People Break Down Which Things Other People Do That Get Under Their Skin


The unfortunate truth of living in a world full of so many other human beings, all with their own free will, is that they do things we don't like.

Of course, any well adjusted adult can usually just tune out the wildly inconsiderate behavior and move on. Usually.

Sometimes, it's just too difficult to not linger on the actions of the wildly oblivious.

Ironically, it's often a very small action, some heinous deed that only lasts a few seconds. But the anger it provokes is an erosive thing, and it lasts well beyond those couple of seconds.

On top of that, there are so many people out there doing that same annoying thing. So that same anger and annoyance is reignited every few days or so. One wonders when the explosion will come.

Some Redditors gathered to discuss what, for them, is that pet peeve that they can't seem to get over.

Squeegee54 asked, "What is something other people do that bothers you?"

One Man Show

"When people talk obsessively about themselves. Have you ever been trapped in a convo where the person just non stop talks about themselves? It's not a conversation. It's glorified campaign boost for the other person. I hate that!"

-- bebebaker


"Tell me what to do when I'm already doing it." -- thesneakersnake

"Similarly, I hate being reminded to do something before I have had a chance to do it. I haven't forgotten! Give me a goddamn chance!" -- cubsfriendsteaching

Car Troubles

"Cut people off while driving and fail to use their turning signal. Not only is it dangerous and increases the chance of an accident, but it also requires very little effort to not do." -- juicecheck

"I hate it when they cut you off then slow down." -- chewytime

"Also, turn your damn lights on if it's real foggy or rainy. We can't f***ing see you until we're really close if it's heavy enough." -- AMatchIntoWater

The Center of the Universe is Rotten

"Disrespect things that don't belong to them. We should be trying to leave things better than we found them but instead people are so self absorbed." -- ohiojeepdad

"My roommate did this with my car and car stereo. I let him drive once and forbade him from using my car ever again. I would have let him use it when I wasn't using it if he didn't speed, hit the curb, and blow out one speaker. He's a jackass." -- bilateralunsymetry

Surely All These Other People Want to Hear This

"Not using headphones in public." -- volcanomoss

"Are u talking about those that jam their music loudly in public?" -- YoutubeFan08

"At physical therapy or a gym with other people? Time to watch that football game on full volume. At a restaurant? Time to FaceTime your relatives! At the airport? Better give your toddler your iPad to watch those kids shows with annoying sound effects, also at full blast because why not?" -- MyNameIsNooo

It's So Easy to Not Do

"Throw garbage on the street." -- irinaz165

"People who shove plastic bottles in bushes." -- mercmouth1

"yesss i spent all if yesterday picking up garbage on the road" -- Onerlight

Mind Games

"Asking you a Yes/No question, then acting offended when you say No." -- NotDaWaed

"Similarly asking for advice and not taking it. Or asking for an opinion and not being able to take criticism." -- Dontbeajerkdude

An Oblivious Obstruction

"Walk slow when I can't go around them. It's great that you don't have anywhere to be, but I do!" -- EmCWolf13

"Yeah, or those groups of 3-4 friends walking beside each other slowly down the path and blocking a 2 meter wide area." -- mreguy81

The Bigger the List, the Worse the Fallout

"Replying all unnecessarily on emails. I don't need to know that you received the schedule for the week, Cheryl. I don't need to hear you 'congrats!' on Megan from another department who I've never even met's minor promotion."

"I get well over 30 unnecessary emails from this a day."

-- sensualsqueaky

Gain Control or Go Home

"Let their kids run wild and disrupt everyone else because you can't be bothered to tell them no." -- RaeBug422

"Especially when the parent is staring at their phone while their kids just go nuts all over Walmart." -- Gazman_3333

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