Twins Break Down The Most Epic Times They Managed To Switch Places


An identical twin can mean the end of originality beginning on day one, with birth.

Or, it can unlock profound strategic benefits inaccessible to the rest of the plebs without a double.

Of course, no pair of identical twins seems able to avoid the temptation to pull a switcheroo, whether as a means toward humor, malice, or to get out of trouble.

Some switcheroos, though, go far beyond making a fool of high school teachers.

-amsha- asked, "Twins of reddit, what's the best switcheroo you've managed to pull?"

One-Two Punch

"I visited my identical twin brother at his college where a lot of his floor didn't know he was a twin. That night he had some people over in his apartment and I hid in the bedroom."

"Note, he has a beard and I don't."

"While they were hanging out (and me hiding), he announces to the group that he's tired of his beard and is gonna shave it off, so he escapes to the bedroom where I'm hiding as if to shave. We switch clothes and I walk back out to the group with my bare face. Everyone takes note and, while it's generally an unusual thing to do at a party, nobody thinks much of it."

"After a bit I announce, "ya know, I kinda miss my beard. I think I'm gonna grow it back". At which point I go to the other room where my bearded twin was hiding. We switch clothes back and he walks back out to the group immediately re-bearded. People lost their freaking minds."


Passed With Flying Colors

"I dated a twin once and early in the relationship when I was picking her up on a date her sister came out and I was like, 'hey' and kept waiting. She got really weird and close but like hesitantly. Turns out they were 'testing' me to see if I could tell the difference."

"Then they wrestled each other in the living room of their parents house for a solid 30 min. It was as awkward as it sounds."


The Doppelgänger Bum Rush

"I wouldn't say best but I almost got the sh*t kicked out of me by the same guy twice in school cause my twin had pissed him off. Bloke was 2ft taller than me and a foot wider."

"He would literally pick me up to eye level before I had to convince him I wasn't the one he was after."



Eyes on the Prize

"So we were labeled baby A and baby B before we were born based on which one was supposed to come out first (which was supposed to be my brother). Instead of that happening, I pushed him out of the way and tried to go out the wrong way."

"Because of that we were a C. They took me out first so now I'm the older brother when I was supposed to be the younger one."


Justice is a Game

"Cousins of mine are identical twins. One time one of them got a serious speeding ticket, but both said it wasn't them (they actual didn't know) and it ended up in court. After a year or so the judge made a decision and one of them had to pay."


A Small Town Disturbance

"My brother's family visited us in our new home about 15 years ago. I had to leave for work and left him the keys, helmet and jacket for the motorbike. We are no twins but we are the same size and once geared-up, no one can tell who sits on the sled."

"He drove around and - being my brother and always up for a prank - he basically insulted everybody he got across, showed the finger to people greeting him (because they thought they saw ME passing by) and so on."

"I had to deal with the reactions and consequences for weeks afterwards - he never told me what he did."




"A friend of mine was classmate with the twins. They were both brilliant in studies. One of the twin was really good at Physics while the other was similarly good in Chemistry. So during practicals, each of them would give the practical twice - the one who was good in Physics gave the Physics practical twice and the other twin, Chemistry."


"A Bit Hot-Cold Are We?"

"I came into work one day after a weekend, and had my run of patients. I passively noticed a patient who was not one of mine, kept looking over at me. About midway through the shift, one of our nurse's aides came to me and said 'the patient in bed x is upset with you.'"

"We deal with dissatisfied patients all the time, but this one wasn't one of those in my care, what could I have done to upset her. Further, it was the one I noticed kept looking over at me."

"I went in to chat with her and she looked more sad than anything else. She said 'you were really personable caring for me all day yesterday, and today it's like you don't even recognize me.' That's when it clicked, my brother was her nurse the day prior, and she thought it was me."


The Bureaucracy of War

"My father is a twin, and he and his brother were both Royal Marines in the 80's."

"Anyway, they somehow managed to both get drafted to the same base, to do the same job, on the same shift."

"A 3 star Admiral came down to run an exercise, went through checkpoint 4, my uncle gave him some smart Alec comment, pissed him off and let him through."

"The next thing the admiral sees, (or thinks he sees) is the exact same bloke, stood at the end of the next corridor. He then proceeds to rip my dad an absolute new one, for treating this process like a game, screaming and hollering at him about how he's going to have his head, not believing his protests about him being a twin, calling him God knows what and storming past to complete his exercise."



Just as Well

"Not a twin, but I still know someone who looks exactly like me. There was a period of time when I changed my hairstyle after a weight loss, so I looked exactly like my non-biological twin."

"In order to show my new hairstyle on Tinder, I put a good picture from his Facebook."


Who Wore it Better

"I have a friend whose kids are regularly babysat by twin girls. He was telling me that whenever the twins would go clothes shopping, they'd go together. Twin 1 would find an item she likes, so Twin 2 would go into the changing room and then come out to model it."


Gaming the System

"I'm not a twin but my best friends are identical twins. When we were in elementary school they always got out of trouble because if one of them did something and the teacher saw them, they would always blame the other so they couldn't punish both."


Second Time's the Charm

"Not an identical twin but I went to school with a pair. They usually did it during test because they had the same classes but different periods so one would take a test in the am and know all the questions and go back at the end of the day after switching clothes and take the test again."


Coud've Done It, Could've Drooled

"I almost took my brothers class picture for him (we went to different high schools ) without him knowing about it but felt bad when it was my turn to go up. One of my biggest regrets in life."


The Law's the Law

"Not me but my brothers-in-law. They're twins and one of them kept failing his driving test so he got the other to take it for him." -- ChristinaMorgan

"Occasionally, people who wear religious face coverings (whether or not they actually believe in wearing it) will get their friend to take the test for them." -- covert_operator100

Some Basic Training, for Nostalgia's Sake

"The best one I heard of was a Navy SEAL (SEAL) who's brother (brother) was going through SEAL training swapped places for a day. So SEAL got a good workout and brother got to have a day off to rest."



"We had identical twins in our class in high school."

"The coolest thing was, we did a school play once where one played an angel and one a devil, like when your conscience appears on your shoulders in cartoons? They were super-tiny too so it really worked well."


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