People With Unusual Hobbies Share Their Passion


Have you ever wanted to take up something completely unrelated to what you do for a living, just for the heck of it?

Well, you're not alone. And some people have followed your dreams already . These things are a little off the beaten path, so you may not have heard of them--but hopefully they will peak your interest.

u/kung-fu-kitten asked:

Redditors with interesting hobbies- what do you do and why?

Here were some of those answers.

Polar Waters


I like magnet fishing. It's taking a strong magnet and putting it in canals/lakes or any water bodies and pulling metallic objects out. People find all kinds of cool stuff like guns, old coins, metal safes, swords and it helps clean the water bodies as well.


Almost Famous

High school teacher and musician. I built a little project studio a few years ago in my basement. I've now helped a few young rock and roll bands get demos recorded to get them gigs.

Some of the players have been astounding, all have been appreciative and it is a great way to see what kids are up to outside of school. Turns out I really like producing music that isn't mine.


A Giant Puzzle

I build stonewalls on my property here in Vermont. Weekends are spent walking deep into the forest which surrounds me and search for rocks to pry out of the earth. I try to find the largest which I can safely carry and give them a bear hug and carry them back to the wall in process. There's something incredibly satisfying building with stone (no mortar) and finding that perfect fit as though that rock has been waiting for thousands of years for this purpose. Sometimes the fit is so good that I start back in amazement and look around as though to ask: "Did you see that?"


Just For Kicks

I make Rube Goldberg Machines for fun and post them on Youtube. I really like the creative freedom it gives me and they are so rewarding when they work.

Here's the channel for those wondering:

If you're into it I'd recommend looking into all the channels on the sidebar, they make equally great if not better content.


Becoming A Fish

Apnea training and freediving. Just learning about the body's cardio-pulmonary system and how you can make it adapt to surviving 5-7 min underwater has been amazing. And there's nothing quite as peaceful as being underwater and feeling no urgency to move quickly or return to the surface. The ocean animals are also a lot more relaxed when you have that calmness and aren't exhaling bubbles like a scuba diver.



I raise butterflies. Mostly Monarch Butterflies but also Eastern Black Swallowtails and some others that occasionally show up in my garden. The occasional moth too.

I bring in eggs or any caterpillar I can provide food and a safe place for until they are fully grown. I release them when they become an adult. If they end up sick or diseased, instead of releasing them, I care for them until they pass away.

When I find them sick or in need of help out in the world I bring them in and help them recover. If they don't get better, they have a calm place with me until they pass.

It is both a heartbreaking and joyous hobby to have. When I'm out in the garden they will land on me and let me hold them. When they are sick they come to me and let me care for them. Even ones I have not raised. I've learned so much from them and feel blessed to have the trust of such beautiful creatures.

Butterflies are dying out due to humans destroying their natural habitats and food. Please plant milkweed, that one small kindness can help them so much. <3


It Ain't Even Clown College

I'm a fire juggler and I'm learning to throw knives. At my college, we have to take what is known as wellness classes. Basically you can do anything from talking about you feelings to learning underwater basket weaving and parkour. My roommates asked me if I wanted to take the juggling course and now after a few years of practice all three of us can juggle fire!


Cultural Teabags

One of my favorite hobbies is writing letters. I have penpals all over the world, and I love reading their stories and learning about their cultures while also sharing my own. It's a great way to get to know about places you may either not have known about before, or had some misconceptions about thanks to the media. I love slowing down to concentrate on a person and respond to their letter, making my own envelopes and decorating them, choosing pieces to go into them with the stationery, and hopefully giving them something to smile about when the letter arrives in their mailbox. It's a lot of fun, and it can be very rewarding too!


-Sniff Sniff-


I'm a (male) knitter. I took it up in honor of a very good friend who died suddenly on the eve of her 31st birthday because of an aortic aneurysm. She would spend all year knitting scarves and hats for the homeless and needy to give out at Christmas. I inherited all her knitting stuff and kept up the tradition in her honor.


The Final Frontier

Astronomy and astrophotography.

Started because I wanted to take cool pictures of stuff in space. But taking good photos of deep space objects takes hours so I bought some star gazing binoculars to pass the time while my setup took pictures. Then I started learning about the constellations and the history behind the naming and the stories and stuff. Got hooked to astronomy more than the photography.

It's a great hobby but it's tough since the equipment can be pricey and you have to do it at night. Also, my favorite objects are in the winter so I usually end up doing super cold nights out in the high desert for best viewing. Frigid here just thinking about it... makes it hard to go out more than 3 times a year. But when I go, it's usually for a couple days camping trip with viewing/ photography every night.

Now I miss living in southern California. Joshua Tree was my favorite.


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