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Television has been in it's golden age for quite sometime now.

And it's only getting better.

One thing that has become insanely popular is the limited series.

"All good things must come to an end."

That's a lesson TV shows could stand to learn from.

Double digit seasons can become tedious.

Sometimes, less is so much more.

Redditor shamanKAshamanTAKA asked:

"What is a TV show you got really far into but eventually quit watching before its conclusion?"

I gave up on Melrose Place (The OG) before the end. And I LOOOVED that show!


"How to get away with murder."


"I considered quitting after Wes was out, but I stuck through it. It was okay. Just... okay. The storylines became less and less 'realistic' and it kinda felt like they were just trying to see how much s**t could hit the fan before wrapping up. Viola Davis is a Goddess, though."


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Bad Development

"Once Upon a Time I just stopped caring, because it felt like none of the characters were actually developing and would just regress season to season."


"That's absolutely the main problem with OUAT. Rumple is redeemed! Just kidding he's plotting to kill is grandson. Actually it's okay he's redeemed! No, wait, he sold his baby."


"Shoulda just kept Rumple evil the whole time he was the best character in the show at the start. I think the Evil Queen redemption was enough."



"Arrow, got tired of the main character flip flopping from season to season. Felt he was hypocritical when he killed people in the first season and then hunted down people doing the same thing he did in the next only for him to go back to kill people in the following season."


"I got so far with all the Arrowverse shows and then they all slowly became like a teen drama with power ranger budget fight scenes."


Meredith Who?

"I got 18 seasons into Grey’s Anatomy before I got irredeemably bored, that’s probably the biggest sunk cost here."


"I lasted 15, I didn't care about Meredith supposedly being in trouble. First of all she's the main character, second of all she's smart enough to handle the issue legally."

"After that was Covid and I wasn't interested in watching that sort of storyline in the middle of the pandemic, and after that why catch up? And Alex disappeared in the dumbest possible way, undoing sixteen seasons of character development."


Too Much

'The Blacklist' was great until they ran out of ideas and just kept recycling the same plot over and over. The little guy from the DMV becoming a major player was the sign the end was near."


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The Blacklist just never appealed to me. Now, I'm not worried.

A Who?

"Pretty little liars, that shit got too confusing for 16 year old me."


"It was too confusing because they made A an omnipotent being who was in 1000 places at the same time with unlimited resources lol."


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Bad Expectations

"Riverdale. I think it’s still on… I got really into it and then just dropped it like a hot rock right about when Sweet Pea came along. Also I was so convinced that Sweet Pea would introduce Popeye eventually and that Pop’s Diner was some kind of portal and it would all be revealed they were in a comic book. I think I might have had too high expectations."



"Falling Skies I actually enjoyed it but it moved channels and then I forgot about it."


"I stopped watching when the aliens put everyone into Nazi reeducation camps. That could’ve been an interesting take on the alien invasion trope but they introduced it too late. Shows have to have an internal logical consistency for me and this was at least the third hard left the show did because it kept getting new show runners. After that I just lost interest."


Too Long...

"NCIS I don’t think it will ever end."


"NCIS is so weird to me because it's lost almost its entire cast and somehow still goes on. Like even Mark Harmon finally left, how is there still a show?"


"My mom has been watching NCIS since it began. I was a child then. Now I'm an adult with a job and a child."


Give me an End

"Walking Dead, for sure. It never went anywhere. I wanted a conclusion, a solution, something new that wasn't killing and fighting other people. I wanted smart solutions, but they never arrived."


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I've never seen any of these shows. I suppose I'll skip.