People Explain Which Popular Tourist Destinations Aren't Worth Visiting
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Everyone has their travel bucket list.

The list of places they absolutely must visit before they die.

There are those, however, who also have a rather different list of destinations.

The places that have no intention to visit.

Be it for safety concerns, language barriers, or simply that there's nothing at these places that calls to them, there are places some wouldn’t dream of spending the time and money to visit.

Redditor TrooperJohn was curious to hear which places were at the very bottom of the list of travel destinations for his fellow Redditors, leading them to ask:

"What is a popular tourist destination you have no interest in visiting?"

Oasis in the desert? No thank you.


"Why and whats special about it?"

"Its a modern city in a desert."- Maximum_Calendar_791.


"A fake city with fake people, no human rights, where the world's tallest buildings hide corruption and slavery in their shadows."

"It's like someone decided to take every problem of mankind and concentrate it in one spot."- PayNoNoticeOfMe.

"Dubai one i think it is ugly two I would die in two minutes of me being there I can't stand anything above 40 c°."- BookWormPerson.

One of the seven wonders is one too many for me.

"The pyramids. "

"Too many horror stories of Egypt."- Aemiom.


"Not really a destination, but taking a cruise."- Shortbus_Playboy.

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Mountains aren't really my thing.


"Just why."

"You use a bunch of money to get in there them come down."

"And trash your whole way there. It's literally a corner in the Earth insufferable for humans and we still made a way to go there to trash it."- ACLullaby.

It's in my own backyard... but still not interested.

"I have lived about 15km away from the Burj Khalifa ever since it was made."

"I could not care any less besides the occasional pointing out the 'shiny tall building' to my nieces.- legolosss.

The pictures are enough for me.

"Mount Rushmore."

"Friends who've made the journey to Mount Rushmore mostly say it was no big deal and not worth the effort or expense to travel there."- Back2Bach.

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Hustle and Bustle? No thanks.

"Anything busy.'

"Whether it's cities, structures, I don't care."

"I'd rather go to a boring empty quiet place than a place full of people."- TheSmeep.

They're watching us.

"That creepy a** place in Japan with all the realistic dolls."

"No thank you."

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A Local's guide to Seattle

"Even though I have been."

"The Space Needle in Seattle sucks."

"It's expensive and the restaurant is over priced and the food sucks."

" Also "'he First Starbucks'."

"Not that big of a deal."

"Pike place on the other hand, worth it."- PrincessLuma

"Start spreading the news"... Or not...

"New York."

"Loud, crowded, weird people, filthy, scams, expensive, and I don't feel like getting robbed."- Last_Ad9992

"New York, too busy and the landmarks are underwhelming."- Bigfatairatom

No Walkabout for me...

"Anything in Australia."- hels1989

"I live within a 20 min drive of the largest theme parks and water parks in Australia."

"They wear off real quick."- bobdabioengineer

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"Why oh why do I love Paris?"... I don't!


"Specifically Paris."

"It’s beautiful sure, but I’ve had a lot of relatives who have been there and they said that it’s fun for like a day."- Vo_Lair

Easy to understand these days...

"All of Texas."- hopingforfrequency

"Hooray for Hollywood!"... just not the sign...

"The Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles."- UndesirablePickle

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Maybe better from Canada?

"I went to Niagara."

"Dad was too cheap to do maid of the mist and we didn't have passports for the Canadian side, so we stared at a waterfall for 15 mins and then went to the gift shop."- Pen15joke

Manmade? No thanks.

"Most man made things."

"I'd go to the Grand Canyon a million times before I'd care about seeing the Eiffel Tower."- spazmatt527

Some dream of paying a visit to these places.

Others hope they never have to set foot there, and will choose to leave it to the other millions of tourists.

To each, their own.