If you're as paranoid as I am, then this list is going to get your mind racing.

Our bodies are very delicate, to say the least. And people are mostly aware of the things that can hurt them. Big falls, deep water, major surgeries, for example.

But apparently, Redditor u/CurlyFries75 needed to know about the most mundane ways that people can die - and asked people to share "What's more likely to get you killed than people realize?" Looking for more things to worry about? Then read ahead!

Dehydration is real

Not bringing enough water on a hike, even a somewhat short one, I have experience with this and it's scary


Is it your lucky day?

You have a better chance of dying on your way to buying a lottery ticket than you do of winning the jackpot


People don't know their own strength

Going partying.

A drunk guy doesn't really need a good reason to see you as an aggressor when they wanna fight. One unlucky hit, and you're in a vegetative state or something worse.


But cows are so cute!

Being killed by a cow, you more likely to be killed by a cow than attacked by a shark or struck by lightning.


Do farm animals have it out for us?

donkeys kill more people than sharks in a year


I've witness a coconut hit someone, and it was horrifying 

A coconut falling on your head is a more likely chance of death(not injury or wound) than shark attack


Do not trust drivers to stop for you

Walking across the street when the light is red. Too many people do it, thinking that they will not be the ones that will come across someone who drives faster than he should or perhaps he is drunk. Hundreds of people die from drive accidents everyday. Don't run across the street without looking left and right, especially elder ones.. arrogant while they look down at the floor just walking in the middle of the fast road.


Keep your friends close...

Friends. It's way more likely to get killed by someone who knows you than a stranger who randomly comes and kills you. People close to you would have more reasons to kill you.


Sorry, left handers...

Being left-handed. It substantially lowers your life expectancy, in part because it's easier to hurt yourself if the world is designed completely ass-backward for you.


I don't understand why you wouldn't wear a helmet

Not wearing proper protection (helmet, leather coat/gloves, covering exposed skin) while riding a motorcycle. I work in an ER and lemme tell ya, that's usually what will determine whether you live or die. Don't be stupid and dress for the slide, not the ride.


You must invest in bath mats

Taking a shower. Bathroom falls are one of the most common causes of accidental death.


My boyfriend takes showers all the time when he's stumbling drunk and I always stand outside the bathroom door like an overprotective mother making sure he doesn't fall.


Crime podcasts can confirm

Your own friends and family


That's why I distanced myself from family and have no friends.


Leave electricity to the professionals

Electricity. I'm a 911 dispatcher and one of my first calls was a person who was pretty much blown up when working on a microwave while it was still plugged in.


All surgeries are serious 

"Minor" surgery.


A friend of the family died during a routine colonoscopy. I don't know the details beyond that, but seems like crazy bad luck.


Winter has its perils

Ice. Seriously, be careful when walking outside during the winter. One slip on your porch can turn real ugly if you're unlucky.


My friend's husband was a healthy 60-year old. Slipped on a bit of ice on their front step, hit his head just right, died within minutes.


We depend on a deadly star

The sun. Heat stroke or skin cancer.


See? The sun really is a deadly laser!


I'll never look at garages the same

Garage doors, specifically the springs.


One of our springs let go last year while we were home. Fortunately, no damage, but it sounded like someone fired off a shotgun.


Horses are mighty beasts

Horse riding. Horse riding has a higher incidence of death and injury than MDMA use. The ex-UK drug minister David Nutt was fired for publishing this data.


Once I personally knew five people who had fractured their necks while riding I decided to give it up. Two were trainers and it left me feeling like even the best of riders were at risk of serious injury or death. I wasn't doing anything particularly dangerous, just trail riding with friends but I think horseback riding is like childbirth- 99% of the time things go well but when things go wrong, they go badly wrong.

Horses are beautiful creatures, I learned so much about animal behavior, training, riding, equine disorders and made so many friends but as one old trainer said to me before a lesson, "Rule one, horses are bigger than you and can kill you."


Driving is scary

Driving your car


Driving, when you think about it, is insane. I'm going to drive at you at high speeds; you're going to drive at me at high speeds; and we're going to have an unspoken trust that both of us will stay in our 12ft wide lane as we narrowly miss each other.


Know your Heimlich 

Food, I don't think people realize how dangerous food is. A couple of weeks ago I choked on a Oreo at 3am while my family was asleep. Thankfully I knew how to do the Heimlich maneuver on myself, literally saved my life.


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