You're probably going to be beat over the head with this as you read this charming article but bedbugs are a nightmare and they are always lurking (in the back of my mind) when I think about purchasing some items secondhand.

Some years ago, a relative brought in a stuffed animal and some other items off the street. Within days we had a bedbug issue.

It was thankfully resolved very quickly–good thing it was caught so early–but let's just say I dealt with phantom itch for a while.

Nooo thank you.

People told us all about their own reservations after Redditor princesspeaches8 asked the online community:

"What's something you'd never buy secondhand?"

"Most people don't realize..."

"Motorcycle helmets. Most people don’t realize that helmets expire and lose effectiveness even after relatively small impacts."


Best not to tempt fate and get a new one for sure.

People cut corners and then pay the price with their life.

"...unless it was from someone I knew for certain..."

"Climbing gear, unless it was from someone I knew for certain is an experienced climber and cared for their gear per manufacturer recommendations. Even then, I'd prefer to buy new."


The last thing I would want if I were a climber would be to realize that I am using faulty equipment!

"They could be on a lease..."

"Any type of phone. They could be on a lease/installment with a company and you wouldn’t know about it until said company turns off the phone due to no payment. I’ve seen it a lot where I work and it’s very sad."


This sounds like yet another example of instances that predominantly hurt the working poor.

"You want bedbugs?"

"A mattress. You want bedbugs? That's how you get bedbugs."


Bedbugs terrify me.

No thank you.

"Since nobody else has said it..."

"A car seat. Since nobody else has said it, I will. Secondhand car seats are so dangerous. You have no idea if they have been in an accident, after which they are supposed to be replaced no matter how minor."


All it takes is one accident.

Don't risk it.

"I got into a whole argument..."

"Tires. I got into a whole argument about it with my automotive teacher in school, and everyone laughed at me and called me spoiled, but I just don’t feel that it’s worth taking a gamble on people's safety with used tires."


I believe this depends on the tread, though.

"I bought..."

"Jigsaw puzzles. Bought a 1,000 piece puzzle for £3, spent a few hours making it only to find 6 pieces were missing."


How disappointing!

I'd be so upset after spending all that time!

"Three things I would never dream..."

"A toothbrush. Toilet paper. A condom. Three things I would never dream about buying second hand."


A condom?

People buy used condoms?

What is going on with the world?

"It happened when I was 10..."

"Shoes. It happened when I was 10. My mom bought me a pair of boots from The Salvation Army that I just had to have. Athlete’s foot. HORRIBLE. It took powder, not spray, to get rid of it."


I am also very hesitant to purchase used shoes (and won't) and I understand that this is a privileged opinion.

"There's no warranty..."

"Crucial car parts. Like used tires, brake pads, brake rotors, rack-and-pinions etc. There’s no warranty from the back-alley Craigslist dude and if those parts have defects you won’t be able to stop or steer. Which leads to you quickly performing the room-temperature challenge."


You see, I don't drive, but if I did, this would definitely be something I wouldn't do.

No way I'd purchase crucial car parts from some rando!

"I was very open to it before..."

"Most second hand things now. Especially furniture and clothing which can't be checked thoroughly. I was very open to it before. But bed bugs really terrify me now. All it takes is one to start an infestation, and they hide in things like the labels and behind boots and screws. The eggs are about the size of dandruff."


As mentioned before... bedbugs are terrifying.

I don't think I can stress that enough.

Sometimes saving a few dollars can cost you a lot.

Why risk it?

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