People Explain Which Things They're Strangely Good At While Drunk
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It's a known fact, that after having one too many drinks, our judgment and multiple abilities become severely impaired.

And as a result, we should probably avoid doing important work, calling exes or unrequited crushes, and, of course, driving.

But, have you ever surprised yourself, by realizing that you're actually good at something after having a few drinks.

That maybe one thing an excess of alcohol cured was your self-consciousness, and may have improved your confidence?

Redditor 1bottleofwineb was curious to hear what hidden talents the Reddit community unearthed after having one too many, leading them to ask:

"What are you strangely good at when drunk?"

Who told you that? Oh...

"I start oversharing pretty quickly."

"It's a problem when hanging out with colleagues."- tanej86312

I'm not usually this outgoing!

"Making friends lol."- Illustrious_Big_8485

"Talkative, being able to hold a conversation about almost anything."- D-Rez


Where did my inhibitions go?

"Oddly enough, most anything that relies on reaction speed."

"My best guess is that I second guess myself too much when I'm sober, so I wind up waiting too long."

"If I actively try to counteract that, I jump the gun."

"When alcohol gets involved, I just stop thinking about it and nail it."

"Literally the only time I've managed to beat several textbook examples of incredibly difficult video game bosses, ie. 'Hollow Knight's Absolute Radiance', 'Malenia in Elden Ring', was when I was riding that edge between tipsy and drunk.- orein123


"Bowling."- PorkInfestedWater

8 ball left corner...


"I normally suck ,and when I'm trashed I really suck."

"But there's a sweet tipsy spot in the middle I'm freaking great."

"I don't keep drinking to be drunk I do it to keep the pool juice flowing."- Niznack

time shot GIFGiphy

A skill no one wants

"Ruining friendships and relationships."

"F*ckin masterclass."- KatatoniK94

I'm bilingual? Who knew!

"My second language comes out easier."- Grapegoop

Making decisions... I'll definitely regret...

"Sending my friends stupid 'I'm drunk haha' texts."

"Someone take my f*cking phone away please."- existential-mystery

drunk parks and recreation GIFGiphy

Ready, Steady, Go!


"I guess not so much anymore but in my early twenties, when I lived in San Diego, I'd get drunk and run for like 12 miles, sometimes by the beach."

"When I would wake up the next morning I'd be like.... how did I do that?"- helltothenoyo

Amazing the things we can do after a few too many glasses of wine.

Though, best to just enjoy it in the moment, rather than try to replicate it...

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