People Confess What Instantly Makes Them Want To Turn Off A TV Show Or Movie

People Confess What Instantly Makes Them Want To Turn Off A TV Show Or Movie

Not all television and movies are loved by all.

A story and its characters have to appeal to you in order for you to be engaged.

It can take next to nothing for us to lose interest and let the screen go black.

Redditor BarooTangClan wanted to compare notes on all the entertainment we've said "that's enough" to.

They asked:

"What will make you instantly stop watching a movie or show and why?"

I hate bad acting, writing, storytelling... I hate bad anything.

Stop Jumping

Fight Scene GIF by Operation FortuneGiphy

"Fight scenes with a million visual cuts. Gives me motion sickness. Contrast the absolutely masterful work in John Wick. long cuts, realistic use of weapons (mostly), 100% skill."



"When the actors whisper the whole movie and you have to crank the volume to hear what's being said - but the soundtrack or some other misc noise starts blaring at a higher volume directly after."


"I basically had to watch Stranger Things up in my attic with the windows and doors closed. I was worried the neighbors would think something was wrong or be annoyed if I watched it downstairs in my single family home. It was ridiculous."


"spice things up"

"Love triangles out of no where in a second or third season to 'spice things up' because studio writers are hacks and their idea of relationship drama is 'potential infidelity' at all times. It's the most tired trope on the go**amn planet and the second I see it rear its head I dip right the hell out."


"The whole concept of a love triangle to begin with an incredibly juvenile. Any healthy functioning adult who found themselves in a love triangle would soon choose to find themselves single."


Save your lips...

"When couples in a movie/show have a fight and one of them instantly goes to a friend and end up kissing her/him after talking for 5 minutes. I cringe so hard i turn it off and never watch it again."


"This pissed me off so much in Manifest. Girl is desperate to get back her ex-fiancé, he finally breaks up with his wife to get back with her and she's like 'nah, it's not fair to your wife, let me do this other dude I just met through a calling and be pissed at you for being jealous.' Michaela was the worst and everyone acted as if she were a saint the entire time."


Talk to Me

In Love Flirt GIF by OriginalsGiphy

"Shows where a single polite conversation could fix everything."


We are going overboard with the witty repartee. Talk normal...

Shut Up

Scared Home Alone GIF by FreeformGiphy

"Annoying main character, especially if it's a kid."


"Kids who have a quippy, sassy retort to everything, and everyone just kind of crumbles before their wit."


Speak Good

"Shows where kids in high school talk like they are 30 years olds who have done everything, been everywhere, know it all and use a ridiculously flowery and extensive vocabulary in every conversation. Like, have any of these writers ever been to high school? Literally no one talks like that. Even worse is when, in addition to this, all the adults talk normal or are just plain stupid, like so weird parallel universe."



"If the movie is too dark. Not graphic, just literally dark. I lose all sense of intensity in dark scenes and I'm not straining my damn eyes trying to figure out what the hell is going on."


"I've seen about 10 percent of all DC movies recently. I've seen all of the individual films in full, just actually saw 10% of each of them."


"Movies in the late 80s had a lot of dark but you could see the depth because of different shooting techniques. Now you cant see crap because its a CGI fest drowned in black color so you can't see crap because you have no depth in a scene. Compare night scenes in dark alleys in 80's movies and movies now. Utter crap show in the new ones."


Pay Attention Storytellers

"Bad editing would be a big one. A lot of modern horror movies can't help but edit the movies like they're trailers, with added noises to scare the audience because they are afraid the script alone isn't enough to keep people watching."


"I remember this is where the first transformers movie lost me. When the transformers are fighting at the end, it's all a big, jumbled mess of metal and I can barely tell what's going on or who is who."



will devry soap opera GIF by General HospitalGiphy

"When they go straight to relationship drama right away when it wasn't the selling point of the show."



"If they start using dialogue to explain the plot. Basically, any unnatural conversation that would never happen in real life."


"'Hey bro, how's my oldest brother doing this morning?'"


"'I'm still pretty messed up since our mother was murdered in an alley while walking home from work 3 months ago.'"


Fix It

"When the main conflict is due to misunderstanding between the characters which they could've just resolved by talking to each other. It happens a lot in romance/drama movies and annoys the crap out of me. Especially when it's super petty misunderstandings that lead to huge dramatic conflict."


Letter Issues

"Lack of closed captioning or if the captioning is very laggy or grossly misspelling words. I'm hard of hearing and refuse to jack up the volume just to hear it. And sometimes some movies are very dim/dark so lip reading isn't always an option."


"And with captions, if it's a summary of what the character is saying but not word for word it drives me up the walls."


Stop It

"Substantial amounts of cringey teenage drama. Looking at you Resident Evil on Netflix, couldn't even finish the first episode."


"They started doing the same thing with animal kingdom. Ruined the fourth season for me. They have been doing it in the fifth and six season as well. The six season is decent and the flash back to the earlier time period is at least watchable. What is with shows doing this now?"


You Stink

"Crap acting. I don’t have enough imagination to compensate for bad acting."


"Sometimes poor directing or editing will sabotage the work of a normally decent actor as well. It's uncomfortable watching a competent performer trying to do their job when clearly everything is working to make it suck as much as possible.

"That said, someone turning in a genuinely compelling performance in the middle of an absolute flaming sh**show is its own kind of wonderful."



Hear Season 10 GIF by One ChicagoGiphy

"When the volume is f’ked. If I have to strain to hear the dialogue, and then am almost deaf from the action, car, background noise I’m done."


It's All Wrong

"Hacking scenes. I’m no hacker but any IT person has an idea of how those things work. Sometimes it’s ok if you can tell that the writers did some research."


"Yeah, mostly it's shi**y AH but there are some really good movies/series... Like 'Mr Robot' - it's freaking accurate to real hacking, at least in the first season, second, I don't know."


"With Mr Robot I believe they actually replicated hacking being performed and turned it into essentially an animation that the actors could interact with. There was a talk at maybe DefCon about it."



"Bad writing. Writing a plot that is entirely dependent on the characters making poor decisions and avoiding obvious solutions, getting challenged not by anything external, just by their own stupidity. It's boring as hell to watch and it takes any interest I had in characters and zeroes it out."


Not Sexy

No Way Beer GIF by BuschGiphy

"Forced romance or unnecessary sex scenes. I will admit the Halo show wasn’t great, but it had just enough to keep me interested. And then that sex scene happened and I lost all hope in the show being redeemable."


Do better, Hollywood. It's not that hard.

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