The truth matters.

Something one would think was a given in modern society.

Yet all over the world, there are people so unbelievably stubborn, that they simply refuse to believe the facts.

Sometimes even when presented with evidence.

This could be for something menial, such as refusing to believe that a cotton candy was actually invented by a dentist.

But sometimes, refusing to believe the truth could have serious consequences, up to and including climate change, the effectiveness of masks, and the disproportionate amount of gun violence in the US.

Redditor Lady_Of_The_Water was curious about the many things, both frivolous and serious, people refused to believe were true, leading them to ask:

"Whats something someone thought you were wrong about and ridiculed you for it, but it turns out you were right?"

What's that smell?

"That there really was a gas leak in the apartment building."

"Thankfully, the fire didn't cause much damage."- yamsnavas2.

There's a reason the bill is so high.

"Our water usage at work went up a lot."

"They checked all the toilets, sinks for leaks, couldn't find anything."

"I mentioned that it seemed to coincide with the new water cooler system installation, maybe that should be checked."

"They basically laughed at me."

"That stupid water system never worked good and the guy came in 3 different times and said it was just the filter."

"Every month it needs changed???"

"Didn't seem right."

"Finally a different technician came in and result was it was never installed correctly."

"I asked, 'could that have anything to do with the increased water usage that started when this got installed?'"

" He smiled 'I wondered if anyone caught that, yes the valve was not correct and water has been running'."

"For 5 months!!"

"If only they had listened."

"Total redemption!"- McTee967.

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Have you ever looked at a map?

"I had a coworker doubling down repeatedly, claiming that new Zealand is north of Australia."

"I even told her about how I had lived there and she just assumed I was such a huge idiot that I didn't know where on the globe I was living."

"Brought the smartphone out and put an end to that."

"Let me just say, it's ok to not know where all the countries are."

"The problem is if you heavily assert you are right and others are stupid."- PlopPlopPlopsy.

Is it supposed to hurt this much?

"My husband told me that I was a 'baby' about my IUD insertion and insisted that it wasn't painful."

"That my concerns about entrusting a stranger to shove a foreign object into my body were paranoid."

"I listened to him because really, the info you'd find online is overwhelmingly positive."

"Long story short: the provider placed it wrong, didn't check/fix it when I asked her to."

"I spent 4 years in pain that I eventually 'got used to."

"It expelled half way out my cervix, had to get it yanked out at the ER."

"That's when I was told that copper IUDs are notorious for breaking inside the uterus."

"Because it broke inside me."

"The cherry on top?"

"The female gyno with three kids I saw to get the broken piece removed told me that 'cervixes don't really feel pain' and that I didn't really need to remove it."

"Goes without saying, I was in severe pain for 2 weeks straight before this appointment."

"Tons of women came out with their stories about lawsuits over IUDs, how they got pregnant with an IUD."

" Stories similar to mine."

"And how women should really be offered anesthesia or pain pills for this procedure."

"And when my husband was surprised to learn about the pain I endured I reminded him 'You called me a baby and everyone else told me it was all in my head'."

"Which is why I didn't talk about it."- PopK0rnAndMMs.

Seems like you could learn something from me.

"In sixth grade chemistry a teacher asked us what element was a gas that was lighter than air, and extremely flammable/explosive."

"I grew up on science because of what my dad does for a living and Bill Nye."

"I knew about the Hindenburg, and so I was really proud of myself when I raised my hand and said 'Hydrogen'."

"The teacher laughed at me and said that no, it was Helium, and the entire rest of the class proceeded to laugh too."

"Almost three decades later I work in a lab now, and f*ck that teacher I was right."- vanyel_ashke.

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The dictionary is your friend.

"I have worked as a translator and a proofreader."

"For one of my translations, it went something like 'and he piqued her interest'."

"My proofreader docked me for an inaccuracy and switched it to 'and he peaked her interest'.”

"I’m still salty."

"I tried to get the agency I was working for to remove this person as a proofreader since I question his/her command of the English language."

"Had a similar problem with the phrase “lynch pin” used metaphorically."

"I stopped working with that agency because it pissed me off so much being 'corrected' incorrectly."- spot_o_tea.

spelling GIFGiphy

No, that's just an illusion.

"When I told my mom that the clouds were moving and she laughed like I was crazy."-

Did you even read the menu?

"I was in the passenger's seat at a Carl's Jr Drive Thru with a friend."

"He asked what I wanted and I requested the Fried Zucchini."

"He puts half his body through the window to the voice box and goes on this 'My friend here thinks you have some kind of food I know you don't have so I am just going to say it for laughs because you will get a kick out of this'."

"She wants FRIED ZUCCHINI' and starts laughing."

" Well guess who ends up eating fried zucchini."- User Deleted.

And how do you spell that?

"Believe it or not, the pronunciation of my own middle name."- ThePlantie.

We have standards in this community...

"Not me but my Mom tells a story about how she wrote a paper for school about how tough her small town makes it for any new people moving in."

"Basically if you didn't grow up there you were a social outcast for decades and were excluded from a lot of things."

"The teacher didn't agree so she got a bad grade and scoffed at."

"A few years later a news paper reporter essentially wrote the same thing and won a local award for calling out the same small town BS that was going on."- Jberg18.

It's pretty amazing that anyone in this day and age would jump to tell someone they're wrong without having any authority.

Particularly when someone can quickly look up the truth on their phone in less than a minute.

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