*Warning: Game of Thrones spoilers ahead!*


The final episode of Game of Thrones revealed many endings people were not expecting.

After years of wondering who would finally end up sitting on the Iron Throne, perhaps the biggest twist fans had to deal with was the news that Bran Stark, the three-eyed raven who previously turned down any Lord duties in favor of warging out in the garden by himself, would be the King of the newly formed SIX Kingdoms.

Bran's ascendance to the throne took everyone by surprise...well, ALMOST everyone.

It turns out Gwendoline Christie (who played Brienne of Tarth) has seen this ending coming for a very long time.

Extra released a video showing her laying out the idea of Bran as king in an interview years ago:

Christie couldn't help but brag a bit on Twitter.

Fans wondered whether the actress had some sort of prophetic power...

Many disappointed fans have been on the side of Nikolaj, who said Gwendoline's ending "made no sense."

Of course, there must have been egg on his face when Christie was finally proven right.

Right now is a pretty good time to be Gwendoline Christie.

There were some fans who thought the ending was exactly what it should have been!

Others couldn't help but poke a few holes in how things turned out...

A huge congratulations to Gwendoline Christie: if there was an Iron Throne in the real world, you'd be the three-eyed raven who gets to sit on it in the end.

If Christie appears in any other TV shows in the near future, fans better pay attention to her predictions.

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