With so many streaming platforms and too many recommendations to watch your friends' favorite shows, how do you prioritize what shows to watch?

Those who can afford to sit in front of the TV all day–because that is the commitment it takes to start making a dent in your viewing playlist–must choose wisely in determining which shows to start binging.

If a show fails to grab your attention from the get go, you might be prone to ditch it and go on to the next one on the list.

The risk of course is you might be missing out on something that is worth sitting through the slow-burn, exposition-y episodes of a show that is trying to establish itself at the beginning but becomes wildly rewarding towards the end.

But who has time for all that?

Apparently, there were many TV show viewers whose patience ran thin.

To find out what shows strangers online thought was not worth their time, Redditor itsamu asked:

"What TV series isn't worth finishing?"

You would think fantasy and action shows can sustain your attention, but they're not all created the same.

Not Having The Time For This One

"Once upon a time. It literally repeats the entire first season’s plot."

– ShamrockMilk

The Irony

"The Flash."

– XxMysteriousManXx

"I'm the fastest man alive. Except for the main villain of this season. And the random guy I'm chasing who escaped around the corner of the building, despite the fact I can search an entire square mile in under a minute. Nah, he's gone, no need to check."

– no1ofconsequencedied

One Strong Season

"Heroes. Watch the first season, and then stop."

– jodefo8605

Can't Kill What's Already Dead

"The walking dead, gave up a while ago. Don't even know if it has finished or not yet."

– nanermaner

The Outlook Was Already...

"Grimm. Started off so good, just got worse and worse and worse."

– j4ck_0f_bl4des

Getting Straight To The Point​

"Arrow. It ends at season 2, ya hear me? SEASON TWO!"

Many Redditors recommended cutting the length of a TV season by half.

Wrap It Up

"We really should have more limited series. Some shows have premises that are good for a season or two that get ruined by dragging it out for multiple seasons."

– serefina

The Brits Get It

"Watch more British shows. Fewer episodes generally so they don’t as often run out of ideas or go off the rails. Fleabag for example, two perfect seasons and done."

– BrockStar92

Even people who enjoy the pacing of dramas found some in the genre quite tedious.

That Final Season

"House of cards. Just stop watching on the last episode of the penultimate season and pretend the last one is still in the works. The last season is insulting on so many levels."

– Strange-Ad8829

You Gotta Be Toking

"Weeds. Good for the first three seasons or so. Really f'king comes off the rails after that."

– tobor32779

They May Have A Case Here

"Suits. It becomes very repetitive after a while​."

– darkspark1224

"Worst Finale Ever"

"The last couple seasons of Castle were garbage. The finale was the worst finale in the history of finales. Yes even worst than GoT and HIMYM. Such a disgrace for a show that used to be cute, fun and sharply written. I can’t even bring myself to watch marathons when they are on and it was one of my favorite shows when it first started."

– Mental_Worker_1520

I'm probably in the minority here but I had to give up on Game of Thrones by the end of its first season.

I think I was expecting more fantasy and dragons straight away, but as I waited for more action, I found myself losing interest in the characters and patience in keeping track of who was related to whom.

So I put a pin in it and started watching other shows.

When I heard about fans complaining about the letdown of an ending, that was enough for me to remove it from my list permanently.

Hey, to each their own.