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With so many scams and hoaxes on the rise, we have become wiser in identifying key factors that indicate a scam.

The pandemic has seen a rise in scam calls with fraudsters convincingly trying to make you transfer all your savings into another account before you lose all your hard-earned cash.
Some cons are downright threatening, with tricksters declaring you may go to jail if you don't make all your "late" payments towards a car you don't even own or have already paid off.
But now, many people can sniff a con from miles away.

Curious to hear from strangers online, Redditor Iapoties asked:

"What screams: 'This is a scam?'"

Do the following sound familiar?

Wrong Bank

"I had a bank text me on a local phone number that my bank card was going to expire. Not only was it a big red flag for me that it was a local number, but most of all that it was the wrong bank."


Cost Of A Job

"Any 'job offer' where they ask you to pay them for something."


"The worst is when it's a good offer, you take it, THEN they are like oh btw in 2 weeks you have a mandatory training that costs $500 we just garnish it from your first 4-5 checks so nbd."


'Accidental' Pay Check

"Someone 'accidentally' paying you too much by cheque, and asks you to pay them, or others, back in cash."

"you know that cheque is gonna bounce."


Looking For A Sugar Baby

"Hello baby. Am Williams Johnson. Am a widow looking for a sugar baby. You will get an allowance of $500 every week: message me on Snapchat or kik. Snapchat: WilliamsJohn Kik: CharlesSmith2"


Some fraudsters think they know you on a first-name basis. They're wrong.

Not Your 'Hun'

"'Hey hun!' from someone you haven't talked to since high school."


Last Name Basis

"I have a great screener for this: I go by my last name socially. So if some random from my past messages me on Facebook with a 'hey FirstName! How are you? Got some exciting stuff to tell you about!' - I know immediately its a trap."


It's a shot in the dark, but most times, a scammer's target is way off.

A Family Member In Trouble

"Someone calling saying your child or grandchild is in jail in another state. Bullsh*t."


Not A Car Owner

"Getting a call saying that a car under my name or that I own may have some problems *I don't have a car*"


Wrong Device

"Your Iphone has a virus, click here to fix"



Downloading Server Software



During my first winter in New York City years ago, I bumped into a man whose glasses fell on the snow. When he picked it up, it was severely cracked and the frame was dented.

It. Fell. On. Snow.

This swindler proceeded to berate me for my carelessness and said he would let it slide if I gave him $300. Of course I told him I didn't have that kind of cash on me, to which he responded with: "I'll go to the ATM with you."

I countered, "give me your name, address, and phone number, and I'll be sure to cut you a check for the glasses."

He huffed and puffed and turned his back on me in search of a more gullible victim.

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