You see it coming... that one thing you dread but can't control. Like that new overbearing boss, or that recurring flu, or when your dad has to strike up an hour-long chat with a stranger, when all you wanna do is go home. Life is rough.

yo_mama_420_ asked: What was your "ah shit, here we go again" moment?

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15. Oh man, a busy body boss.

My super chill project manager who respected our knowledge and experience was replaced with a micromanager.


Worse a micromanager with no skills, experience or tact.


You've met him? Ugh, he's the worst. Asks a million questions but doesn't listen. Then pronounces what we all should be doing, when that's what we're already halfway finished doing.


14. How many kids do you need?

When my older brother's new girlfriend announced she was pregnant. This will be my brother's fifth child, having four with his ex-wife.


How old is he, your brother?


He's thirty. Had his first when he was nineteen.


13. 'Nuff said.

When you have to wake up early to get back into your weekly routine for school/college/work after a holiday or break.


12. This isn't good for anybody.

Hearing my kid start coughing at about 4 am this morning. Whenever he gets a cough it gets so bad he starts puking. Had to move him to the couch with towels and a bucket. That retching noise puts me on full alert immediately. Ugh.


It took us waay too long to discover the sick bags that are available at the hospital can be bought online and save so much cleanup.


11. Ruh-roh.

"The government watchdog is coming in next week for an audit."

It's never that big a deal but it means I have to deal with stressed out colleagues who think it is.


And they never even bring the dog. It's just a bunch of stuffed shirts. Bringing the actual watchdog would be a bit of therapy.


10. Oh, HER.

When the angry lady at Walmart started raising her voice at the cashier because her coupon expired.


Or when you hear the person at the front of the line fussing about how one item should be 2 cents cheaper than what it rang up as. You just know you're gonna lose 5 minutes of your life standing there watching this person arguing with the cashier over that bullsh*t.


The absolute best time this happened. Lady in front of me - very upset about coupon for a few cents off that would not work. We were there for a bit as there was only one clerk and it was taking time to resolve. My transaction was pretty quick, so I was right behind her to the parking lot. She righteously got into her MERCEDES (not a sh*tty old one either).


9. At least he came home?

When I still lived at home it was any time my dad made some vague excuse to leave the house on foot. He would disappear to the pub for at least 3 or 4 hours, sometimes longer, and we would never know what kind of mood he'd be in when he returned home.

So, yeah. Here we go again every time I heard 'I'm just going for a haircut' or to place a bet or pick up a prescription.


This sucks. I used to be your dad...I'm sure every trip to "go get milk" or "stop at Home Depot was met with 100% disbelief and and disappointment. Sucked for me too because the guilt started before I walked out the door - but couldn't seem to turn off cruise control. Hope your dad finds his way out, it changed my life in unimaginable ways.

To be clear - I didn't use to be your actual dad. Or if I did, super sorry about all of that...I know it doesn't seem like it sometimes, but I love ya.


Honestly I would prefer this over what my parents do. They get drunk at home and we, the kids, have to deal with them through every stage of drunkness. Happy, fun, sad, angry, all of it, I wished so many times they would leave so we did not have to deal with it. Sounds kinda mean but when they get blackout drunk 3-4 times every week since you are 6 it gets old.


8. Lucky.

When my wife came home with a 4th cat.


You'll be thrown out soon. She's making preparations to become crazy cat lady. That's what I understand from this.


Preparations? The day has already come. It's not the quantity of the cats that makes a Crazy Cat Lady. It's the quantity of crazy.


7. Perspective, gents.

When I'm getting my period.


Ugh, sorry. I got my tubes tied a few years back and every month I'm kicking myself thinking I should've had a hysterectomy.


You should have. I had a total hysterectomy and my Fallopian tubes removed May of last year. No periods is a blessing I tell you. Of course the reason I had it done sucks, but that's past. Yay white pants.


6. Can we go home now?

When my father starts talking to strangers. We will be waiting for the next hour at least, while he talks to his new friends.


We must have the same father.

Good luck paying a dinner check then leaving in under an hour.


Fathers: source of immeasurable power and the innate ability to make friends with others in less than a minute.


5. Go with it.

My neighbor thinks he's Jon Voight from Anaconda when he gets drunk. I saw him slamming beers on his porch yesterday and a few hours later he was in the bushes looking for snakes and speaking with a sh*tty accent.


You need to fill his bushes with rubber snakes, record it, and post it here.


4. Everyone's a yenta.

Everytime we have a family dinner and my parents start talking about introducing me to, and I quote, "a potential future husband."


Parents try too hard to get their offspring laid, sometimes


3. The grind.

6 am every Monday morning as I wake up for work.


Reading this on a Sunday evening makes me want to cry.


It is even worse when that Monday is after a vacation period.


Which is what tomorrow is for me. I've been on vacation for most of the month.


2. No good.

When I start getting the smallest hint of a sore throat.

I'm gonna hate life for the next week or so.


I start mentally preparing myself whenever I wake up with a slight sore throat, trying to enjoy what little time I do have.


1. Addiction destroys everything.

Every single time my sister would fall off the wagon and start doing drugs again. Or steal from me and my parents again. Or land in jail again.

Edit: thank you for my first silver, friend! For all of you sharing your stories, thank you. It helps everyone to know they're not alone. There are support groups out there, so don't think you have to go through it alone. Contact your local Alanon groups!


Or steal from me and my parents again. Or land in jail again.

Yeah... I know the feeling. I haven't seen or talked to my brother in over 10 years now so I'm mostly detached from that crap. At least my parents finally put their foot/feet (?) down a little to prevent him from stealing from us constantly but not before enough damage was done.


My brother stole more than $60k worth of goods from the family business and sold them to his drug dealer for heroin before my parents did a thing about it, it's tough.


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