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This Upsetting Viral Thread About Veterinarians Will Have You Hugging Your Pets Even Closer 😥


Admit it, you wanted to be a veterinarian when you were a kid.

So many of us did. We loved playing with puppies and the idea of kitty band-aids and checking a birds temperature just seemed like the perfect career.

But the reality is much different. Being a vet is a challenge. You lose sleep, your social life is sacrificed, people and animals are depending on you to somehow take care of a patient who can't tell you what's wrong.

But as intense as all of that can be, that's not even the worst part.

One woman turned to Twitter to share what her vet told her the hardest part of the job is:


Twitter just can't handle it.

It's heartbreaking, but it's sparked a conversation.

Lots of people shared stories about how they stayed by their pet's side.

One person was still upset that he didn't have the chance to be by his pet's side as a kid.

Interestingly, not everyone was so ready to side with this mindset.

We'll just be over here hugging our dogs while sobbing and listening to Sarah McLachlan if you need us.

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