People Break Down Which Typically Unattractive Traits They Find Extremely Hot
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Everyone is different.

Not just in how we look, but how we act, how we react, and most importantly, in how we approached people we find attractive. We all have our own interests and things that turn us on. Surprisingly, they're not all the same.

Reddit user, u/humanbean07, wanted to know what unconventional thing gets you going when they asked:

What's a "typically unattractive" trait that you actually find to be attractive?

We expect people to behave a certain way in public. So meeting someone who doesn't behave in the typical manner, then for some it can really stir things up.

Cute Is Better Than Sexy

"Some level of social awkwardness. It can be kind of cute, and Idk if this is an unpopular opinion, but I'll take cuteness over sexieness any day."


"cute is better than sexy"


"Some awkwardness/goofiness in their personality or even appearance. Because I perceive myself to be somewhat awkward, so I guess it makes them seem approachable if they're not like perfectly put-together and serious about life. Hard to describe but I know it once I hang out with someone like "yep, this is my type of person".


A Little Salt, A Little Pepper

"Grey hair"


"I'm truly shocked on a daily basis how many people compliment my hair that's turning grey! I'm 32 and have two giant patches (one on my left temple, one streaking through my side swept bangs) & refuse to dye it. I don't wanna keep it up. I'm too lazy for that!"


Let Me In On The Secret...

"Being shy or a little closed off. Like what are you hiding, I want to know."


"This is how I met and fell in love with my fiancee."

"She was quite shy and quiet in group settings, and I was curious so I kept talking to her on the side of our group's convos and she was actually pretty cool"


Our society has a few classic physical descriptions we typically associate with "attractive." While not everyone buys in to them, there's enough repetition to start to think of it as the standard. Thankfully, those who don't buy in to traditional norms of beauty have their own interests they pursue in a mate.

Be Mean To Me

"God I have such a thing for women who never smile."


Nice To Hear The Reassurance

"Small boobs"


"From all the men with small boobs, thank you!"


"This actually made me smile. Even tho my boyfriend always tells me mine are fine, it feels more comforting hearing it from other people. I feel like I always need reassurance with my ittybittytitties cuz dudes bullied me so much for it"


The Signs Of Exhaustion

"Dark under eyes"


"Well this I certainly was not expecting to see this in the top comments. Thank you from someone who has always felt insecure about their dark under eyes"


Character And Depth

"Crooked teeth. Perfectly straight teeth freak me out, I like a smile with character. Or one canine that sticks out just a little."

"Also brown eyes are absolutely gorgeous, they get a bad rap for being "boring" but seriously- look at any brown-eyed person up close next time you see them. There's so much depth and the color variety is ridiculous. I love brown eyes so f-cking much."


A Little Something To Love

"A little extra weight. Not fat, just some extra. I've always liked it and don't know why."


"I love women who are slightly plump. A little extra weight is incredibly sexy."


Whatever it might be about that person, what they're doing, what they're saying, how they look, whatever, it catches your eye and won't let you go.

Why Speak When Everyone Else Can?

"Quiet. I always loved that about my husband. Doesn't need to impress anyone. Just quietly confident. And I absolutely love it. Was the first thing I noticed about him."


Little Bits Add Up To Something Grand

"I seem to have a thing for larger/more prominent noses as well as messy hair."

"Small imperfections, like scars or "mild" acne, also seem to be super attractive for me."

"My current boyfriend doesn't have many imperfections and has almost flawless skin apart from a small almost unnoticeable scar near his chin. For some reason, it's extra hot when he's not shaved for longer than usual because of the messy look it adds to him."

"They can't be too pristine or I'm just not interested. The guys with "flaws" are just the hottest to me"


Tough Enough To Do What He Likes

"I don't wanna say typically, cause I know lots of people who agree with me, but also lots who disagree. I love a man whose secure enough in his masculinity to enjoy/participate in traditionally "feminine" things. I had an ex who ended up being mostly awful BUT he liked decorating with me, cooking/baking, and let me do his eyebrows and buy him better quality grooming products without being overly macho about it. One time he also let me put makeup on him cause I was bored and even though he didn't leave the house like that it was a fun experience lol. That quality was one of my favorite things about him."


Know what you want then go out and find it. Be honest with yourself. You'll be surprised what kind of bonds you can form if you let yourself like what you like.

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