Trying new things can help you figure out what you do and do not like. Maybe you change your mind on something that you thought you wouldn’t like, or perhaps you get a reassurance of something you’re sure you’d hate. Redditor imnotavampirefxckno recently stopped being a vegetarian, and her husband had her try a few […] More
When a woman becomes pregnant and her husband is around, it goes without saying that he’s obligated to step up and be extra helpful. After all, he’s lucky enough to not carry an entire human inside his belly. But is there a line? A recent post on the “Am I the A**hole (AITA)” subReddit called […] More
When it comes to our dining experiences, whether it’s the vegetables we like the most, or how we like our steaks cooked, or how spicy we like our meals, we all have our own food personalities. But some people can’t seem to respect that we all like different things, pointed out the “Am I the […] More
Facebook and social media in general are a blessing and a blight upon our generation.  While they are not inherently bad platforms, Facebook in particular has contributed to a lot of issues of misinformation.  But there’s an even smaller problem than that: over-sharers. Redditor VirtualIce23 found her sister over-sharing things about her own life, including […] More
For all the joy and love they bring, weddings also come with an unavoidable amount of stress. Any number of things can go wrong. It might rain, the cake might collapse or a bridesmaid might need to wear glasses. Yep, apparently for redditor 4eyedandproud’s aunt, wearing glasses at her cousin’s wedding was an unfathomable offense. This […] More