Tour Guides Reveal The Dumbest Question A Tourist Has Ever Asked


Tourists are probably the most annoying part of any major city. Unless you are the tourist and are just oblivious to the secondhand embarrassment. Tour guides certainly have it the worst- it's a wonder how they can get through a work day without wanting to move out of the city and to the countryside where there are no people.

gallon-of-vinegar asked: Tour guides of reddit, what is the dumbest question someone asked during a tour?


"My girlfriend worked at the Sherlock Holmes museum in London (at 221b Baker Street) and apparently a surprising number of fully grown adults are under the impression that Sherlock Holmes is an actual living person who really lives there.

The worst part was that they weren't allowed to disabuse the guests of their misconception so when the guests would ask "where is Sherlock Holmes" she'd have to say something like "Oh he's just out on a case at the moment". Seriously weird to be honest."




"Once had a woman insist that she needed to spray herself with my bear spray because I could not make her understand that it does not work the same as insect repellent.

She decided against taking the tour and called to yell at my boss over my refusal to spray her with bear spray."


Oh man.

"I was a park ranger working at the information desk. A woman approached me to get a map. While we were talking a bell started ringing.

She asked about the bell and I told her it was in the clock tower and that it rang out the time every hour on the hour. She asked how many times it would toll so I looked at my watch and said "twelve". She then said, "Twelve? Why twelve? What's the significance"? I said, "It's noon"."


Good comeback.

"I'll post for my Scotland tour guide. So a few tours before my group was another group of Americans.

This one bunch was quite observant and we're having a great time, looking at farm land and such. This one lady spots a sheep with a dyed spot of wool and with all seriousness, she asks, 'is that the way to tell what color wool the sheep will grow into?'

Bless the tour lady for her response. 'Yes, keep an eye out for the tartan sheep. They are lovely this time of year.'"


What a strange question.


"I work at a zoo and I was giving a tour which my four year old cousin was on and I was holding a snake for everyone to see. Afterword when I was giving everyone hand sanitizer, he asked me how to make snakes.

A different time a woman asked me if the animals were animatronic and I laughed then she said 'I'm serious'. In my head I was like 'B***h does that moving elephant really look animatronic to you' but I couldn't say that so I just said no. I have an endless amount of this stories, some pretty strange people come to the zoo I guess."


Walt Disney didn't die (freeze?) for this.

"I'm quite fond of all the people who sincerely believe that Disney World actually has a giant retractable dome that they can put up whenever it rains.

Like seriously, the place is the size of a small city. Building a dome that size would be legit be one of the wonders of the modern world, and they think Mickey just happens to have one lying around just so nobody gets their hair damp...?

People also think that Cinderella's Castle gets disassembled any time there's a major storm, because... reasons, I guess?"


That's just rude.

"We got lots of elderly travel groups through our site in the fall, the kind offered by companies who take old people around in big charter buses. Surprisingly, the elder groups were the absolute worst behaved of all the visitors we got. Worse than elementary age school groups and way worse than general visitors, because when they get into large packs, they become very entitled and think that rules and social norms don't apply to them.

I had one old lady ask me very loudly in the middle of a large tour, "WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO FEED US?!" She didn't raise her hand or politely get my attention--she just shouted it when I was in mid-sentence. I replied, "I'm not sure when you're scheduled to eat, but your group leader could probably help you with that." Translation: How am I supposed to know? I don't work for the tour company in any capacity. And why would you interrupt me in the middle of my tour to ask me that?

It was really irritating because when you're giving a tour you have a narrative planned in your head, and then when something like that happens it completely throws off your rhythm. I was experienced enough at the time that it was more annoying than anything. I'm sure she thought that we coordinated with the company in some way and that was why she asked. Had she come up to me and asked when I wasn't doing a formal talk to a group of 100+ people, it wouldn't have bothered me."


SOMEONE hasn't seen 'The Book of Mormon'.


Not a tour guide, but my mom told me about a tour she had gone on in Central/South America (I don't remember exactly where). They were touring some ancient sites. The tour guide said that the people who used to live there had come from distances as far away as modern-day Utah. One woman asked: 'Oh, were they Mormon?'

The tour guide was apparently flabbergasted and eventually went 'Uh... no.'"


How can you be from the Midwest and not know that?

"I work at the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum. Giving tours, playing Sam Adams and John Hancock, etc.

Immediately following the tour, which wraps up with a movie about the Battle of Lexington and Concord, a guest turned to me and asked "So who won?"

"Great question! So the Regulars suffered more casualties, but were ultimately successful in finding th-"

"No, no. I mean the war."

" America."

She was from the Midwest."


"My mom used to be a tour guide in Greece and was once asked while showing her group some ruins "why did it never rain in Ancient Greece?".

Being unable to understand what the tourist meant, she asked him to elaborate. He responded " well, none of the buildings have ceilings, so clearly it never rained and i was just wondering how that's possible?". This guy thought that Ancient Greece had no rain. He didn't understand that the roofs had simply collapsed after 2000+ years. Sigh...

As a bonus, not really stupid as much as very poorly informed, once while at the acropolis with a group, a tourist asked if she would be taking them to the pyramids next..."


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