Life is full of social situations, and social situations call for certain rules of behavior. Professional dinners require professional clothing, in retail, the customer is always right, and when you're with other people, you should be bubbly and outgoing, not quiet and reserved.

The thing is, some of these rules and behaviors are ridiculous, and just stress people out.

There are plenty of behaviors that aren't considered socially acceptable, but should be.

Redditor Ninja_Man_0722 agrees, because they asked:

"What is something that is considered socially unacceptable, however honestly shouldn't be?"

Death Is Not Happening


"Tell folks you’re dying and they’ll find ways to pretend that you’re not. It’s weird."

– relentlessvisions

"Man, I still remember when I was like 22, my cousin asked if he could come see me, and I said sure come on over at like 2. I was so excited for him to come over, I bought snacks and beer, and set up both my xboxes and tv's in the living room so we could hang out and game."

"He showed up and he explained he's having a hard time because his biological dad OD'd and it was up to him as next of kin to decide whether to pull the plug. My cousin didn't even know the man. He was absent from his life since before day one."

"I didn't know what to do, so I offered him some Dorito's and a controller."

"I still panic thinking about the fact that he came to me for help and I just shut down."

– TitularFoil

Maybe I Just Don't Want A Drink

"In my country (especially on the island I am from) it is considered an offend by most people when you refuse the drink they offer you."

"It doesn't matter if you have to drive (and it's obviously illegal to drink and drive) or already feel drunk and don't want to drink any more."

"This shouldn't be a thing... People should respect others when they wish to stay sober."

"Me and my husband have found a way around it though. We always carry a pack of medicine and whenever someone tries to pressure us into drinking we show it and be say "sorry, I am on medication for my tooth and it shouldn't be mixed with alcohol". That seems to do the trick... (it's a good excuse if any of you people need to avoid drinking, that's why I am sharing it, sorry if it's off topic)"

– aniacret

Rude Does Not Equal Right

"Calling customers out on poor behaviour."

– lasteclipse

"I got fired for this last year after I had had it from all older customers berating me after the holidays"

– that1senpai2

"Fr. They gotta make some kind of law that states that service staff cant be fired for standing up for themselves and not taking sh*t from customers"

– HXD-Inferno

Isn't Honesty The Best Policy?

"Telling someone you don’t want to go or do something without making up an excuse. We all sometimes just “don’t feel like it.” That is ok!!!

EDIT: Woah… glad so many of you can relate. And of course, thank you everyone for the awards!"

– mostlymitia

"Or leaving a function when you feel like it."

"I was wing-woman on a double date with my friend and two guys I couldn’t have been less interested in. We did dinner and then ended up at a bar. I said I was leaving and they protested but I left anyway. My girlfriend texted me after saying “I had to lie and say you didn’t feel well”. Like why? We’d been together for hours by that point and I wanted to leave. It’s that simple!"

– SnoopsMom

Date Me Because...

"Being honest about your intentions while dating"

– V00D00420

"This one blows my mind. People I would otherwise respect will lie, pressure or coerce the opposite sex in order to get laid and then laugh it off like it was the other parties fault for making it out to be such a big deal. When I've brought this up with friends as "not cool" it just makes people uncomfortable and I am told to lighten up."

– CommonRedditUserName

"“I’m looking for companionship but I’m okay with sex on the first date or even a one night stand, I’ll just get that out in the open. But if I’m with you, then I’m with only you.”"

– This_Personality3731

You Don't HAVE To Ask

"Hi, how are you?"

"I'm tired as sin and my back hurts."

"Oh, uh, ok."

"Like, don't ask if you're not ready for an honest answer. When I ask someone what's up, and they say for example, that they are sad. I'll then ask them if they need any help. Yet when I give an answer that isn't the same old stupid song and dance, I'm looked at like I just said I want to rub peanut butter on mailboxes."

– P51VoxelTanker

Working, Not Playing

"Treating work like just work. I like my work and get along great with my colleagues - at work. But I just don’t want to go out for drinks afterwards, have team events, Christmas parties and whatever. Work. Get paid. Have life outside of work with other people."

"To be clear, I don’t want to cancel social events at work. I just want them becoming very explicitly optional, with no weird looks for not attending."

– autokiller677

"To piggyback, mandatory work potlucks and now you have to go buy groceries to make extra to feed people you don’t care about. Or you’re not a team player. I just want to eat my sandwich in my car okay"

– squincherella

"“But we’re a family!”" 🤢

– FuzzballLogic

Oh, My Aching Legs

"Staff sitting down while on the job (like cashiers)."

"I know this is generally a North American thing, but "socially acceptable" isn't generally something globally universal."

– oakteaphone

"I’m a cashier and let me tell you, it’s mentally draining. Also, what about people who work in an office? Writers? Receptionists? There are plenty of sit down jobs."

– BlondieChelle83

It's Just Sharing Information

"Discussing salaries / finances. Such a ridiculous taboo. If people knew how little or how much their peers make, employers would have a much tougher time lowballing salaries or offering poverty level wages. It (theoretically) eliminate the whole “keeping up with the Jones’s” mentality, as well. If you’re not trying to one up everyone, it would be less likely to live beyond your means."

– StupidOldAndFat

Me, Myself, & I

"Going to movies/ concerts/ sporting events/ restaurants/ etc alone."

"You should be able to go out and enjoy things without needing friends/ someone else to be there with you."

– giantsninerswarriors

"Especially movies? Why do you need someone to join you to sit in silence and watch a film? That taboo never made sense to me"

– ohm18

I'm in full agreement with that last one. I go to diners and movies by myself all the time. Me time is the best time!