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Michael Bublé is a beloved Christmas crooner, but lately he's drawing renewed criticism for a cover of the holiday classic Santa Baby that appeared on his 2011 album Christmas.

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A fraternity in Wisconsin was disbanded after almost crushing a girl with a TV they recklessly threw off a balcony last summer. The University of Wisconsin-Madison's Kappa Sigma frat partied WAY too hard, and won't be allowed on campus anymore.

Here's the insane footage of a girl almost being struck by a falling television.

Local news outlets covered the story in complete disbelief.

By the looks of it, the woman in the video is lucky to be alive following this idiotic stunt. Though the drunken crowd seemed prepared for the television to come tumbling down from above, she came dangerously close to being struck.

Some trolls on Instagram are criticizing her for foolishly walking into harm's way.




Others are blaming the brainless frat boys who threw something that heavy out a window.





According to Twitter, sloppy frat guys continue to be a scourge nationwide.

Frat guys nationwide need to get their act together! After this near-disaster in Wisconsin, we need all televisions to remain bolted to their dorm room walls.

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Netflix is pumping out scary movies and TV shows like nobody's business for Halloween season, and Stephen King seems particularly juiced about the new series The Haunting Of Hill House.

The modern adaption of Shirley Jackson's 1959 Gothic horror classic was recently deemed "a work of genius" by King on Twitter.

That's high praise from the master of creepy books!

King's glowing endorsement seemed to spur interest in the series.

Just have 2 big dogs beside you, and it's fine.

And it looks like the series is totally creeping out horror fans.

We'll spare you any spoilers, but The Haunting Of Hill House is apparently quite a tearjerker.

Trigger warning: This show seems scarier than some of Stephen King's finest work. No wonder he's impressed!

Some folks are recommending you watch during the daytime to keep nightmares at bay. That is...unless you enjoy nightmares.

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This week, spider-fans got a sneak peak of Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio in Marvel's upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home.

That's right! Hollywood hot stuff Jake Gyllenhaal will play Mysterio, a crazed special-effects technician who wears a fishbowl helmet and hates Spider-Man.

Mysterio was unveiled after a couple unofficial snaps were leaked:

A little underwhelming, no? We're sure Mysterio will look way cooler after some post-production. Until then, it looks like the filmmakers will take advantage of Gyllenhaal's handsome face -- but we still haven't seen the villain's full costume featuring his famous helmet.

One helpful fan decided to whip up a quick Photoshop:

That's more like it! Fans reacted to seeing Mysterio for the first time:

Most seemed to agree that Mysterio definitely needs his helmet:

Looks like some footage leaked of Mysterio at a destroyed theme park:

It's unclear what the heck is happening in these clips, but still no helmet. What's going on?

THIS is why we need the helmet, Marvel:

Just look at those arm bracers! It's undeniably cool that Marvel's bringing Mysterio back for his first movie appearance, but they better not screw up his costume.

I'm guessing Mysterio will feature his classic fishbowl helmet early on, but it'll eventually be destroyed to humanize the character and showcase Gyllenhaal's acting chops.

Hopefully, we still get a couple scenes of Gyllenhaal trying to act inside the fishbowl.

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