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Do you have a deck of playing cards?

If you do, go grab it!

Now flip through that bad boy until you find the 8 of diamonds.

How many 8s do you see on the card?

If you've got a standard deck, you most likely said two. Most people do.

What if we told you there's a third one and you're staring right at it?

You guys right now:


Still don't see it?

Take a look at the negative space dead center of the card, it forms a giant number 8!

One Twitter user saw it the other day and asked people how old they were when they first realized it was there. Long story short, people are losing their minds and it's hilarious to watch.

Here's the original tweet:

If you still can't see it or didn't notice it until just now, you're not alone.

Cue the GIF parade!

This isn't the sort of thing that's likely to be life changing, but we'll admit we feel kind of bad for this person:

Do you guys know any other "hidden in plain sight" things? Maybe you can go viral with the next revelation.

H/T: Twitter, Mirror

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