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One of life's eternal questions and wonders revolves around proving that life exists outside of Earth and the human race. Have we truly shown that there are aliens out there or even among us? Some people swear they have the solid proof. Many people believe that we've all been witness to actual phenomenons that are irrefutable hard evidence. Of course it has long been believed the government is housing all the answers in a bunker in the desert. I'm not sure myself, but... I believe Will Smith knows.

Redditor u/theEthan420 wanted to finally find the proof we have long been waiting for about those that live above us, they asked.... [Serious] UFO enthusiasts of Reddit, what is the most significant piece of evidence supporting extra terrestrial life?

Fly High

David Fravor and the tick-tac video from the fighter jets was pretty convincing.


Came here to say the Tic Tac. It's some freaking crazy crap happening right there. What's even crazier is that the Pentagon said that it's legit.


The Phenomenon

The last 15 minutes of The Phenomenon documentary by James Fox. Dozens of children at a school in rural Zimbabwe had a close encounter with a UFO and an extraterrestrial being that (by their account) used some sort of strange telepathy to plant ideas in their head. I was extremely skeptical before this documentary, but this specific incident gave me the chills. Every single one of those kids had the exact same story just seconds after it happened and drew almost identical pictures of what they saw.

In the documentary there is video of the children soon after, and video of them discussing it now almost 30 years later. They all seem so genuine, their stories are exactly the same down to every last detail, and they all still seem shaken by what happened to them.


When in Utah

I'm sure lots of people here will say the same thing, but I've seen a UFO and not just some little lights spinning around in the distance that could've been a couple well piloted drones either. My dad, brother, and I were camping in Utah laying on our sleeping bags under the brilliant starry sky when we noticed an octagonal patch of sky that was an ever so slightly different shade of black that was slowly moving across the sky.

It was moving so slowly that it very well could've actually have been the stars that were moving behind it, but every time it covered some stars they would appear on it's underside. We just sat there watching it for a couple hours until it disappeared behind some trees.

This was before cellphone cameras and I was probably only 9-10 anyway. Strangely my dad told us that he had seen the same thing while he was camping in Big Bear in the 80s. A few years later the movie Chicken Little came out and I had to wonder whether the concept artist for their UFOs had seen the same thing.


3 Lights...

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I saw something in Warner Robins, GA. I was stationed there as a radar guy and saw it late 2012 to early 2013 time frame. 3 blinking lights as you said spinning slowly and drifting down the street. I replied to the main guy with the whole story, but you are not alone my friend. I wasn't a believer in UFO's before, but now I am. If it is not aliens... I fall back on the argument that I remember from Gordon Cooper. As a professional pilot, seeing the things that the UFO aircraft he saw was able to do in the 50s... in his opinion, there was no way that was our technology.


On Camera

A military jet crash was witnessed by a bunch of adults and children at a little-league baseball game. I watched the raw video feed from the TV camera crew that interviewed witnesses. They were all standing in line, waiting to be interviewed. One of the first people said something about seeing a flame (which was almost certainly the ejection seat firing), and the interviewer ceased on that and asked subsequent witnesses about it, building on the fire narrative. By the end, all the witnesses agreed that the airplane had exploded and gone down in a ball of flame. They all remembered that. It turned out that the jet crashed because it ran out of fuel. There was no explosion and no fire.



It was December 21st and my dad and I were looking up in the sky for the Great Conjunction. I often look at the night sky a lot, especially since where I live now doesn't have a lot of light pollution. I would say I have a pretty good understanding of where different stars and planets are in the night sky. I was looking Westward and I saw a object with a glow moving in a somewhat fast pace across the sky. I thought it was a Starlink satellite but I checked and it couldn't be a Starlink satellite because it was in the wrong location.

It's movements were too fast to be a satellite and it's location was too high in the sky to be a plane. It's behavior became more unusual when it moved laterally to the left, at an even faster pace. Not too sure what it was but multiple other people in my area saw it and my father now believes in aliens too. I never saw anything move like that before, definitely something strange.


The Vanished....

I remember sitting with my friends in a car eating in-n-out when we saw one. It was a 3 orange lights in the form of a horizontal triangle over the building. They moved slowly, but not slowly enough to be planes. Besides they all moved like they were connected to each other. Then the three lights broke off into little smaller lights and then just... vanished.

We all saw it so I know I wasn't hallucinating. Years later I saw someone talking about the triangle lights here on Reddit. He even had a bunch of other people chiming in saying they'd seen it too. I looked up the pictures for it and sure enough it was exactly what I'd seen.


Space is Hard

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It would be more weird if earth was the only planet in the universe that had intelligent life.

The problem is, unless we learn something radically new about physics, we will not be making it to another star for tens of thousands of years. Space travel is hard. If earth was slightly bigger, we would not be able to leave our atmosphere. Aliens would have the same problems because physics is the same everywhere.


The Skeptics....

Skeptics of alien life like to use the logic of "The odds of other life existing is one in one trillion." Even if that were the correct odds, that would still mean thousands of planets are out there with life. Maybe not intelligent life but just some type of life in general.

If even microbes exist on other planets then the odds of intelligent life elsewhere is increased substantially. Probability can be a complain but when you're working with an estimated 700 quintillion planets in the universe, low sounding probability becomes much more probable.



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All the recently released documents from the government that confirm UFO sightings.


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