Some people are far more conscious of their health than others.

Be it out of obligation or self-interest, many people make a point of avoiding certain foods and products, and partaking in extreme diets and exercise plans.

Which doesn't mean they avoid unhealthy habits or products altogether.

Indeed, all of us are probably unaware that we all likely partake in eating food, using products, or even performing what might seem like everyday activities which could be harmful to our health.

Be it by happenstance or obligation.

Redditor BoBonkk1 was curious to learn the things which people might not realize are, in fact, extremely unhealthy, leading them to ask:
"What’s something that is incredibly unhealthy that most people don’t even realize?"

Having Friends Is Good For Ones Health!

"Loneliness."- CaptainGrabality

Always Good To Get On A Routine

"Shift work."

"Nights, followed by lates, followed by earliest."

"Physiologically so destructive."

"I work for the emergency services so it's essential 24/7."

"The management are pretty good but we've been shafted on pay at a national level."

"Still attritional on the body."- PhatNick

Always Try To Get Those Eight Hours

"Chronic lack of sleep."

"Sleep deprivation."- CoolPotatoTomato

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Not The Kind Of Energy You Want

"The amount of people who drink soda or Mountain Dew or energy drinks 24/7 and say ‘I feel fine so it must be fine’ is INSANE." - WildFemmeFatale

Get Up And Stretch Those Legs

"Sitting for long periods."

"Both unhealthy and as you get older dangerous."- JoeMorgue

Careful What You Breathe In

"Honestly, most cleaning supplies."

"They’re fine to use in your house, but if you can smell it and your lungs aren’t happy smelling it, you should be wearing an n95 or respirator."

"Bleach is a big one."

"Anything that makes you cough in a small room."

"I know everybody kind of goes crazy about shower stains but your bathroom is too small of an enclosed space to be using strong chemicals without some type of breathing protection."

"Turn the fan on, open the window and use a damn mask."

"Your lungs will thank you in 20 years."

"I never even thought about any of that until I started glassblowing."

"Glass blowing works with a lot of stuff that we have to wear masks for, cold working like sanding down glass, the colored powders, mold materials, enamel paints, asbestos pads, etc."

"Once I got into the habit of protecting my lungs, I realized just how much stuff at home is probably pretty bad to be breathing in also."

"Good news is, a reusable respirator is pretty cheap at any hardware store, the filters aren’t crazy expensive, and it’s surprisingly useful to have."

"Painting, cleaning, replacing 50 year old carpet, any stinky job like when a 70lbs dog has diarrhea all over the house, etc. It’s just handy to have."- huskeya4

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It's Important To Have a Little Fun Every Now And Then!

"Stopping yourself from enjoying/doing anything just because other people might not approve of it."

"It can end up being one of the most detrimental things you can do to your health, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally."- LustxInfinity·

Just How Much Fruit Exactly Is There?

"A lotta name brand fruit juices have lot more sugar than folks like to pay attention to."- TeriosNaija

Use Those Vacation Days!

"Working so much w only 2 vacation weeks (10 days) a year."- skoldane

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So, next time you find yourself sitting at home, alone, with nothing to do, take yourself for a nice long walk, or even just a short walk around the block.

Your mind and body will be very grateful for it when you get home.

As a little escape is just what the soul needs, every now and then.

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