People Confess Which Things They Need To Vent About But Fear Being Judged


It's much easier to just speak your mind than to keep your mouth shut. Think about it: How many people do you actually know who can hold their tongue?

But sometimes what you say could open you up to criticism or even unnecessary judgment. After Redditor OSC100R asked the online community, "What is something you need to vent on but you don't do it for fear of being judged?" people finally opened up.

See how difficult it is?

I hate it....

I moved back in with my parents for quarantine and I hate it I hate it I hate it. I'm damn miserable and turning into a person I don't like again because I'm so miserable here. I wish I hadn't come back and I wish I could leave. samiam221b

Feel happy when everyone else around me is sad.

Feel happy when everyone else around me is sad.

I was extremely sad for most of my school life but suddenly I found myself accepting who I am but I can't say the same for my friends. One was gay but he couldn't tell his mum because she wouldn't accept him, one was under pressure because her parents made her work so she would be one of the best and the rest were just depressed or had serious anxiety. I feel horrible because I just want to give them my happiness so they don't feel bad and adults don't do anything about it. somethingdumb8

100% focused

My moms in the ICU, has been since Tuesday. She's on a medically induced coma. She can't breath on her own yet (she relapsed again and they were "bad"). I told my brothers when she wakes up I'm asking for custody of my little sister. (13) she doesn't deserve to be put last. I feel like they are judging me for not being 100% focused on my mom. Which I've been destroyed by this. But there's not much I can do from 1000 miles away.

I can't call the hospital constantly because we named one person to do that and he's not very communicative. I've told him that we should put together a list of questions because the hospital has been so vague. I'm angry because of the situation, but I'm so broken by all of this. shebadmck

Twice a Day....

One of my best friends has depression. I am constantly checking on her, asking her if she's okay, offering to help, listening to her talk about her problems. I have been since middle school and I still am now. Last fall I had a horrible bout of anxiety. I was having panic attacks twice a day, and I lost fifteen pounds from not eating. I would say that's the closest I've ever been to killing myself in my life.

I tried to talk to her about it, figuring she would understand what I was going through, and that she would be someone I could lean on during one of the worst times of my life. All she could ever said was "lol same" when I told her what I was going through. I understand depression can cloud your interactions with other people but it just made me so angry that I had spent years being there for her and the one time I needed her, she wasn't there for me. Reddit

Like. Shut Up. 

The whole "disabled people can do just as much as able bodied people" bullcrap. I'm disabled. No we can't. We can be just as happy as able bodied people and out life can be just as fulfilled, but we can't do the same stuff. We will always need extra help, be it wheelchairs or extra time off work. We will always need more time to do or learn stuff and have times where we just physically can't get out of bed.

I hate absolutely HATE when people give me crap for this opinion. Like shut up, if you could do the same as able bodied people you wouldn't be on benefits. I NEED help to survive and saying that makes people think benefits and such are useless when they are absolutely not. So just admit you need help, it makes your life so much better. boy_robot_Sky

Being "Empty"

I don't feel any will to live, nor to die actually.

i think i've been depressed for at least a couple of years but that this depression isn't valid because it never became full on suicidal depression, just feeling empty.

i feel like i would be judged because i'm not "really" depressed, but the thing is, even if i don't have depression, something is clearly wrong, i haven't felt genuine happiness in years, i have absolutely 0 confidence in anything, i have no hope for anything in the future and being alive feels uncomfortable. Nitro29

Stop the Snark. 

I'm the one white person in my friendship group, which isn't a big deal but it means most new people I meet through my friendship group also aren't white, which again isn't a big deal. The only problem with that is I hear "I hated you before I got to know you because I thought you were just this dead white kid" (dead here meaning boring) so so often.

So many of my friends friends are just full on fools before they even know me, e.g. Ignoring me in conversations or making snarky comments. I don't really feel like I can complain because a lot of them have the "you can't be racist towards white people" mindset, but it's so draining having to constantly prove myself to them. evaoof23

Connection. Please. 

I sound like a soiled little brat when I say this but my parents don't understand the importance of good WiFi to a 15 yr old stuck in there house all day with 1.2 mbps download speed. TrippydreamsZzZ

 I feel stuck. 

Even though I have a good life, I'm not happy at all. I have no will to live in this crappy world. Even some of my friends don't understand what i'm going through. The amount of effort it takes to get out of bed every morning. the amount of effort it takes to not breakdown every 5 minutes and start crying.

They just can't comprehend how much pain I've been in for the last year and a half. Even half of my family doesn't count mental illness as an illness. I feel stuck. My only support was school, but of course it just had to be damn cancelled. I've been dying to tell anyone what i've been going through but i just can't bring myself to. conspiracy_maker

 She's 8!!

I'm fed up of my 8 year old during quarantine. She's 8. I'm not 8. I don't find 8 year old things funny. I'm not interested in 8 year old things. But she's a sharer, and I have to hear about them 24/7. If it's not that, it's having to explain what I'm doing at any given moment. It's becoming excruciating.

I just want to have adult conversations again. I just want to be able to do the dishes without having to listen to a broken description of a physical joke from a kids TV show that probably wouldn't even have been funny if I saw it in person (which I probably have, 12 times). Digibollocks

"I am HAPPY..."

I was HAPPY I don't get to see any of my family for Easter. I don't have to choose which family I visit this year. No one is guilt tripping me on why I chose to go to my husband's family this time, or the other way round. I don't listen to my mother who complains about the amount of work and then on how much of it goes to waste, and she never learns. I didn't participate in shopping craze, which is especially difficult this year, and absolutely unnecessary because I already have loads of food at home. Holidays were cancelled for me and it is a dream come true. But I have to pretend that I'm sad and disappointed because of I didn't, I would break some hearts.


"The kids..."

The kids across the street. When they are out playing it's so loud. And they spend most their time crying. I just want to yell shut up!


"I'm exhausted..."

I'm exhausted and don't know what to do. Last week my dad, who's in his late sixties, apparently spent $10,000 to buy bitcoin from some guy who phoned and claimed to work at a bitcoin brokerage firm. He didn't tell my mum until a few days later, and was sure he was going to make like $50k in profit from it. My mum was furious and they had a big argument, and he promised he would never do it again. The 'broker' phoned back today and my dad spent three hours on the phone with him and ended up buying another $10,000 worth of bitcoin. And it's money my parents really don't have - it came out of their mortgage.

My mum called me in tears this afternoon about it, saying she didn't know what to do. I called my dad and tried to reason with him, and he was sure he would get rich from it and I told him that even if bitcoin went back to an all time high, at most he would make $5k. So he agreed to try cancel the second purchase.

Then as I was getting ready for bed I decided to look up the company and it turns out it's a big scam. Some guy based in Hungary (who lied and said he was based in the UK). So I called my dad and told him and he doesn't know what to do. And so I called his bank, and it's too late to reverse the second transaction, and the best they can do is try get the funds back if the receiving bank will cooperate. But now it seems hopeless and I'm scared for my parents, and for the sake of their relationship, and for my dad's mental health going through this. But what hurts the most is my sister and I had been saving money to try give them $10k as an anniversary/birthday present to help pay down the mortgage, and we both have decent jobs but hardly earn a lot. And it makes it so hard to justify saving money for them when dad just gets these stupid ideas and impulsively spends $20k on apparent bitcoin from some guy on the phone, without even checking that it's real. I just don't know what to do and I'm furious with him but also just need to help them and don't know how.


"I hate my husband's ex-wife..."

I hate my husband's ex-wife with a burning passion. I keep it to myself because most people will think it's a jealousy thing. It has nothing to do with jealousy. I am confident that I ended up in a far better situation than her.

I hate her because she uses their daughter to hurt my husband. She does not consider how badly she is hurting her kid by using her as a pawn. Her obsession with vengeance far outweighs keeping her daughter's best interest at heart. It sickens me that any mother would think convincing their child that they are being abused is acceptable.


"My oldest son..."

My oldest son (4) and his autism. Love him more than life itself but Lord he's infuriating and hard work, especially during the Lockdown period. He thrives on routine and all the stuff he likes to do is closed so every day is a broken record of him running through stuff he wants to do, wife and I explain they're closed, need to stay indoors etc. but he just doesn't understand and thinks I'm being a d!ck by not taking him to his things he likes. I mean he can't even spend time with his grandparents or cousins. Barely sees them now except through a window in short bursts so that's another issue which saddens us all.

He has very little opportunity to blow off steam.and self regulate as he doesn't want to go out unless it's for something he wants to do like go to the park (which, shock, he can't because they're closed). Wakes up at half 5 in the morning which wakes up my youngest son (1) and the day begins and it's so long. He never pauses for breath and it's a constant stream of demands all day long, plus you're juggling this with a, rightly, temperamental 1 year old and a wife in a constant battle with depression.

People usually say something like "Oh, kids are hard but, you know, you wouldn't change them"

I would. I love him but if I could suddenly make him not autistic anymore, I would in a heartbeat.


"I know that some people..."

I want to tell someone in my family about my anorexia. But i genuinely feel like they're the kind of people that don't understand eating disorders. Don't get me wrong, I don't need them to know everything, I just need empathy and to know that somebody cares. But if I told them I feel like the things they'll tell me are; "Just eat, it's not that hard!", "You know I had anorexia before, I felt self conscious and didn't have my appetite for like 2 days..", "It's your fault for letting this happen!", "But you eat, how can you have an eating disorder?", "You're already skinny why would you starve yourself?!", "But you're not thin enough to have an eating disorder.."

I know that some people don't know what to say or how to react when someone tells them about their eating disorder, I don't need a full on therapy session, I just want to know that they care about me.


"Being in shape..."

Being in shape is a condition of my employment. I have access to 4 separate gyms with all the equipment I could need but they are all closed.

I mentioned this to a couple people and they said "my personal problems aren't as bad as the people dying from this corona virus"

Yeah I know! I wasn't turning it into a competition nor was I downplaying the deaths of people! I am simply irritated I can't work out the way I want to.


"I haven't dated..."

I haven't dated anyone in 5 years because of my ex. He's basically a sociopath. The things he said and did to me left lots of emotional damage. I'm afraid I'm undatable. I've resigned to myself that I'm going to be alone for the rest of my life. I'm lonely but I think I'm okay with that. I'd rather be lonely than hurt all over again.


"My relationship..."

My relationship with my parents imploded a few months ago and I haven't told anyone about that because all my friends have ok to great relationships with their parents. The only friend I have at the moment with difficult parents is going to tons of personal crap now with her kids and husband so I can't burden her with my problems.


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