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Transgender Twin Brothers Detail How They Transitioned Together ❤️


Transitioning isn't an easy task. It can be lonely and isolating. However, that wasn't the case for identical twins Jack and Jace Grafe. The brothers were identified as female at birth, but ultimately came out as transgender men and transitioned at the same time, leaning on each other for support. According to Fox5Atlanta, the Georgia born pair were raised in a conservative family.

Jack explained...

"Fear is like the biggest thing to keep you away from anything. That's what kept me in my box."

Growing up, they'd both known they identified as boys from a young age, but had never heard the term 'transgender.' They weren't sure what they were feeling or why, but they knew they weren't girls. The boys said they used to cry themselves to sleep, hoping they'd wake up as boys.

Jack said:

"It's like being in prison except it's in your own body. And the older I got, the harder it was to swallow. And I was like, can't do this for the rest of my life, I just can't do it."

As close as the twins were growing up, neither confided in the other their gender identity until they were 15 years old.

Jace stated...

"I feel like we've saved each other from a lot of really dark and depressing moments. Sometimes, I wonder if he wasn't here, if I would have been by myself, if I would have had suicidal thoughts. I'm not saying I would have, but it's very possible. I would have been most definitely alone."

The two continued to present themselves as female until they graduated high school. Jace cut his hair and changed his clothes as soon as high school was over. It was a few years later when they began their medical transition. They started with hormone injections to get deeper voices and appear more masculine. It was just two months ago that they underwent chest reconstructive surgery, on the same day.

They are both in long-term relationships, work as corrections officers in East Georgia, and were supported by their co-workers through their transition. Best of all, both boys are very happy.

Some of their story was covered by Inside Edition.

Identical Twins Transition Together

People congratulated them on their journeys.

Jack and Jace's journey progressed to a new level just recently: the twins were even able to obtain new driver's licenses that identify them as male.

Jack told Fox5Atltanta:

"It's real now, it's official. It's like the biggest relief you could ever feel."

Jace added:

"It's perfect to me, I'm finally perfect to me. I'm just excited to finally go out there and be exactly what I've been dreaming about for a long time."

In an era where several people are attempting to erase trans people from all discourse about civil rights, visibility is even more important.

People have been voicing their support for the transgender/gender nonconforming (TGNC) community.

You heard Mother Monster.


Jack and Jace are very happy with themselves and their lives. We can only hope more transgender people can have the same happy ending as these twins.

H/T: Twitter, YouTube, Instinct Magazine

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