People Explain Which Groups They're In The Top 1% Of
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There are roughly 7 billion people on earth so being the top 1% of anything sounds like it might be an incredible honor.

Maybe you've received an award or a certification that only a few people have gotten. Or maybe you have a rare disease, which doesn't sound as fun.

We went to Ask Reddit to find the people who are in a top 1% of people.

Redditor I_Love_Small_Breasts asked:

"What are you in the 1% of?"

Here's some of the rare groups people are apart of or things they experience.

Could be totally great or totally inconvenient.

"If I shake my head in a certain way, I can give myself an orgasm. Never met anyone who can do that."

- KindlyOlPornographer

"Wow that sounds incredibly inconvenient."

- WiIdCherryPepsi

"'Shaking my head' has a whole new meaning now. Damn."

- RuthlessRex

Survived a flesh eating bacteria.

"Survived flesh eating bacteria in the bloodstream after sepsis. Most people die within 3 days."

- skyth2k1

"Had MRSA and sepsis because of an open wound on my left foot. Thing is a nurse was treating the wound with Santyl and it was fully bandaged at all times. The nurse changed the dressings 3 times a week but I still ended up in the hospital with antibiotics IV'd into each arm plus oral antibiotics. Spent 15 days in ICU having all my organs sonogramed for signs of the infection spreading. X-rays and MRI's to check for bone infections and when they released me I had to wear a wound vac pump for 2 months to seal the wound on my foot."

- marcuscrassus98

Pancreatic cancer survivor.

"I had pancreatic cancer last year. Out of 10,000 patients they normally find 100 who have another form of this cancer who kill a little slower, like in 2 years instead of months."

"I was one of the hundred. Out of those, normally 15 can have surgery. I was one of them."

"Out of those 15, some die and some come back to basically normal life."

"That's about a 0.07% chance in all."

"I am still one of them. I should be dead by now."

- WillingnessSouthern4

A superpower.

"I can stop my hiccups on command."

- mcrfreak78

"There’s a superpower for sure."

- isat_u_steve

This is way less than 1%

"I am one of only 1300 board certified Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners for the adult and adolescent population. In the world."

- eziern

"I'm unsettled by how small that number is."

- redhair-ing

"To be fair, there are more SANE nurses, meaning nurses who take care of these patients and are qualified to do so. Being board certified just means I took an extra step after I reached a qualifying time to take a test to prove it. I’m actually up for renewal. At the time I first tested, I was one of something like 1100."

"Still, even knowing that, there aren’t enough SANEs or FNEs overall."

- eziern

Being ambidextrous.

"I’m naturally ambidextrous. Apparently that’s something only 1% of people naturally are. I can use both right and left hands ably for any task. For example, I often switch which hand I write with based on how I’m sitting."

"It’s worth noting natural ambidexterity is not the same as learned or acquired ambidexterity. For example, left handed people often have to use things designed for right handed people but otherwise are left handed."

- Stormaen

"I’m of the .002% of people with osteopoikilosis. This freaked the sh*t out of me because when I was diagnosed the first thing the doctor said was 'wow I’ve never seen this in anything but textbooks before.'"

"Basically, I have bones growing inside my bones. It’s not anything I should be worried about, at least for a while, so that’s nice."

- IgDailystapler

How many people can say this?

"I've represented my country in the Paralympic games."

- L-E-S

"That’s a really nice one! Which specialty?"

- AntiSnoringDevice

"Volleyball for Great Britain in the 1996 games in Atlanta."

- L-E-S

Backwards heart.

"Not me but my dad."

"He was born with a backwards heart and didn’t find out till his heart attack a few years ago and it actually saved his life."

"His doctor later told him that after being a doctor for over 30 years he’d never seen someone with a backwards heart and that apparently 1% of people on the planet have it."

- SaphireJames

Seeing static.

"I am diagnosed with Visual snow syndrome. Basically seeing through static. It may not be rare as thought but I am one of very few people to be formally diagnosed."

- condensemilks

"Same! I figured it out when people didn’t see the static and I heard it mentioned! Used to think I was seeing molecules when I was a little kid haha."

- MammothGlum

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HIV resistant gene mutation.

"I have a double gene mutation that makes me highly resistant or even immune to the HIV virus."

- Som12H8

"Can doctors use your blood to help those with HIV?"

- lydsquad

"I have the same mutation and I've donated samples towards research. I got an email last year about vaccine hopes but I'm not sure where it went."

- threewhitelights

Survived air travel crashes.

"I’ve been in 2 helicopter crashes and 1 plane crash. There is only a small group of people who have survived that many crashes. I’m also not a pilot."

- No1uNo_Nakana

"Have you considered alerting fellow passengers and crew when you book a flight?"

- thebeautifulseason

"That would go over great with tsa."

- aquoad

A very large eye.

"So apparently my left eye is 32mm. The average size is 21-27mm. My eye doctor said it was neat."

- sumtinfunny

"So you look like this? o_0"

- SmokyTower

"What about your right eye?"

- AnaNg_zz

"Don't worry. His other eye is all right."

- WordUnheard


"I'm albino."

- Xylogie

"Ooh, that's neat. I'm sure you never hear the end of it in public or social situations."

- Patsfan618

"Haha, oh boy do people talk about it! Mostly things about my hair and how much some people would pay for it lol."

- Xylogie

Just walking.

"According to my step counter, walking."

"Not even kidding, I manage a warehouse and walk 10-15 miles a day at work. Apparently this is more than 99.3% of users."

"Turns out the one thing I'm exceptional at is the one thing almost everyone can do. Yay."

- FastWalkingShortGuy

"25-30k steps a day, if my math is right?"

- blackbrandt

Two uteruses.

"Mine's pretty godawful. I have 2 uteruses."

"Lot of people asking why I put up with it till I was around 33. I didn't know. Because doctors don't listen to women complaining of menstrual issues, is why. The endless pain and bleeding? Suck it up, take 3 Advil not two (holla). Starting at age 12. Till I lucked into a rare empathetic gynecologist who, since I'd always known I was uninterested in parenting, offered me a minimally invasive (just removes the top of the uterus, the rest of me stayed there) hysterectomy to stop the pain and hemorrhaging. And in doing the surgery, he discovered what no other doctor had cared enough to find."

"I love that guy!"

- therookling

One of only 200 people in the world.

​"I’m one of only 200 deaf pilots in the world and one of only four (that are commonly known of) in the world with Commercial & Instrument training."

"I’m also one of the only deaf people who hold both a pilots license and a commercial drivers license."

- deafaviator

"Can you work at commercial airliners? How do you communicate on radio? This is so cool. My dad works on planes for FedEx and now the military so I’ve always respected pilots. Hard work."

- ThalesOfRivia

"No. Airlines won’t touch me with a 10 foot pole. Way too much accommodation and liability involved."

"I don’t personally use the radio. If it’s necessary I’ll take a copilot along with me to handle the radio."

- deafaviator

Better than average vision.

"Eyesight. I have 20/10 vision, turns out only about 1% of people have better than normal 20/20 vision."

- Skumbob

"Ted Williams (HoF baseball player and WW2 pilot) told a story about his 20/10 vision. He was landing with his team and as the plane was circling the runway. He turned to a fellow player and says "I know that man in the yellow hat" The other player could barely make it the person in question and said there was no way Ted could see a face from this far away."

"They get off the plane and Ted walks up to the man in the yellow hat and shakes his hand."

- Helix1322

Heterochromia Iridum.

"I have a brown eye and a blue one."

- NoMatter07

"That's heterochromia iridum. Only four people out of a million have that, meaning you'd share that trait with approx. 0.0004% of the world population."

- FleurCannon_

There are some incredible people out there in the world, and thankfully the internet is bringing them all together.

It's fascinating to see how diverse humans really are.

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