People Reveal Which Trait They 'Tone Down' Every Day To Fit In


Are you extra or is everyone else not enough? Sometimes our quirks get the better of us. Each of us is awkward af in our own way, but we are who we are.

princesslorna asked flamboyant Redditors:

"What natural trait do you have that you "tone down" every day in order to fit in?"

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

Being too eager to join a conversation.

Interjecting when people talk about things that interest me. I just can't read other people's pause cues, and so I am always apologizing and urging them to continue.

It's a very bad trait because it annoys the people I would most like to keep around.


Yeah, I have to try really hard not to interrupt when I'm having a lot of fun in a conversation. Luckily this really only happens with my friends, who are forgiving, since I'm more subdued with acquaintances.


I'm bad at that too! But in my defense there must be something about that makes me seem like a push over because people are ALWAYS talking over me and I feel like I have to interrupt to get in a word.


Same. I'm a woman and I look young for my age, and I'm cursed with this very soft little girly voice. I feel like I have no choice but to aggressively interrupt people or else I just get ignored or talked over a lot of the time.


When you're naturally overmodulated.

I grew up in a family of loud talkers, so as a result I naturally speak loudly. Have to focus at work or out with friends to make sure I keep my voice at a reasonable volume.


Thank you for being aware. The public appreciates it.


So much this! I grew up an only child to a single parent who is partially deaf. To be heard, I had to shout.

I think I've managed to tone it down now, but when I get excited or am even just tired and not thinking, I am really loud. It's embarrassing and something I'm very self conscious of.


When you're a great conversationalist with yourself.

I talk to myself a LOT. I've been caught offguard a couple times at work, really embarrassing.

ETA: well after seeing this reaction to my admission, maybe I'll not bother toning it down anymore lol


I do this too but I'm self employed, so when people give me funny looks, I just say"Excuse me, I'm in the middle of a staff meeting."


That's hilarious! I'm going to do that too next time I'm caught.


staff meeting

Please don't pleasure yourself at work.


The trigger is always armed.


Obsessing about certain things. If you steer me towards any of my obsessions i will ramble incessantly for as long as you let me.


This has been me my entire life. I can separate my life into eras based on what I was obsessed with at the time. I really appreciate the friends who have stuck with me despite how annoying I can be about my current hyperfixation :) And I force myself to shut up about them most of the time.


Responding to humor too boisterously.

I laugh too loudly. I try to keep it down in public but if I'm caught off-guard, it can be pretty embarrassing.


Hey, I LOVE loud laughers. My sister and I used to work in this coffee shop and there was this one customer that had a very distinct, voluminous laugh. We were filled with happiness whenever she showed up, and her laughter across the room made US laugh and smile (but in a good way).

Just let it out. You'll be making someone's day, I promise.


I agree. A good friend of mine has the absolute loudest laugh. I can hear it from across a crowded bar or from a block down the street. I always start smiling. It's like he sent up a flare for me to ping his position.


I think it's awesome :).



Not constantly sitting weirdly, God damn it why can't I just be comfortable?


Omg I know, it's like I was never taught how to use a f*cking chair. My boss walks into my office and I've got one leg just lopped over the arm rest like some sort of animal.


YES. The most underrated form of sitting is with a leg over one armrest.


God, I FEEL this. I just want to sit like some kind of weird, double-jointed cat - is that too much to ask??


Sometimes the only direction to go is up.

I have to "tone up".....I'm super introverted so I have to act more outgoing.


I can relate. But when I try to "tone it up" it comes off as incredibly awkward and inauthentic. Hopefully you're better at it than I am.


A thing that might help you is not trying to make jokes by tell a story when ever you can. Jokes can come of as akward and weird but you are the only one who knows the story so it will seem more natural.


Not your problem.

My dry sense of humor. More often than not it's hard to tell if I'm kidding.


I usually have to laugh or smirk at my own jokes because they are so dry.


I think some of my coworkers think I'm an idiot because of this.


I don't know why I'm smiling. My face just does this.


I naturally smile and nod a lot when I talk to people, but I feel like it makes me come across as corny. So I over compensate and give myself RBF just trying to get people to take me seriously.


Same here except I have more of a "resting stoic face."


I am exactly the same - I have this permasmile that comes off as insincere, but I'm just happy and optimistic when I talk to most people.

I have learned to moderate my excited smile to a smizing grin (which is doable), but I will never tone down my laugh. I love life and interacting with people, and I'm going to enjoy it without inhibitions, God damn it.


I concentrate too hard on what the person is saying, and forget to stop smiling nonstop and nodding mechanically.


If a joke is gonna be dirty, it's gotta be good.

Dark and inappropriate humor. If it's funny in my head, it probably won't go over well unless I know the audience really well.


It's always the best when you find someone that gets it, even if they don't participate.


I came here to say this. Represent, Brother of the Awkward Internal Giggle.


My dark humor only gets laughs when it's extremely self deprecating.


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