People Confess Which Things They Know About Their Parents That They Shouldn't Actually Know
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There are just some things children do not need to know.

When you are a parent, you know that the walls have ears.

So try to keep it that in mind when discussing seriously private matters.

RedditoriLuvDILFSSSSwanted everyone to spill some tea on their parents.

They asked:

"What is something you know about your parents that you shouldn’t know?"

I've blocked all of my parents secrets. I hope.

Oh Baby

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"As a kid I saw an old family tree that showed my mom had 3 babies (all different dads) whom she gave up for adoption before meeting my dad. I didn’t say s**t and she didn’t admit it to me until about 10 years afterwards."


That Hurts

"As a teenager I moved in with my mom after not living with her for most of my life and fighting to be a part of hers. One night I heard her and my step dad talking about how the only reason they let me live there was for the tax credits and child support."


"Okay that's just messed no kid should have to hear that from their own parent."



"My mom didn't marry my dad because she was in love with him, she chose him when the man she was in love with told her he couldn't marry a woman who already had another man's child and my dad had no problem with stepkids. She did eventually fall in love with him for what it's worth."


“natural causes”

"My mother and stepfather were the direct cause of my little sister’s death due to physical abuse. She had a shunt in her brain and due to the impact of a few hard slaps to the face, it shifted and forced her to choke and die. My other little sister and I are the only ones that know."

"I’ve chatted with CPS and DCF and without additional proof, there are doubts that anything can be done since her death was listed as 'natural causes' and neither of us said anything at the time to any authority figures. It’s been almost five years and I never stop thinking about it."



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"That they definitely should have married other people."


Love and marriage. What a story.

Gone and Back

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"As a young kid I overheard my parents screaming in another room about what age I was when my dad left us. Mom said 3 months. Dad said 3 years. I didn’t know he left at all. At least he came back?"


Bad Deal

"My mother and father had a deal that my father would get a job, so my mom could finish college, and then my mom would get a job, so my dad could finish college. My father did his part and when it was his time to go back to college, my mom and all her family humiliated him into going back to work. My brother and I are not supposed to know this, we were too young, but I know."



"My parents escaped from Iraq during the worst period of the Saddam regime. As a kid, you don’t know what a war refugee is. I used to think my father worked at the welfare office. I found out years later that my father was going there for PTSD therapy. Having found his papers, I learned my father was tortured in prison for helping his students escape the country, and that the reason why he’s always limping wasn’t because of something genetic."

"But because they smashed his knee with a hammer, and locked him in a dark room for days with no medical help, destroying his career as an athlete and professor of physical fitness. My parents never ever ever talked about the stuff they went through. We grew up thinking we were a perfectly normal family."



"Well, for the first 16 years of my life I thought that my father had died in an accident. Turns out he just didn't care about me and my mom was trying to make 4yr old me feel better because she didn't want me to think it was my fault. It really f**ked with me when I found out at 16 that my biological father was still out there somewhere."


Not so Happy Juice

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"When I moved to Colorado with my mom i convinced her to smoke some weed with me. She giggled a lot, laughed at cartoons with me, demanded magic shell with her ice cream and then proceeded to tell me my father was a gay man who cheated on her multiple times with men during their marriage, including while she was pregnant with me."


When in Turkey

"My dad had a live in girlfriend for 18 months before he divorced my mom. He was military and went on what he called an isolated tour overseas, where family wasn’t allowed. When he got back to the states I met some folks who lived in the same apartment building as him in Turkey."

"They told me they really liked my mom and it was a shame I couldn’t go with them. Thing is, I was in the states with my mom. Met the girlfriend a few months later, she was the same age as my older sister. Needless to say, we didn’t get along."


“enjoy her company”

"When my dad was in the Navy, he spent a short time in Australia. Long enough to find a local girl to 'enjoy her company' a few times. After he shipped out he got a letter from her saying she was pregnant but not to worry because she was getting married to a local lad who would take care of her and the baby."


Gross Dad

"My dad cheated on my mom constantly and once gave her an STD. When she told him she had some kind if rash down there, he told her I will get the medicine the doctor gave him. He knew he had an STD, who knows who else he gave it too. They divorced a long time ago if anyone is wondering. Funny thing my mom was the only woman who didn't cheat on him. He asked her to marry him again lol she said hell no."


Oh my...

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"My grandmother used to be a hooker."


"I come from a long line of high end hookers."


Boundaries please...

"My mom has no boundaries. Like she will tell you about guys she’s been with, her relationship problems etc because she doesn’t understand that kids(and I was 14 MAYBE when she told me this) don’t need to know your nasty a** business. Basically..."

"1) in her opinion she’s good at head and..."

"2) my step dad’s uncircumcised. Didn’t ask her either of those things."



"When I was a teenager I found this like daily affirmation type thing my mom had written talking about how she knew her two miscarriages prior to me were in heaven. After she passed I found an old journal and one of the entries said how every day she says a prayer when she woke up still pregnant. I can't even imagine."


Money Gone

"My father died when I was young and we moved around a lot after that. It was only when my grandfather was dying of cancer that I learned my mother had lost over $500k in casinos over a 4 year period. She would always downsize a house to get more money and my grandfather would always bail her out. He put the remainder of the money in a trust under my name for her so that she couldn’t do the same after he passed."



"Apparently my parents got divorced (i was 5) cause my mom cheated on my dad. I don't know how to feel about that and I kinda just try not to think about it but they've both remarried and are friendly so I'm not going to. I honestly don't know if it's true or the details but my dad spilled it in a drunken ramble one night."


Well, those are certainly some confessions. My goodness...

Do you have similar experiences to share? Let us know in the comments.

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