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A fraternity in Wisconsin was disbanded after almost crushing a girl with a TV they recklessly threw off a balcony last summer. The University of Wisconsin-Madison's Kappa Sigma frat partied WAY too hard, and won't be allowed on campus anymore.

Here's the insane footage of a girl almost being struck by a falling television.

Local news outlets covered the story in complete disbelief.

By the looks of it, the woman in the video is lucky to be alive following this idiotic stunt. Though the drunken crowd seemed prepared for the television to come tumbling down from above, she came dangerously close to being struck.

Some trolls on Instagram are criticizing her for foolishly walking into harm's way.




Others are blaming the brainless frat boys who threw something that heavy out a window.





According to Twitter, sloppy frat guys continue to be a scourge nationwide.

Frat guys nationwide need to get their act together! After this near-disaster in Wisconsin, we need all televisions to remain bolted to their dorm room walls.

H/T: Barstool Wisconsin, WISN 12

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