People Explain Which Things They've Slowly Lost All Respect For
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When relationships go south, couples tend to overlook the fact that when they first got together, they were the best versions of themselves.

Over time, true colors are revealed and the poor character traits that reveal the incompatibility of a significant other make an individual question how they ever got together in the first place.

The same type of disappointment can be said outside of personal relationships we have with others.

Curious to hear examples of when people started feeling let down, Redditor zztop610 asked:

"What have you slowly lost all respect for?"

Objectionable conduct and behaviors of various organizations and groups have let people down.

No Loyalty

"Company loyalty. I had only been at my first post- college job a year when they had layoffs. But they didn't get rid of the new person, they fired my coworker who had just celebrated her 15 year work anniversary. They didn't even do it in a dignified way and the way she sobbed while packing up her things is burned into my memory."

"Now I don't think twice when a better opportunity pops up. I doubled my income when I left that place and went to the next. There's no reason to stick around a job any longer than it serves you because your job won't think twice about getting rid of you to save a few bucks."

– SloppyNachoBros

Abuse Of Power

"military forces in my country.... they are criminals in uniform."

– pedrojdm2021

"lemme guess: you live someplace in south/latin America?"

– The_ghost_of_shell

Corporate Magic And Greed


"The company itself, not their creators or their output."

– TheChainLink2

When did we start losing faith in humanity?

Curmudgeonly Customers

"Elderly people who are extreme bullies to retail workers. I understand being in pain doesn’t put one in the best mood, but to personally verbally abuse someone you don’t know because things are slightly inconvenient?"

– Cdk4_6i

Treatment Of Kids On The Spectrum

"Human beings. I work in foster care. I'm a behavior specialist for IDD children and adults with severe trauma and behavior disorders. You cannot imagine the things people do to children. Autistic children. And then expect you to treat them with respect and dignity when you talk to them, and think they deserve their children back or to have more."

"Somewhere after investigating your third child death in foster care due to abuse you start empathize with serial killers."

– Zonerdrone


"People in power. It seems they all have shady sh*t going on."

– Clcooper423

Overrated Work Ethic

”Grind culture”

"I’m so over the concept of working myself to death but i still kind of do. Also yes, i’m in no way special in this regard and basic survival is a thing too."

– Teluvian0

Wiser Or Wicked?

"Adults. Now that I'm an adult I realize we're a bunch of f'kwits"

– ScottNoWhat

Some Redditors thought that in the gaming industry, no one really wins.

Gateway To Gambling Addiction

"Ea sports / fifa games."

"They just exploit children now and have found a loop hole which means children are getting hooked on gambling. They make as much money through FUT than selling the actual game and it’s immoral and wrong. Especially when you see the game has coding built into it to make them buy more and more packs and the game will make them miss shots etc as they know if they lost that match they’re more likely to buy more packs etc."

– FireLadcouk

High-Profile Video Gaming

"AAA gaming industry."

– Amethoran

"Yup. I never thought I’d give up AAA titles but these companies seem to WANT less customers each year lol."

– PleaseKillDanny

Wizards Of Warcraft

"Blizzard entertainment. I remember playing the original Warcraft II and III, as well as Diablo I and II. Then when WOW came out was amazing. Over the years though they have fallen from grace to become one of the worst gaming companies there is."

– pr0lifik

On a deeper level, I started losing faith in humanity.

The country has become increasingly divided–evidenced by my Facebook "friends" spreading misinformation that are direct swipes targeting my personal well-being and lifestyle.

The early part of the pandemic didn't help matters, but where are we headed as people? I'd like more examples of compassion and kindness please.

I can only rely on dog and cat TikTok videos to temporarily lift my spirits for so long.

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