People Confess Which Fictional Detectives They'd Trust To Solve Their Murder
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I love true crime shows.

And fake crime shows.

I can't help it, and I know I'm not alone.

My favorite crime-fighting team is of course... "Buffy and her misfit Scooby gang."

But when dealing with more real-life crime and murder, there is one name on the top of my list.

Olivia Benson. First, last, and always!

Redditor PurpleFlower99 wanted everyone to share who from entertainment we would call if we ended up a corpse, because we know they'd find our killer. Or killers.

So they asked:

"Which fictional detective would you trust to solve your murder?"

Oh... I forgot the cast of Criminal Minds. I love you Reed!


No Way What GIF by RegalGiphy

"Benoit Blanc."


"Blanc took the time to talk kindly and respectfully to the victim's elderly mother. I would want someone that considerate in the room when my family got questioned."


Hey D!

"Dirk Gently, so the murder can be solved holistically."


"So true he’d figure it out in the weirdest way possible which is what I would want."


"Read the book. Yeah, the show didn’t do much for me either."



nbc brooklyn 99 GIF by Brooklyn Nine-NineGiphy

"Give my case to the Nine-Nine."


"You’ve made a rookie mistake, it’s alright. But its actually… NINE-NINE !!"





"Hieronymus 'Harry' Bosch."


"There’s really no other answer. I’m convinced that anyone posting anything else simply hasn’t seen the show or read the books."


"Yeah, I am too unimportant for all those other detectives. Bosch would get it done regardless."


"Scrolled too far to see this. Harry Bosch without a doubt."


The Only

George Hamilton Watch GIFGiphy

"Hercule Poirot."


"The only correct answer."


Peirot Forever! Never a dull moment.

The Classic Gang

"Scooby and those meddling kids."


"Velma is the only one even attempting to do what they were hired for and even then, she can only ever piece things together after the fact. She’s either a dunce or intentionally holding back her findings from the group (maybe moral reasons)."

"Fred is freaking around with stupid crap like 'traps,' Shaggy is blazing it up off screen with his dog and Daphne is basically scamming daddy out of money with her friends on their sham business."

"They’re basically a scam service that gets brought in to validate 'paranormal' insurance claims. But somehow, while they coast on free room and board comp’d by the insurer, gets those friendly locals insurance claim denied and charged with fraud."



You Got It Ok GIFGiphy

"Columbo, 100%."


"I'd trust Columbo with my life, my death, and my mother's chili recipe."


"'Oh jeez, I shoulda thought of that.'"


The Knight



"He'd solve it, and the murderer would get a severe beating, that's a win as far as I'm concerned."


"Hands down, the detective aspect of Batman is excellent when explored properly, like the time they gave us this majestic story: Batman Black & White: Perpetual MourningSpiderman."


And so swoonworthy...

criminal minds smile GIFGiphy

"Spencer Reid!"


"Not just Spencer but the entire BAU."


"Thought I'm the only one who'd thought of this."


The OG!

"Sherlock Holmes."


"You know how far I had to scroll to find this? He's the GOAT detective. Superhumanly smart."


Now that is quite a list of people I'd trust in my death. Avenge me.

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