'Offered To Tip His Teacher' And Other 'Rich Kid Syndrome' Stories


Maybe teachers should be able to accept tips.

Money changes everything. That is what Cyndi Lauper sings... but why are parents not teaching children to be smart and humble with money? If you have money it doesn't give you a free ride. And children bred with money need to learn... It doesn't change anything. Everybody isn't for sale.

Redditor u/martinkarolev wanted to discuss the behavior of today's "kids," by asking.... What is the craziest encounter of 'rich kid syndrome' that you have experienced?



Friend of mine got angry at a game when I was a kid and threw his console down some stairs, his parents went right out and got him a new one. My parents would've probably made me eat the thing if I acted like that. FantasticAnxiety

No... Keep You! 

A Saudi guy in the UK got in a crash, with light damage to one side of brand new Mercedes. He called for one of his assistants to come get him, even though the car was fully drivable. My friend rolled up on call with his tow truck and asked the guy where he wanted the MErc towed. The guy gave him the keys and said "Keep it; I don't want it." Aiku

$1400? Is that all?

My college roommate's mom gave him $1400 "for the weekend" just randomly. He blew through the whole thing by Saturday asked his mom for more money and was screaming at her because "she promised $1400 for the weekend" and he spent most of what she gave him on Friday which isn't a part of the weekend. chuteboxhero

Hey Roma...

While working as a house cleaner, I watched a girl cry and moan to her mom until her mom called the private school to arrange making a donation if they moved assigned seats in classes so the girl could sit beside her friends. Salty_Transition

It's Just a Fifty!


I use to have a friend who would constantly say "I love when my dad gives me money." and "If I ask for a certain amount of money my parents always give me $50 extra." This girl then bought a apartment boasting about it on Facebook and how proud she was of herself how at 23 she was able to afford a home at such a young age all on her own. Still makes me want to face plant into a pile of jagged rocks. StiffyStephy

The Monster.... 

A girl in my school was "surprised" by her parents in the school's parking lot with a new BMW. A freaking BMW. Everyone who is out is basically watching this go down and she starts crying. At first we are all thinking its because she's so happy but then she runs back into the school. Apparently they were supposed to show up earlier (I'm assuming when there would be more students to witness the surprise).

I felt bad for the Dad because he looked totally embarrassed and sad about it. You know in his head he's like, "I created this monster." PazzaCiccio

Be Cool! 

Girl I went to high school with got a Mercedes for her 16th birthday. B!tched and moaned about the fact that she didn't get a Lexus, because her name was Lexi and she thought it would be "sooooo cool!" for Lexi to drive a Lexus with a custom license plate saying "Lexi."

Her parents did cave and buy her a Lexus for her 17th birthday.

My college roommate threw a massive tantrum, like on the floor screaming and crying, because her parents got her a used big truck for graduation. It was a 2013 truck with less than 10k miles that was fully upgraded/loaded with every possible add on. We graduated in 2014.....the car was maybe a year old. She already had a 2009 Range Rover. emmaballoo

I want a Lamborghini!!

There was this family that had two children who attended the elementary school that was connected to my middle school. Every day the two parents would leave the house and drive separately to pick up their two kids before returning home.

I should mention at this point that they each drove a Lamborghini, one black and one orange, back-to-back in the pick up line to get their kids from elementary school.

At first I thought they were just being showy, but then I realized that they were two seaters, so this was really the only way to do it. RhapsodicRaven

Just a $20....

My personal favorite was in college - kid down the hall from me bought a brand new Fender Stratocaster and played with it for a day and got bored and sold it to me case and all for $20. I still have it and play it fifteen years later. It's a great guitar. maklershed

You said what?


GF family is wealthy, she's working her way to it. But, she was waiting to get a chance for a promotion and the words "I cannot believe anyone would make somebody work for almost a year to get a promotion" came out of her mouth. And I laughed. steve-the-sloth


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