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Try as I might, I just can't get into the Kardashians. I think most of us are tired of them, actually.

But their fanbase is massive and they are pretty much the American version of the royal family. They wouldn't have attained that status without a legion of loyal fans who eat up everything they do, contributing to a massive collective social media following.

But fans of the Kardashians are just the most high-profile fanbase you might know about.

There are others you might not be so keenly aware of.

People told us all about them after Redditor dominique4thewin asked the online community:

"What’s the stupidest thing that has a large fan base?"

"Convince one depressed powerful person..."

"Scientology. Convince one depressed powerful person that you have something to offer them, get them to spill some dark stuff about themselves and other powerful people, leverage that into convincing another powerful person you have something to offer them, repeat."


Their buildings are enormous. Their offices in New York in California are as imposing as you think but the number of Scientologists is on the decline.

"I find it a bit weird..."

"I find it a bit weird that politicians seem to have fans rather than supporters."


Usually it's not about the person but the ideas they hold (or say they hold).

"Many celebrities..."

"The Kardashians. Many celebrities in general. They shouldn't be worshipped like they are."


Celebrities need us more than we need them.


"Influencers. I feel like small time niche group influencers aren’t a problem. They’re great for backpacking, as an example, where they test out the gear and give the pros/cons. It’s when they start to sell their endorsements to the highest bidder."


Don't get me started.

Sell, sell, sell. That's what they do.

"Flat earth."

"Flat earth. How many are actual believers vs people just 'joking' though? I have only met one actual flat earther in my life."


Oh, there are a lot. And there are entire documentaries about them.

"The base..."

"The fan in my bedroom. The base is ridiculously big for the size of the fan and it takes up too much room and I trip on it almost every morning getting ready in the dark."


I see what you did there.

Mine has a smaller base and yet I still manage to trip over it.

"Moms exploiting their children for money and popularity."


The number of parents who have monetized their own children for social media is too damn high.

90 Day Fiance

"The 90 Day Fiancé Universe (which is a thing thanks to their billion spinoffs)."


Technically we're all living in the 90 Day Fiance universe.


"YouTube reaction videos. They're awful."


I just don’t see appeal to reaction videos. It is always fake super over the top reactions.

"I'm not talking about..."

"ASMR - I'm not talking about rain sounds or even a softly spoken story being told or something. What I'm referring to is a moderately attractive Japanese woman slurping down a bowl full of jelly an inch away from a microphone. Yuck!"


It takes all kinds I guess. Not sure how any of that is remotely appealing.

One thing is for sure: After reading all of these, you're bound to see that there is something out there for everyone.

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