People Break Down The Times A Bully Absolutely Went Too Far

People Break Down The Times A Bully Absolutely Went Too Far
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Bullying seems to be a concept that has always been around. It comes in all forms, and in varying degrees.

Sometimes, the bullying can be mild and temporary. That doesn't make it okay, but it does make the bullying easier to deal with.

Other times, the bullying is harsh, and can even go too far. Sometimes, that can mean relentless teasing. Othertimes, it can mean that a bully took their torment to a new level, even proceeding into physical violence.

Whatever the case, when bullying goes too far, it sticks with you. Sometimes, you get revenge. Other times, you just deal with it until you can find a solution. Whichever method you choose, you will never forget it.

Curious about how far is too far, Redditor tylerboyzzz asked:

"People of Reddit, when did the bully go to far?"

Deserved Retaliation

"One of my friends had been getting bullied for crying after her mother's death. One day I got sick of it and shoved his head into a door. I know violence shouldn't be used in some situations but I felt like this needed it. He never bullied my friend again and I only got 1 detention."

– NonuMac

"Kids are so dumb, making fun of someone for losing their mom is the stupidest thing ever, good on you."



"This guy bullied me for years, relentlessly. He saw another guy bullying me one day and lost his mind and beat the guy half to death. It was f**ked up. Not even that he beat the guy, whatever there, but in this ultra weird like "staking his claim" kinda way. Like I was his to bully and no one else. It literally made me fear for my life a bit. I got a restraining order."

– KingGuy420

Protective Brother

"7th grade."

"He took a thick piece of metal wrapped it with electrical tape and hit my friend in the head. He had to get stitches but wouldn’t say out of fear who did it."

"I ratted him out. A day later he jumped me as two of his friends held my arms. Then he stole my bike."

"My mom went to talk to his dad who was drunk and hit on her so she left frustrated."

"A few days later he tried to jump me again while on my bike when I was at the ice cream truck but my older (in high school) brother saw it."

"He literally jumped down three flights of stairs from the 3rd fl of our apartment complex and literally grabbed the back seat of the bike and picked it up as he tried to pedal away. He was freaking out screaming."

– catheterhero

Bullying The Teachers

"My class was terrible. On multiple occasions they had managed to make teachers leave the classroom in tears. For the record; I never participated, I was bullied too in this class."

"One of the worst days; they were really taking it out on this nerdy teacher. Like, this was definitely the worst and the most direct insults they had ever given to a person and he broke surprisingly quick. It turned out that the day before he was diagnosed with testicular cancer..."

– Th3_Accountant

Bullied BY The Teacher

"Bullied by a teacher. I grew up in the 1980's and there was something wrong with my digestive system that doctors here didn't understand at the time. Parents and friends were aware that sometimes I needed a toilet without much warning for either vomit or poo. I could easily dose off sometimes and always had a crampy tummy."

"First week of high school, I needed to go, now. I asked the teacher if I could be excused. She said I was old enough to be able to hold it in. I tried to explain that I needed to go. She was all boo-hoo, the baby needs a nappy, the baby needs burping. Some friends tried to explain to the teacher that if I had to go, I had to go. Teacher said no. I couldn't hold anything in any more and made for the door, the teacher shouted something and I passed out, vomited and sh*t myself."

"From what I remember, dad had the teacher fired. School policy was changed so that if a kid needed a loo break, they got it. Ironically there was an increase of tp related thefts and bathroom vandalism."

"I spent a week in hospital being prodded and poked, and we found out what was wrong."

"I went back to school, some kids pointed and laughed at the kid who sh*t herself in maths but they were quickly silenced by my friends and some kids who I didn't even know."

– ThePhoenixBird2022


"I had a huge crush on one of the "cool" kids, who was actually a really nice, down to earth guy who was always nice to me. We even played Magic: The Gathering together a few times."

"I overheard my bully tell my crush he was planning to wait until the last day of school and "f- me up real good." Crush grabbed him by the throat and said "Don't you dare touch her!" so of course, the bully had to do something."

"He stole part of my crush's cherished favorite deck and left it in my backpack with a really sweet (fake) note. Then he told my crush he'd seen me steal the cards. His plan worked perfectly, I was looking through the cards when crush walked over. The look of hurt and then anger on his face is still burned into my memory. I gave the cards back, apologized, and tried to defend myself, but he never forgave me and we never spoke again."

– z0mbiegrl

You Showed Her!

"She bullied me for how I looked, would underhandedly called me ugly, and was the root of all my insecurities...A year later I won a major beauty pageant and she blocked me on IG"

"still kinda insecure cuz of her though"

– Careful_Pickle555

That's Catnapping!

"I befriended the problem girl in high school. Thought she just needed a friend. Anyway, she turned on me for whatever reason. Broke into my house while I was away on vacation and stole my cat and every item of clothing I owned. She ended up donating most of my clothes to goodwill, but the stuff she liked she wore to school. I called her out on it. That same day the principal pulled me out of class and said I “need to stop bullying X.” Anyway, she never did get in trouble but I did get my cat back after a few weeks."

– operasinger22

Yes, He Did Fall

"6th grade. He sat behind me in study hall. He, an 8th grader, had been picking on me since the beginning of the year. I told my parents and my dad said next time he messes with me just stand up for myself."

"Next day he flips my ear really hard. I turn around and tell him don’t ever touch me again. I turn back around and then I feel something getting put into my ear. It was a pencil. I jumped up, grabbed my thick as hell math book, and hit him directly in the face. It ended up knocking four of his teeth out and broke his nose."

"The teacher was the gym teacher, who was also an assistant coach on my baseball team. He came over and said with great surprise…..what happened did he fall out of his desk? Needless to say he never messed with me again."

– Kilroy27

Bigger Doesn't Meant Better

"TLDR: Jumping me with two of his friends. I ended up punching the ring leader in the throat."

"I was bullied all throughout school. Inherently easy target, quiet kid with temperament issues. It all boiled to a head when three dudes jumped me in the gym locker room. I came to school the next day covered in welts not wanting to be there, but hell I had all AP courses if I missed one day I missed 5 units of material. Bully was still running his mouth. Get to gym class I see him and I do what any slightly deranged battered person running on zero sleep and a pot of coffee would do. I punched the poor bastard in the throat for it. I had a ten minute rant on how much of a cockhead you have to be in order to be twice my size and still need to bring friends in order to jump me. He never bothered me after that."

– AngelsOfWar01

Keep Them Apart

"This was an incident that occurred back in the eighties that actually made the news and caused a major shift in educating disabled people. Some bean-counting asshole thought it was a great idea to save money by putting juvenile offenders and disabled kids under the same roof for education. That was until a repeat violent offender decided to shove a kid in a wheelchair down a flight of stairs for no other reason than shits'n'giggles. This caused an outrage that disabled children should not have to share a facility with violent offenders and they separated the two. But you always have to keep an eye on the latest government because they'll stick them back together in a heartbeat if they could do it without it making the news."

– CatboyInAMaidOutfit

I'm The Big One Now

"In Elementary School I was always bullied by this one kid, younger me was very naive and passive so I didn't do anything about it. After a while I got sick of it and started working out and taking boxing classes. One day he picked me up by my collar and dropped me in a garbage bin, I got pissed, crawled out of the bin and kicked his ass. His buddies tackled me and then I got suspended, and the bully got away with a slap on the wrist, welcome to the American education system. Anyway, I continued to work out and now I'm in High School, the bully is this scrawny boy who avoids me at all costs, I can't believe I once got bullied by him."

– _xXBeesechurgerXx_

You Reap What You Sow

"Kid wouldn't stop calling me names and spitting on me on the bus when I was 8, so I filled a straw with Tabasco sauce from MRE packs that my dad had got on the bus the next day and he spit on me so i slapped his glasses off, pulled out the straw and spat it all in his eyes. Never saw him again on the bus"

– fqtsplatter

Such Awful Kids

"I've posted this before on similar questions, but I still remember it so vividly. I had a group of about four or five bullies in elementary school who got their kicks by messing with me in the classes we had together. They definitely targeted me because I'm disabled and believed I wouldn't fight back. They'd hide my stuff in the classrooms, take my walker that I had at the time, and throw things at me when teachers weren't looking. I'd know it was them because they'd laugh while or directly after doing it. The final straw came while we were doing a test in English class. I had been pushing back against them in recent days, and I guess they thought I'd give up eventually. They were wrong."

"Anyway, during the test, all of them started throwing chunks of rubber erasers at me, giggling after each volley. I kept telling them to cut it out as best I could, but they'd just start again. Finally, near the time I was almost done with my test, a final volley from the leader of the bullies made me lose it. Now, I also had an unlockable brace on my left leg due to a surgery that I locked when walking and unlocked when sitting so my leg could move. I angrily locked my brace, stood up, and started going around the desks towards the bully leader, yelling that I was going to kill him. Only then did the teacher look up and realize something was happening and got up to stop me before I could throw a punch. It was also the first time I had seen the bully scared. Coincidentally, an SRO (school resource officer) also happened to be walking by the classroom and also stepped into intervene. I told both the teacher and SRO what had been happening while I cried and they warned the bullies against doing it again. Nothing more came of the incident. The bullies started their torment again a few days later, but less often so as to not set me off. Some of the worst years of my life."

– Forestfur147

Want For Nothing

"walking past me"

""you want some soap?""


"slaps handful of soap on the back of my head"

– Random_Dragon100

Sounds Torturous

"she dumped my entire desk out in the corner of the class room then had everyone tell me i didn’t deserve anything i earned and i had to pick everything up while they circled around me"

– scyphozoakyphosis

Lucky Hit

"I used to get bullied from when I was 6-8 by this one kid who was much bigger than me."

"When we finished school for the day the teachers would stand us in a line outside of class, we'd then walk in a line to the school gate where our parents would be waiting."

"This was our 2nd day of a new school year and I got in line after class. I didn't even notice that I cut in front of him but he let me know pretty quickly."

"I just tried to ignore him out of fear. He kept pushing me and telling me "You're dead when we get outside""

"The fear and anger bubbled over, I swung around with what felt like the force of a fucking cannon and socked him in the nose. I have no idea how I generated that much force or how I hit him so accurately at 8 years old."

"After a brief silence his nose turned into a tap and he was COVERED in blood. He cried so hard it was insane!"

"My family all knew about it and when I got home my Dad shook my hand and congratulated me for standing up for myself."

"School took no action and he was out for a week with a broken nose. Needless to say the bullying stopped."

"Violence is rarely the answer but that day still makes me warm and fuzzy inside."

– BroAwayAccount91

"Maybe im being simple here, but: every time. Any form of bullying is always too far."

– dragon6layer

Yeah, that's probably true.

Bullying is wrong, but you will never be wrong for standing up for yourself.

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