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The topic of where transgender people should use the bathroom became a public debate since the trans community started to live out and proud lives.

Children in schools experienced harassment and confusion when told which bathrooms they are and are not allowed to use.

Some educational facilities provided signage that make it clear where their transgender students are allowed.

Michigan Technological University is one of these institutions.

Their Center for Diversity and Inclusion recently added posters in their restrooms explaining their policy on where transgender and non-binary students are allowed.

Facebook user Connie Rice shared one of their signs and it soon got people talking.

"This is how you handle it."Connie Rice/Facebook

The poster reads:


X Stare at them
X Challenge them
X Insult them
X Purposefully make them feel uncomfortable

> Respect their privacy
> Respect their identity
> Carry on with your day

Transgender and non-binary students—You have the right to be here:
- In this facility
- In this university
- In this community
- In this world.

We're all simply using the facilities we feel safe in. Please don't take this right away from anyone.

Michigan Tech has since shared their entire collection of posters by their Center for Diversity and Inclusion.

Their post says:

"Due to recent high demand, you can now download and print the Center for Diversity and Inclusion's campus posters for free and hang them in the communities and places you move through – whether at Michigan Tech or beyond!"

They added:

"These posters were a student led initiative in 2017 that has grown into a community norm to have these posters hung in ALL bathrooms (not just Gender Inclusive bathrooms) and hung with pride and affinity. Our office (and other offices across campus) absorb the cost of printing for campus upkeep (and modernizing of design and content as our world evolves) as an institutional commitment to supporting our underrepresented students."
"While we know that these posters do not correct the inequities of the world that our LGBTQIA* peers experience, this is one extension of our ongoing commitment to creating a culture of understanding, acceptance, and inclusion."

Another poster included in the post pictured two skeletons with the title "What's the difference between sex, gender, and sexual orientation?". The other poster was titled "Pronoun Etiquette" and had the points "ask, don't assume", "respect", and "practice".

You can visit their website for a high resolution PDF version available for free download.

The original post by Connie Rice on Facebook has been shared 15,000 time and has 2,300 likes.

People are in love with the poster's approach to the topic of the human rights of transgender and non-binary individuals and bathrooms.

Connie Rice/Facebook

Connie Rice/Facebook

Connie Rice/Facebook

Bravo, Michigan Tech!

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