People Share Which TikTok Trends Gave Them Anger Issues
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TikTok trends move fast. The hashtags and popular "sounds" go in and out of popularity sometimes within a week.

While some trends are fun and catch at first, if they're dragged on for too long they can become annoying and even painful to see repeatedly.

Some of them are even harmful, like pranks that other people didn't consent to. It's not new to TikTok, but the easily marketable platform didn't help stop them.

We went to AskReddit to hear which trends make people the most angry.

Redditor JaneDoe1967 asked:

"What TikTok trend gave you anger issues?"

This list might make you angry, so reader beware.

Dancing while oversharing.

"The ones where they dance to some sh*tty choreography and tell a super personal story."

"You’re going to do the stanky leg while you talk about your mom’s cancer? "

"Strange to me lol."- supragirl98

"Horrible dances."- mariommsfilho.

Dad Dancing GIF by VevoGiphy

Harassing people in public.

"Harassing innocent people who are just trying to buy groceries."- Alone-War2269

The fake pranks.

"The fake pranks with the extremely over exaggerated reactions, and perfectly scripted dialogue."

"I die a little bit every time one sneaks-in on my For You page."- novato1995

"Any 'prank' video where someone leads their SO to believe they are being cheated on"

"Like there was one where someone would pretend to accidentally text their SO 'they're gone now, you can come over' and then film their SO's reaction."

"Like that shit isn't funny, and I would 100% breakup with someone if they did that to me."- WitherWithout

Scared April Fools GIFGiphy

Not really adding to the joke.

"Lip syncing standup comedy."

"Your silent delivery doesn’t not enhance the joke, it makes it weird."

"Oh, and duets where it’s just the other person reacting/laughing. Especially when they’ve obviously seen the video before and are faking it this time."- soolaimon.

Licking ice cream then putting it back.

"That b*tch who licked a tub of ice cream then put it back in the supermarket fridge."- im-still-broke-broke

The "Oh No" song.

"Oh no Oh no Oh no no no."- JOSimpson.

Videos that need a second part.

"Anything with Like for Part 2."

"All videos that are multiple parts drives me up the wall because you cant just scroll to the next you have to move to their page and find your last watched then go up from there."

"It's frustrating."

"I feel old."- fatherping

To Be Continued GIF by The Bachelor AustraliaGiphy

Exploiting disabled people for views.

"Filming their autistic or mentally challenged relative that is clearly incapable of consenting to being the subject of all their TikToks."- MotherOfCrim.

Faking illness or neurodiversity for fun.

"People faking disorders of any kind and think they 'quirky' or 'cool,' depression and ADHD is not a fun combination."- Quirkyserenefrenzy.

Face Emojis.

"The face emoji crap, Chinese TikTok is like showing cool science stuff whereas our algorithms are underage girls doing face emoji challenges."

"TikTok is cancer."- Neffsss.

The Internet Emoji GIF by OriginalsGiphy


"Had to delete TikTok because every second video has the same music."

"The same stupid voice overs."

"I hate it so much if the app was a person I would murder them."

"God I’m so angry right now."- digitalbilly.

The "Never" song.

"The song 'Never'."

"The moment i heard it,. it triggered a hidden rage."- pissing2u.

"It's Just a song."

"The stupid “it’s just a song” like they'd take forever and do a part 2."- Rich_Ambassador_7634.

scared covering ears GIFGiphy

"Open up the safe."


"Makes me want to throw my phone every time."- No_Loquat_7443.

"Shake it off..."

"The 'shake it off gacha' trend because it's about body shame.- Few-Scallion4693.


"Devious lick' basically stealing sh*t and recording it."- CreepyPandaMan.

"My friend is a teacher and it was the 'licks' one where kids were stealing sh*t from school."

"She got mad so I'd get mad."- Exact_Roll_4048.

Every single one.

"Essentially all of them because they encourage bad behavior and people are top stupid to do anything else."

"Plus some of them are actually dangerous."- MeSwimBest1.

If you haven't heard of these before, don't look them up.

It will probably only incite rage upon seeing them.

Or you'll be left with a song stuck in your head.

Hopefully, the trends that are harmful to others end as quickly as they took off.

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