In a time where money talks more than anything else, the consumer's dollar holds a lot of power.

Withholding that dollar from unethical brands makes a big statement, not just about the brand, but about the buyer. What capitalistic nonsense do they refuse to engage in?

And also, if they continue spending their money there, such as Chik-Fil-A, what kind of atrocities are they committed to engaging in?

u/AngryTrooper09 asked:

People of Reddit, what unethical brands to you refuse to buy from?

Here were some of those answers.

US Healthcare Is A Joke

If I could ditch the over priced insulin, I would in a heart beat but you know, I'd like to live.

Here in Canada, the vial is $40 CAN. In the US, the same vial by the same company is $550 CAN.

So freaking unethical overpricing life sustaining medication.


Stealing Intellectual Property

Sinful Colors nail polish. 10+ years back my sister told me about how they took her friends nail art pictures and used them for marketing purposes. She asked them to either give her credit or take them down and they refused.


Petty Jealousy and it's affiliated websites. They hired a bunch of lawyers to sue small businesses using the name 'backcountry' anywhere in it's name or tag line. Many of the companies were much older than They have since sent out a 'sorry we were caught' letter, but there's too many other outdoor companies that are run ethically, I can't justify buying from backcountry.


She Just Cares About Your Money

Random one, but Kylie Jenner.

She exploited young fans by saying she didnt have fillers and looks like she has big lips from wearing lipstick and liner. Then sold Kylie lip kits to take advantage of self conscious girls wanting bigger lips, and seriously thinking that she hadn't used filler.

She stole designs from smaller brands and used them for her own clothing, pretending her company made the designs.

Then her skincare is awful. Overpriced stuff that barely works, and the scrub will cause serious damage to your skin.

Another which some have commented on. She isn't paying her workers in Bangladesh. She is taking advantage of desperate people in order to save money...when she is close to being a billionaire.

Overall she just exploits her fans for money. Nothing she does is actually as good as it is made out to be.




It seems every year they are either putting malicious code or conveniently overlooked security backdoors into their hardware. And when called out on it, their response is "Was that wrong? Should we not have done that?"


Rurality Speaks Volumes

Walmart. I work for a small transport company so Ive seen how they bully small companies with fines for like, everything if you don't do things their way. Plus they also have a lot of internal stories about terrible employee treatment


Bentonville Arkansas has a bunch of little communities around it. Walmart decided one day to "test out" some small grocery stores in these communities, smaller than neighborhood markets. Ran them at a loss, forcing all the grocers shut down. Then went "We're not making money at these" shut down the grocery stores, forcing people to come back into the main town.

Last time I was in the region, I saw they were putting up walmart gas stations as well as the ones at each of the stores. All conveniently 5-10 cents cheaper than non Walmart gas stations.

I get "don't shop there" but when people are trying to save money, they're obviously going to go to the cheaper place. And no one can compete with the company that runs things at a loss until all the competition is gone.


Fast Fashion, Fast Pass

I don't buy from fast fashion brands. H&M, Zara , etc. They aren't unethical, but they are terrible for the environment. One of the most wasteful industries. I love fashion, don't get me wrong. I tend to lean towards a more vintage vibe anyway and thrift shop a lot. But when it comes to sneakers I'll spend a little more on some better brand. Over a wasteful brand.


No Free Market

If you read this thread you will realize that nearly everything you buy comes with serious ethical issues. It is nearly impossible to avoid consuming things that cause harm. What we need more than you individually boycotting a company you just discovered has unethical practices is for you to join a political movement to hold the wealthy and the powerful accountable and to regulate business practices. There are simply too many people who are either oblivious or refuse to be inconvenienced that render little boycotts here and they're ultimately ineffective. The market does NOT regulate itself effectively. This is a myth and a lie.


Running Through The Excuses

Honestly, Mcdonalds.

After running that poor old lady through the mud for literally serving coffee that was dangerously hot and then refusing to pay her bills over their coffee being so hot that it gave her third degree burns and nearly killed her after putting her in shock.... All she wanted was her medical bills paid for. She only sued because they kept refusing, despite the courts saying that 190 degree coffee was too dangerous to serve in the end.

They were in the wrong, and painted her lawsuit as frivolous and that she was the idiot. Coffee is hot, but it shouldn't be served at 190 degrees.... Plus the way they treat the franchisees and employees. Food ain't good enough for me to want to give them any money.


They Ruined Star Wars

EA Games.

It used to be that you either bought a game OR had micro transactions in a free game. EA changed this so you had to BUY the game and then pay for micro transactions to unlock the good part of the game.

Google "most down voted reddit post" and it's EA customer service trying to justify their decision to put micro transactions into Battlefront.

If I see a game with EA on the cover I absolutely 100% will not buy it.


Not The Chocolate!

Nestlé and its brands, Mars, Hershey, and Folgers. More generally I don't buy any chocolate, coffee, or clothing that uses exploitative labor, as far as is in my power. Lots of child slave labor in those industries.


More Chocolate Stealing?

Hostess. They "borrowed" from their employees pensions, and then filed bankruptcy. Only to come back, debt free and start making Twinkees again. Also, all big business who took money from the payroll protection program intended for small businesses.


The Biggest News Story Of 2017

United Airlines. They violently dragged away a medical professional who needed to go back to work just for more room for some employees. After the incident, the ceo sent an email to employees saying he was 'belligerent' and 'distruptive'. They also killed a puppy by putting it in the overhead compartment where there's no ventilation.


Let's Normalize Necessity, Not Money

Bottled water.

Unnecessary plastic pollution? ✔️

Less regulated than tap water? ✔️

Stealing water resources from developing countries? ✔️

Capitalizing on what should be a basic human right? ✔️



Most anime studios. They pay their employees low wages and work them to the bone, paying by the page completed rather than the hour. Made me rethink my stance as an anime fan. The only ones with any sort of ethics are Kyoto Animation, paying their workers a livable wage. They'll be the only ones I'll buy from until things change.


The Food Is Poison!

Chipotle and Panera. Hate their marketing campaigns, both claim to be "healthy" and "clean" but truly aren't. And those words are akin to "natural" when discussing food and nutrition - too broad a description and utterly meaningless. So many better Mexican food joints and local sandwich places I'd much rather support.


Reasons to be single #1... you avoid monkeypox, apparently.

#2... all your money is yours. And Uncle Sam's.

#3... more room in bed.

#4... the list is endless.

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