People Share The Things That Require More Heroism Than People Are Given Credit For
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When we think of a "hero" we might think of someone in a cape who's saving civilians from terror. Or maybe we think of the essential workers we've called heroes throughout the pandemic.

Heroism is simply defined as "great bravery," according to Oxford Languages.

If being a hero is about showing courage, bravery and strength, heroic feats happen all around us every day with ordinary people.

Redditor thejppass asked:

"What takes significantly more heroism than people recognize?"

People on AskReddit shared what they thought made a hero.

Going against the grain.

"Saying no in room full of people saying yes because there is a reason to say no."

- HobbitFoot

"It's especially brave when you consider it goes against a lot of instinctual human behaviour."

"We are partially meant to agree with the masses, for social acceptance and a few other reasons. Or at least not act against the masses and make a big show."

"It helps to be aware of this in a way."

- deterministic_lynx

Saying something.

"Speaking up."

- SavesNine9

"It's even harder when you know there might be repercussions for going against your superiors."

- SeaAppointment32

Getting out of toxic relationships.

"To walk away from a toxic relationship."

- Shalllom

"Toxic family relationships."

- kkehoe5

"I think a hard part of toxic relationships is that there was enough "good stuff" to get into the relationship in the first place, and often people try to stay in the relationship to fix it or patch it up to try to get back to the idealized good part."

"That's why it's so hard to walk away from those relationships, compared to someone you are indifferent to."

- SeaAppointment32

Walking away from a fight.

"Walking away from a fight, I have been in situations where people were provoking me and saying the most horrible things they could think of to get me to lash out, walking away from those situations and looking weak (even though it took more strength) was probably the hardest thing I have ever done."

- Totallycasual

"One incident that made me know I was in love with my husband was when we were dating and some asshole guy in a bar tried to pick a fight with him. Instead of getting into it he turned to me and said 'let's get out of here.' As we were walking away he said 'damn that guy was big I sure didn't want to have to fight him' and he got laid that night instead of getting his a** kicked."

- grannybubbles

Or maybe finishing the fight.

"Standing up to a bully."

- Stetzy93

"My biggest regret of my childhood is not beating the sh*t out of at least one of my bullies the countless chances I had, but to this day I understand why I didn’t. I vividly remember the feeling of fear and how small I’d feel in their presence. Could have easily taken a couple of them, but that wasn’t even an option in my mind as soon as I got to school every day"

- i_tune_to_dropD

Admitting when you're wrong.

"Admitting (to yourself most importantly) that you’re being selfish/are wrong about something."

- Oreoking10

"Sometimes admitting your not selfish can be just as hard for some people too."

- NeverGonnaGiveUZucc

When the party's over.

"Asking people to leave your house at the end of a party."

- Miserable-Back2482

"We had this issue on New years eve. My girlfriend just started cleaning around everyone. She said it's the universal 'you ain't gotta go home but you gotta get the hell outta here.' It worked."

- WrathofJohnnyBoah

"Slap your thighs as you stand up and say 'welp..'"

- Jeramy_Jones


"Being publicly vulnerable."

- xk543x

"Specially as a man... its easier to act though. We push people away while its lonely its far more manageable. If you show vulnerability the consequences are far worse. It takes a lot of courage. Its much harder to show vulnerability. I know it first hand."

- mizukata

Donating an organ.

"Donating an organ (while alive). It's a lot of time to figure out if you're a match, first off, going to lab tests initially then other health tests. Once confirm match, having to go through the procedure itself."

"You could be a healthy donor but then not so healthy after the procedure, or your donation may not go over well with the new host. But if it all works out, whether or not you know the person receiving the organ, it's an amazing thing."

- thutruthissomewhere

"The guilt and the heart break when it doesn't go well I wouldn't wish on anyone."

- ckretmsage

Being a full time caretaker.

"Caring for a loved one 24/7."

- carlthedogboy

"Being the long term caregiver for an ill family member."

- CarmichaelD

Heroism comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms.

It's no surprise that some of the most brave acts are about being emotionally vulnerable and standing up for what you believe in.

As the saying goes, heroes don't always wear capes.

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