People Break Down The Things They're Waiting To Do Until They're Older
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Some people love to ascribe time limits to when they can and can't do things.

There are sayings out there such as "LA is for your 30s," or "I could only do that in my 20s," or "I feel like I'm in my 80s," when you are doing something like eating peanuts and watching Designing Women.

The truth is, we can do these things whenever. Though it's fun to ascribe ourself these limitations, they aren't necessarily accurate. but sometimes, people make the choice to leave things for later.

With life both being "no day but today" and an incomprehensible stretch of time among us, it's natural to reserve some things for later.

A Redditor asked:

"What is something you are holding off doing until you are much older?"

Here were some of those answers.

Opiods Or Amphetamines? Choose

"Meth. If I'm like 97 and not cryopreserved or if I get a terminal diagnosis, I'm not going out like a b*tch."-tex_da_PHOX

"I dig the sentiment but I feel like you can definitely choose a better drug than meth for your going away party. Like it just seems rather horrible at 97 years old when your body isn’t even physically up to that anymore".

"Heroin or something like that seems like it’d be more pleasurable at that point."-Addictive_System


"Having kids.. I can appreciate both sides. Yes, waiting until that age means you'll be more financially stable, more mature and probably more patient."

"But, having them young means that you can enjoy your middle age more, because you're not parenting littles at the same time. You have more energy to play with them too."

"And when you're retired your kids are already quite settled adults and don't need you financially for extra support as much, so you can afford to do the travelling you've promised yourself since you were younger."

"There's no right time or age to have kids, do it when you want and not a second before!"-Filhopastry79

Cover Them All

"Getting a tattoo to cover my old self harm scars. I'm ashamed and embarrassed by them. I wish I could cover them now."

"But I cannot afford a tattoo, and I'd prefer to wait until my father passes away to avoid dealing with him being snarky. I love him, but he can be judgemental and a little too uptight."-occultatum-nomen

See anything up here that you are also saving for later?

Streaking To The South Pole

"Going to Antarctica to join the 300 club. Why? Because its expensive. Basically you go to the South pole, wait till its 100 below outside and then go to the sauna and crank it up to 200 degrees."

"And then (usually with aid of alcohol) you run out butt naked except for your feet, take a picture by the south pole flag as by the time you get to it, your body will be covered in thick frost that makes you look like the abominable snowman."

"And then run back to the sauna and subjecting your body to a 300 degree temperature difference... hence the 300 Club."-Youpunyhumans

Teaching The Youths

"Become a high school teacher. I want to have an accomplished career before doing this (probably in my 50's when I'll be close to retiring)."

"I'd like to teach mathematics and on the way also be a positive figure in children's lives, give them the kind of care that I wish that I had when I was their age."

"It's something I'm thinking about a lot because my upbringing was extremely rough personally. I was never a driven student, and teachers wrote me off as someone who 'should be a plumber' (also, nothing wrong with being a plumber, but the teacher that told that to my parents was most likely trying to put me down)."

"I am now a professional Economist working towards an MSc. It took me a while to get there (graduated at 26, moving from a 0.8 GPA to 3.4), but it is what it is."

"No one deserves to be shot down by figures that are supposed to mould the next generation, and I will do my best to be someone my students will remember all the way through College and beyond!"-Sperabo

Might As Well Have Fun With It

"I (M[ale]60) have a terminal bucket list. These are things I'll tap if I get a terminal diagnosis -- mostly, things that I are dangerous enough (or I perceive them to be dangerous enough) that don't want to risk them if things are going OK."

"Things like certain drugs, skydiving, or going back to scuba diving (I got bent badly enough that my diving doctor told me that diving again would most likely kill me)."

"Skydiving is something I'm saving for a dementia diagnosis -- as soon as I forget what that red handle is for, problem solved."-1tacoshort

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I Won't Grow Up

"Maturing, in the sense where I get boring and cranky, and only care about work. If its bound to happen to everybody, I will run away in the opposite direction from it as long as I possibly can."-thatonemanss

How about things you think are better NOT put off? Anything you disagree with?

Drugs Drugs Drugs

"In my personal opinion I believe somebody should do something at least once in their life. That includes drugs."

"If you ever do it, be in a safe environment, I have friends who are not druggies, who will watch over you and help you not gain an addiction. I know this might seem terrible but it's just my opinion, nobody answer agree with it."-IConsumeLead

Interesting Times Are A Curse

"Traveling, I would like to travel the world and see all the beautiful places it has to offer, but given the ever rising tensions and violence it seems the time will never be right...."-Badjib

Teeth And America's Sad Reality

"Going to the Dentist. I'm holding off until dental becomes included in healthcare and gets offered better benefits. How dental is not treated as seriously is insane."-xaviticus

"My teeth are essentially chalk, but I’m trying my hardest to avoid getting dentures as long as I can."

"I like having my own teeth, even if occasionally they explode when biting into food."-ManifestSaviour

These are things people are putting off out of some kind of necessity. Whether or not you agree with it, or recommend it as an expert, these are things people are making choices to do so as to not interfere with their lives.

Even if it seems important—necessity trumps all.

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