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Sometimes, games like to remind of your rules you've long forgotten or know nothing about.

Like that little known Monopoly rule that states that if a player lands on a property and decides not to buy it, the property is then auctioned off to the player the places the highest bid.

That means players can potentially buy a property for a lot less than the asking price!

Well it turns out, Uno also has a little known rule. There's no stacking cards in the game, meaning you can't place a Draw 2 card on top of a Draw 4 card!

If you've ever played Uno--and let's be honest, who hasn't?--you know the Draw 4 Wild card is the most powerful card in the game, and the one every player wants to get their hands on.

For those of you living under a rock that prevented you from playing Uno, it's a relatively simple game. Each player gets seven cards and each player puts down a card that's either the same color as the card played before, or the same number as the card played before.

There are some special cards, including a Wild card, which lets the player change the color to whatever he desires. The Draw 4 Wild not only lets the player pick the color, but forces the next player to draw four cards.

There is also a Draw 2 card that forces the next player to draw two cards. Players have often countered the Draw 4 card with a Draw 2 card, causing a third player to draw six cards. But Twitter just found out, that's not allowed.

Turns out putting a Draw 2 card on top of a Draw 4 card is against the rules. Uno's Twitter account itself tweeted that when a Draw 4 card if played, the next player must draw four cards, and their turn in skipped.

This destroyed a lot of people, since they've been playing this way from the start.

One of the best things about playing with several other people is to see how many Draw cards you can stack before a player eventually runs out and has to draw the combined number (my brother once had to draw 16 cards because of this).

But apparently, you can't do that, because it might result in this:

I know you've done this. And you're not alone. Everyone has.

That's why people on Twitter protested:

People wanted to pretend Uno's tweet never existed:

One person tried to point out we can't argue with Uno:

But no one agreed with that:

One person was happy to see this tweet:

I'll be honest: I knew this already. Of course you can't put a Draw 2 on a Draw 4! It's common knowledge!

What I didn't know was that there's no stacking cards at all:

I've done that!

I've also done this:

Come on Uno!

We've all been playing this game wrong. But that time I made my brother draw 16 cards was so satisfying...if anyone asks, this tweet doesn't exist!

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