People Confess Which Things They'd Remove From The World To Make It A Better Place
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There are people who are deathly afraid of needles but eventually get inoculated to protect their health.

There are people who absolutely can't stand sushi but know better than to deny their friends from enjoying what they deem delicious.

We can't get rid of everything different people have strong aversions to, but there are some things that should cease to exist from our world.

Curious to hear the things strangers online would say good riddance to, Redditor Sp3csLM asked:

"The world would be 100x better without this, what is it?"

Physical and emotional pain were at the top of the list for many Redditors.

We'll Pass

"Kidney stones."

– Callous02

"I recently passed a 10mm kidney stone. It took three months. The doctor wanted to analyze it, but I wanted to keep it. It is currently the centerpiece to my zen garden."

– Flaky_Finding_3902

That Nagging Ache

"Lower back pain."

– Detriumph

"I learned a trick to get rid of most of my lower back pain. This strengthens butt muscles and literally takes 1 minute. Lie your back flat on the ground with your knees up. Now use your legs to push your lower back off the ground. Stay in this position for a second or two, go back down, repeat for a minute. Ta-da, no back pain. You’re welcome"

– ArmageddonUnleashed

​Cognitive Degeneration


"Right now I'm watching this f'king disease rip my 80 year old father apart."

"I'm certain there are worse things, but in my world......"


– thebigdawg7777777

Inconsolable Despair


– Livefast_eatTrash99

"It might sound a bit harsh. I’ve been depressed since I was a teen. I’d still say, that short depressions can (can) be eye-opening in the sense that they make you self reflect in a way you’ve never done before, and you grow through that. You learn more about yourself and rule out problems (and/or people) from your life and helps u get ahead. What should not exist is chronic depression, that lasts for 2, because it just ruins your life at this point."

– IcyInspection4791

There are things that can negatively affect us that we can do without.

Airborne Nightmare

"Those large flying cockroaches."

– dicatae

Trashing The Place


– Rikkrishub

"At my work the minute someone takes the time to clean the parking lot of litter, 500 people have already thrown their fast food bags/gas station snack trash/home trash all over the ground."

– Straight_Ace

Environmental Harm


– macaronsforeveryone

"Yes, the effects of pollution are causing more harm right now, than the corrupt leaders who aren't doing anything. If we got rid of the corruption, then you'd still have to clean the pollution. If we get rid of the pollution the world stabilizes enough for us without all the natural disasters that are causing mayhem on swaths of people."

– LongShaynx

Not everything objectionable is visibly detectable.

That's A Fact

"Lying politicians."

– mamarooo28

"A honest polician could have a hard time facing a lying one. People are more emotional than factual. That is why public scrutiny is important."

– Ogemiburayagelecek

Dishonest People

"Just liars in general. Cannot believe how far I had to scroll to see this. I think lies are literally tearing America apart."

– rubensinclair

These abhorrent things should have been long gone.

People Give This The Middle Finger


– cashmerered

"Just went into complete remission last year ✊🏼f'k cancer!"

– justsomematter


"I asked my friends this thought experiment."

"You can magically solve all poverty, homelessness, and hunger. In exchange, you have to become the poorest person on earth, even though NOTHING about the trajectory of your life will change. You'll have the same opportunities, experiences, and possessions to look forward to regardless of your choice - just everybody else will have more and better than you. No monkey's paw consequences either; people, animals, and the environment won't be harmed by this magic solution. Would you do it?"

– trialbytrailer

I often think we would be better off living in a world without weapons of mass destruction.

If there are conflicting people or organizations on the verge of causing violence to make a point, there's nothing a good old fashioned pillow fight can't resolve.

But that's just me.

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