ve met who just slam doors shut all the time and think it’s completely fine and normal. The way I close doors, most of my roommates thought I was never home."

"Nobody likes the sound of slamming doors plus it's bad for the door itself. Be courteous and close them gently."

- snowglobe0

Common Areas

"Kissing passionately in areas that are meant for everyone."

"This happened to me a few days ago. I’m in university and we have a common kitchen for the whole floor."

"I was going there one night to get something from the vending machine and there was a couple there. You would think that the moment I entered they would maybe pause on the affection or maybe tone it down and then resume."


"The girl decided to AGGRESSIVELY kiss on the guys neck. The sound effects were something I never want to experience again."

"And what took me out, was the fact that when I left, I saw from my peripheral vision that she had stopped and looked at me with a sort of smirk like the really did something there and was proud of herself."

"Reason? I would also like to know."

- Toga_24

Don't Block The Walkway

"I am a pass holder at a local theme park complex."

"There are moving walkways that get you from the parking garage to the shopping district out front of the parks. There's an unspoken rule that you do NOT stop walking on the moving walkways, and if you must, stay to the right side so people who follow the rules can pass (they're not very wide, like as wide as a normal escalator)."

"Every time I go some group stops as soon as they get on the walkway and takes up the whole freaking thing. Drives me insane."

- Tpabayrays2


"People who park directly in front of YOUR house."

"Every house on my street has a detached garage in the back, and extra parking out front. One of my neighbours always parks directly in front of my house (ie. MY footpath leads straight to THEIR car door)."

"They even parked there when my wife was pregnant, or carrying a newborn, and forced her to park further down the block every day."

- juxtamusician

Don't be a jerk.

How about that? Simplified for everyone to follow.

Be considerate of your fellow humans and maybe, just maybe, don't blast heavy metal from your phone on a train ride.

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